Friday, November 8, 2013

The Beauty of the Plugged Male Ass

Men Who Wear Butt Plugs...

After almost a year of searching the Internet for men who wear butt plugs, men who have discovered the pleasure of male anal sex, performed on themselves, performed by their SOs, those who seek to live plugged as I do, I have to conclude that it is a growing trend. What has surprised me the most is that straight men are now getting into butt plugging, being pegged, and are enjoying their butts like never before. Aside from the fact that women have led the way in anal play and one can find numerous vid galleries devoted to women enjoying being plugged, I've managed to find numerous sites that have a growing number of vids with men finally getting plugged. One of my favorites is, because there, one can limit the search to men, and type in simple search strings like "butt plug" and get a whole slew of delicious vids. One can also search by "male anal sex" and find more.

But I digress. I wanted to talk about the sheer beauty of the plugged male ass. I've even had straight men on this site tell me that they get turned on by seeing other men's plugged asses, like these:

I thinks there's just about something for everyone in these beautiful pictures...And it is my goal to find more and more. Men who wear butt plugs are gay, straight, young, old, and I've enjoyed corresponding with those men who like to wear butt plugs every day, everywhere, and every when. There are "fetish" sites and forums that add additional spice and eye-opening information about men who love to butt plug, like Experience Project,, and many others. And while there are as many fetishes it seems as there are people on these sites, I'm partial to men who plug their holes, whether solo or with a partner.

This video just makes me keep my plug clinched inside my sphincter as I watch, and if you've never tried this, give it a try. That's a very simple, elegant, and classic butt plug this guy is sticking up his ass, and you can see in the end that he's got a great gape going...and just look at those beautiful masculine hands digging into his own ass. You can bet he's feeling some super surges.

Until next time fellow pluggers. May you live plugged and stay in a sensual haze throughout the day and night. I do.

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