Monday, September 23, 2013

Friends and Fellow Pluggers, Lend Me Your Rears!

This is a Call for Plugged Butts...

As I am always careful to state, I get all the pictures and vids from the Internet that you view on this blog. I assume they are there for use. This is also a non-monetized site. FURTHER: I WON'T POST PICTURES OF ANY GUY UNDER 18. I write this blog for the sheer love of butt plugging and living plugged; and I like to share this delicious addiction with those men who have discovered the joy of playing with their anuses and sticking plugs and dildoes in there for the thrill of the anal side of sexual pleasure.

The picture on this blog is really my ass with my Devi glass plug happily inserted. I would invite any man, young or old, thin or fat, bubble butts or flat butts, smooth or hairy to send me plugged-ass pictures for this blog. You can remain anonymous, or preferably use a screen name and include a little about yourself, relevant to living plugged or short-term plugging. I would also like to hear from virgin pluggers (gay or straight), as well as intermediate and experienced pluggers. Please include the type of plug, material it's made of, and the kind of lube that you use. While fisting is nice, I will only show pictures and vids of plugged butts. If you would like to say why you like to plug, that would also be much appreciated by all other readers.

When I started this blog, I figured there would always be something to write about, and during the five months that I have been keeping up this blog, I've covered a multitude of subjects having to do with butt plugging.

I've talked about going out in public with a butt plug in my ass, going to the doctor for a check up, plugged of course, sleeping with a plug (one of the best things about living plugged), and I've talked about how it feels to just stay plugged. Over the five months I've been writing about it and the nine months since I've been living plugged, the thrill of having a plug in my ass has never diminished. I've even talked about edging and not masturbating, just so I can keep plugging without interruption. I've not spent too much time, however, talking about the reality of battling the waste material that accumulates in the rectum and the challenge of staying clean. This is supposed to be a fun blog, but I've learned over the course of nine months (since I've been attempting to live plugged) that I have to address the digestive realities more than I ever thought I would have to.
Butt...let's not have scatology pictures. We can keep that issue in the closet, so to speak. I suspect that older men (like myself) have to deal with this issue a little more than younger men—but I might be wrong, as well. Over the course of nine months, I've learned to change my diet and use supplements that help slow down the digestion process, as well as the help one can get from doing regular, but not deep enemas. So if you'd like to share some of this with readers, as well, it would also be appreciated, I'm sure. I would highly recommend as a great place to also share experiences with plugging, although it's a site that handles fetishes of all sorts. I will need your permission to use your pictures and vids, and if you want to prevent their use by others, I will put a disclaimer with your picture or vid.

So...I hope to hear from you all, looking forward to Seymore Butts!

Never seen anything like this anal destruction…

Young buttplug warmup:

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