Friday, October 8, 2021

The Benefits of Living Plugged

How a butt plug works in the body to bring health and happiness...

I have no doubt that living plugged is beneficial in ways both overt and subtle. I have written about this before in this blog, but after almost 10 years of blogging about butt plugs, it is inevitable that I will cover the same topics—I hope each time with new perspectives. Be aware, however, that wearing a butt plug in the rectum upwards of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is different from using a butt plug in ways that might not be beneficial.

These are the "other" ways a butt plug is used, and since I don't use my plug like that, I can't speak to the benefits, but I can certainly understand the pleasure (how ever temporary it might be).

  • Preparing the hole for being fucked
  • Stretching the sphincter and "ruining" the hole
  • Using the butt plug like a dildo (fucking yourself with your butt plug)
  • Massaging the prostate to achieve "anal orgasms"
It would seem that for each of these uses, a dildo would be better or in the case of the last item massaging the prostate, there are marvelous prostate massagers that are great for anal orgasms but would make lousy butt plugs to wear long term.
So, when I talk about the benefits of living plugged and how a butt plug works in the body to bring health and happiness, I'm talking about the cumulative effects, over time, of keeping your rectum plugged with a non-toxic, safe, comfortable plug that is designed for long-term use. Those of you who read my blog and keep up with it know that I wear the Icicles #14 glass plug, or another plug with similar shape and design, the Devi plug. You also know that I recommend the medical grade, stainless steel njoy pure plug that comes in three sizes. I suggest these for those of you who have said that the glass plug with the ring base is uncomfortable for sitting. I've been blessed with deep butt cheeks, I guess, because I'm sitting right now with my glass plug and have been for over an hour as I surf the Net and write this blog post. The only thing I feel, right now, is how the plug shaft (1-inch diameter) is keeping the sphincter from closing completely, and it feels like a delicious butt hole "hug" that I can manipulate by just clinching my ass.

The main benefit of living plugged is improved mental health and a happy attitude.

I don't think I am overstating this benefit. I've been living plugged for almost ten years, and I can tell you that I go to bed each night plugged and look forward to the range of feelings that surge through me from the extra release of endorphins in the brain, and I sometimes declare as my body readjusts itself to the plug as I lie flat, "I love this plug!" And I can also tell you that I wake up each morning and stretch and feel the plug awaken my rectum, prostate, and sphincter with a dribble of pre-cum and an aroused cock. But I don't masturbate. I edge, throughout the  day. 
That edging phenomenon takes some discipline, I can tell you, because there have been times when I grab my cock and pump it until I shoot cum on my chest and lie there panting, my cock throbbing as it deflates. And over the years, there's a completely different kind of discipline that I practice, if I have masturbated and ejaculated my semen, I do not remove the plug.

Over time, the endorphin baths that my brain gets has made me happy most of the time. It is not that I don't feel anger,  sadness, regret, or any of the other "conscience" messages that we're all hardwired to feel, it's just that when I look out on the world and interact with people, I treat them with the same respect and love in many many cases that I feel inside me. So my mental attitude is undeniably helped by the simple fact that there's a butt plug in my rectum, working its magic. Science supports the discovery that there is a direct connection between a happy gut and a happy brain; some of us have beneficial bacteria in our gastrointestinal tracts that generates feelings of well being, while others, lacking this same biological stew, can be actually helped with transfusions of fecal material from normally happy people. Here is a link to one such study. You decide for yourself. I find that a butt plug, based upon what others have said about how they feel wearing one long term, aids in this same feeling of well being and satisfaction.
Or you can simply think of wearing a butt plug long term and constantly as a very long, slow-motion sexual act that bring on waves of emotional orgasms, and I defy anyone who voluntarily engages in sex to tell me that sex isn't a happiness activity. But being plugged is also a convenient way to get that sexual satisfaction and leaving you hands free to work on projects. I'm researcher and a counselor, and so I can tell you that I can concentrate on both activities better than if my rectum has no plug in it. At the worst of times, when I am physically unable to comfortably wear my plug, I stay naked, and as Jeff Foxworthy says, when you're "nekkid" you don't have on any clothes and you're up to something. 

So here I sit concentrating on this blog post, wearing my plug and naked. 

The second most important benefit of wearing a butt plug throughout the day and night is that, over time, it cures hemorrhoids. 

It cures hemorrhoids! It was designed for that purpose, along with the mental well being that being plugged brings. Butt plugs have been around no doubt in one form or another for thousands of years, and I do believe that early humans, if not our ape counterparts, have recognized the connection between what we do with our anuses and feeling good.

The butt plug, but primarily the shaft of the plug, exercises our sphincter muscle and surrounding tissue in the same way that being up and around and walking or running does. It increases blood flow to that region, and we all know that hemorrhoids are caused by sitting too much and getting little exercise. Since without a doubt as a writer I have a sedate lifestyle, the plug in my rectum helps simulate physical activity. Humans evolved to be active and walking and running. Most of us these days humans walk very little, run even less, and are in the seated position throughout the day. 

