Sunday, May 19, 2013

Evolving Toward a Plugged Lifestyle

From Farm Boy to Adulthood

By the time I left the farm for college, I was already into solo sex, although by then I was just beginning to explore the joy of anal play. On the farm there had been times that, while I was naked and running through the cotton with a nearly bursting cock, I would sit down on a cotton plant (for those who don't know, before the cotton plant produces the cotton bowl, the stalk is a kind of fleshy and stands up well), letting the bent stalk and a few of the leaves push part way into my anus while I masturbated. It would all be over quickly, but when I came, I could feel my sphincter contracting in time with my cum. Sometimes I would stick hairbrush handles up my ass, just a little way in, at night in my bed and when I came I would pull the handle out of my ass, and then clean up with a kleenex. It was neat, because in another bedroom were a couple of my sisters, and just down the hall were my parents—and knowing the close proximity I was to the rest of the family added to the excitement.

And then at college I knew I was gay and was thereafter on the hunt for other guys, because by then I wondered, really, what it felt like to suck a guy all the way to climax. Those few innocent times on the farm had only given me the idea of what it would feel like. I continued to masturbate on campus and was always looking for a public spot to do it without getting caught—part of the thrill. My roommate and suite mates were all whacking off in the shower. I knew this because they admitted it. But I wanted something different.

We guys sat around in the dorm and lied to each other about our sexual exploits with girls, but we didn't lie about jacking off and assuring one another that all guys did it. Those discussions turned me on, and I wondered early if any of my friends were gay. Years later I found at that, yes, they were...but that's another story.

Once I discovered a gay bar in a nearby town, it wasn't long before I was down there two or three nights a week and finally sucking cock and being sucked, and eventually getting into being fucked in the ass. And from that time on, it wasn't long before I discover the first classic butt plugs. One of the members of The Experience Project, user name Halomacca, has been kind enough to send me a couple of his pics to put up on this post, and they're beautiful. I've always liked the look of the butt plug going in and of course the look of the plug, once it's all the way in. This one is a Doc Johnson, medium red, with a 1.6 inch diameter and 4.7 inch insertable length. As you can see this one is about to pass the threshold and will soon pop in...or maybe it's on the say out. See how beautiful the male ass is, as it receives the plug?

And here is the same plug now that it is all the way inside the ass, except for the base. As I continue to talk about living plugged, a lifestyle choice, I hope that men who have only wondered about anal play will see from these photos and videos that butt plugging can provide hours of intense pleasure. Some men use butt plugs to get ready for their first cock or their gf's strapon. And this is a dimension of anal play. But butt plugging in and of itself is a sheer joy and can put men in touch with another whole universe of intense sexual pleasure, not just the few short minutes it takes to masturbate his cock and spurt cum. Butt plugging and anal play is longer lasting and can lead to a whole day of self pleasuring, which means that any isolated farm boys out there who now have access to the Internet can indulge in such solo sex play.

Now, guys, here's an ordinary guy anyone can identify with, and if he's a plugger, you can be too. Enjoy the video review by username "Research" from

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