Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Difference Between Dildos and Butt Plugs

And the Butt Plugs that Combine the Design of Dildos and Plugs

This guy is obviously going for
the fucking sensation.
For the past three weeks (approximately) I have been wearing the Icicles #14 Butt Plug. It has taken some getting used to because of its continual effect on my sphincter and anal opening. In fact, the shaft on this plug is one-inch in diameter and has a closer relationship to a dildo than other plugs I have worn. To be sure if you want the fucking action of a dildo, a butt plug is not a good substitute, and if you want the more static sensation of having your butt plugged, without worrying about the plug popping out at inauspicious times, then a dildo is not a substitute for a butt plug. Each is designed for a specific use. really won't do you much good to be ready for a cock to wear a butt plug with a narrow shaft, and it isn't easy to wear a dildo without having to go to excessive lengths to keep it in. So you can do no better than the MEO 24/7 plug or something of similar design if you're trying to keep your hole open for a delicious fuck session with your man's cock or your wife's strap-on.

On the other hand, if you just want that all-day sensation of a nice hard cock in your ass, which you can feel strongly whenever you clench, I've found that the Icicles #14, with the one-inch diameter shaft to be somewhat similar to the sensations that a dildo will give you.

Let's wish this young man luck.
Not sure what he's going for, but
it looks like he's having fun.
But the beauty of it is that the Icicles will not pop out, and so I can wear it under my clothes and go about my day. Don't confuse the Icicles #14 with other Icicles butt plugs, however. This is the only Icicles with the circle base that slips between your butt cheeks like a coin in a slot—and that means this plug is never uncomfortable concerning the base. Another excellent design of the #14 is the ring base. And a kind of added feature of this ring is that with the bigger shaft, the ring gets sucked up a little closer to my anal opening, and just last week when I sat down on a hard surface, the ring slipped into the sphincter area. Following a really good clean-out and lots of Aloe Vera gel when I was getting ready for a shower, I was able to push the entire plug, ring and all, past the sphincter and let is stay there for a few moments while I writhed with pleasure as I took my shower. Thank goodness I was by myself in the shower, because I'm sure that the sensation showed on my face and is not an expression I'd want people to see me make in a restaurant. They would know I was doing something naughty and sexual beneath my clothes.

Of course, I want to make an emphatic point that between changing from my beloved Devi Glass Plug to the Icicles #14 plug, there was no break in my plugging. I have been plugged 24 hours a day for 298 days (except for about 12 days total when I was sick or having bad digestion days). And I don't hold any kind of record in that regard.

No comment necessary. These are fuck buddies.
I have a living plugged friend who has been doing this for over six years. He and I and a few other men I've met through this blog and, as well as The Experience Project share the joy of "living plugged," with the proviso that sometimes (as when you go through security at the airport, for example), it's just not possible to have a plug in your ass. I'm luckier than another friend of mine who wears an MEO 24/7 plug in that I can be at work and stay plugged and he cannot always do that, because I work at home, and if I need to do some maintenance on the plug I have a private bathroom to take care of it.

Anyway, just remember that dildos and plugs really are designed for different uses. Solo play fuck sessions are best done with a dildo; living plugged is best done with a good butt plug.

Looks like this guy is having the most fun you can have without laughing...

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