Other mental and physical benefits of living plugged...

Throughout the day, either sitting, walking, bending, or otherwise moving, the butt plug works itself around the rectum causing me to use my kegel muscles (the pelvic muscles if you will) and it aids in the normal body function of  waste elimination. Nuff said about that. I also aid my digestion with fiber, so there is that. But also living plugged keeps me mentally alert as I go through my day, and it actually helps me to fall asleep by being overcome with a feeling of well being at the end of the day. 
The Icicles #14 has a gentle overall curve that fits into the rectum and follows the body contour. Oddly enough, if I turn the curve inward, the tip of the plug rubs against my prostate and thus increases its massage. That is not a good long-term way to wear this plug, but you can do it if you want an added feeling of prostate use when you're fucking or even on your knees with your plugged butt sticking out while you suck cock. (Just sayin' my straight brothers, while you're licking cunt, if you will).

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Watching a Man Pleasure Himself

 Explicit Sexual Content

I don't overindulge in pornography, even though I have been writing this "living plugged" blog post for almost ten years. And I have added explicit pictures and videos I've found on the internet for my readers' pleasure and inspiration. But of course I do this blog for my own pleasure, as well, and while women who read my blog probably realize that most of my pictures and videos are of men, I have consciously included women in the universe of those of us who love having a butt plug in our rectums. But everyone should realize that I am a gay man and my tendency is to enjoy men who pleasure themselves. Most of the time, my readers should also know, I write this blog when I am plugged and lately also naked. 

Now, I'm not really capable of taking huge hole-destroying plugs, nor do I really want to. All I ever want to do is exist most of the time with a plug in my rectum. I sleep with a plug. I go about my day, no matter what, while plugged—and yes, I have even gone to the doctor with a plug in my ass, prepared if the doctor wants to give me a rectal exam to excuse myself for a moment and unplug and clean up. I've only theorized that he might be surprised at perhaps how easy my sphincter is to stick his finger through as he digs for the prostate. 


With the Internet providing explicit sexual images and videos of men pleasuring themselves, either solo or with other men and also women, my job as I've always felt is to provide those images and videos for my reader's viewing pleasure as well. I think one of the greatest inventions of the last century was development of materials and designs for butt plugs as well as tunnel plugs. Tunnel plugs do allow us viewers to see directly into other people's rectums, clearly and up close, and it is one of the views that turns me on as I watch. 

Put succinctly and the theme of this particular post is I love watching a man pleasuring himself. I love the way he sighs and whimpers and  I love the fact that he talks to himself, while he's masturbating or working a dildo in and out of himself. I love watching the pleasure and the evidence of deep feelings pass over his face. I love how he spreads his legs and wiggles his butt in sheer ecstasy, how he walks around in the countryside, free of spying eyes (maybe, maybe not) as he struts and preens, and spreads his legs, and pants with pleasure as he's about to shoot his cum. I love the amateur videos much better than the slick, business-like porn of production studios. 


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Shopping plugged

 6:30 a.m. adventure

I think the guy wearing the butt plug
tail under his pinafore is mixing
metaphors, but it's cute from the back.

This was one of those very pleasant outings when I am plugged and I'm firing on all cylinders (or something like that). I got up at 3 a.m. and made coffee, surfed the net, and otherwise walked around waking up and monitoring my need to evacuate. I was pleased to see that my digestive system was calm and nothing was pushing to be downloaded so to speak. Eventually, getting closer to 6 a.m. I went ahead and pulled my plug, and it came out clean and still very moist from a single drop of water-based lube that I had used hours earlier.  I also explored my rectum with my finger to see if I was still clean. I was, so I put another drop of lube inside the sphincter, and just re-inserted my plug. Then I got dressed and got to Walmart by 6:30.

If you go out plugged, you need to make sure that you're prepared to have an unexpected urge to evacuate, but the best way to be safer to avoid disaster or embarrassment is to monitor how well you are feeling with the plug in at home and moving around quite a bit. I've even gone to cookouts where they will be serving bbq and been successful. But I always go to such events with an eye to being able to disappear into a restroom or even a bathroom in someone's house and clean up (and wash the plug). If I can re-insert it, fine, but occasionally I might have to put it in a pants pocket. 

I think those of you who go plugged out in public for an extended period of time should make sure that you can take care of yourself in a sticky situation. Many years ago, when I was getting used to living plugged in a real and committed way. I always carried a plastic baggy with a wet paper towel. Prep was getting the towel very wet, folding in and making the towel and the plastic ziplock bag flat and small, so that it could go unnoticed into the back pocket of my pants. I only had to use this once, when I had been driving between cities and ended up in a restaurant needing to unplug and clean up.

So, yeah, today, I went to Walmart and enjoyed going up and down all the aisles, shopping and greeting fellow customers with a smile, scootching around people in crowded aisles internally being flooded with  endorphins, feeling my plug as my sphincter tightened around it. Being plugged in public alleviates any boredom with long lines, and of course, I always wonder if I'm wearing a plug, who else might be? I have no true idea of the statistic on this, except that women are more likely than men to wear butt plugs, but men are catching up fairly steadily. And I don't think the Deep South is any less likely to have people who provide themselves secret pleasures under their clothing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Naked, Plugged, 24/7/365

I can work naked in the back yard again!

I tried working naked this summer, but it was just too hot and buggy, here in Mississippi, and we had more than the usual amount of rain. But now that it's cooler, the bugs have begun to bug off, and even though new neighbors have moved into a house right next door to me that had been vacant for almost four years, and even though they can see over the fence between us, I can still be naked most of the time, since they work in another town.

I dug this picture out of an older post, done six years ago, and it needs to be shown again.  Body builders are not my type, but this guy is perfect in every way, and his mammoth cock just makes me want to choke myself to death on it. 

Anyway, it's just my horny plugged rectum talking right now. I'm having a particularly good session plugged and feeling nothing but pleasure with the plug. Been up since five a.m. and I can tell that I can put off a BM for later, much later. 

I remind those of you who try to live plugged and have some issues with digestion, like me, that it's perfectly safe to do Imodium long term—but never never never take too many in a single day, and use them ONLY for slowing the digestion, or what it actually does is for the gut to absorb the water from the waste. I learned just the other day that "normal" evacuation is a range of from three times a day to three times a week. Anything more than three per day is a bit concerning, and anything less than three times a week is concerning in the opposite direction. I'm in the multiple per day category, and so I take Imodium...or actually a generic. And I'm once again trying to get back to pre-Covid eating (you know eating too much comfort food while stuck at home).

I was also going over some comments from past blog readers and I thought now would be a good time to revisit some of my advice (based solely on my experience and observation), since I am truly dedicated and enthused about living plugged, or as I like to say living with a plug in my rectum 24/7/365 (conditionally). If you use glass or metal plugs, there's no need to use silicone-based or oil-based lube. It's just going to leak around the plug and stain your shorts, and if you go commando, stain your pants. Water-based lube is just fine for glass and metal, and really, I put just a drop of lube inside my sphincter, which allows the plug to slide in smoothly. I NEVER have to re-lube as might be if I were wearing a silicone or rubber plug.  But NEVER use silicone lube on a silicone plug. It eats the plug.

Just enjoy plugging my friends, both men and women. I'm in heaven when I'm plugged, and for the last two years or so, I stay naked most of the time. I sleep naked always, and I stay naked during the day unless I have to go out into public. I'm living my childhood fantasy, however, with the naked part and my adult fantasy living plugged. Whatever you do, follow your bliss. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

The most intense self-fisting video

This guy truly rams his fist in his rectum and works it like he's in a fist fight...



This video is the real deal, a homemade video of a guy at home having a real intense self-love, self-fuck session. Turn the sound up, you can hear him sending his fist into his rectum and no doubt slugging his prostate. And as violently as he is pounding his fist in his rectum, be aware that he is well lubed. If he has any thin tissue issues as some sites warn about, we don't see any evidence at all of bleeding...

He has other vids, but there's nothing like this one, which lasts a little over 9 minutes.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Permanent Butt Plug, Part 2

 Seven years ago, September 2014, I wrote about permanent butt plugs...

Seven years later, that post is still the most viewed of all my posts, and so today, I'm going to write an update on what I have discovered. 

Unless you're going to undergo some kind of surgery where a medically safe anal tunnel is built into your rectum (totally unfeasible), any plug that you use is going to have to be removed and cleaned periodically. That is just a fact of life, so a "permanent" plug is just a plug that you wear most of the time. 

The metal MEO plug (left) that I featured in the first post is still around, and since that item was first introduced, a far better type of plug has come onto the market that is made of either metal or some sort of soft material—the tunnel plug, and these can open your sphincter much, much wider than the MEO "permanent" butt plug. The principle of putting a stopper in the tunnel to prevent unexpected defecation is similar to what the MEO plug uses. These tunnel plugs, however, are much more comfortable to wear and  can accommodate fingers and even cocks inside the rectum, and if you want you can even aim a camera inside your open rectum for the world to see. 

But nothing is ever going to replace the sphincter in the anus for controlling waste or opening and closing around a cock, a dildo, or a butt plug. Just think about the marvelous way the sphincter can open when it's necessary to evacuate large turds, say two or more inches in diameter. A non-yielding metal or even silicone tunnel plug will never fully work to that effect, either. 

Nonetheless, the tunnel plug is the best thing we have to a plug that you can wear all the time and use the stoppers that come with them when you should close the hole. I will likely never make the jump to a tunnel plug, but I know plenty of men (gay and straight) who wear them on a quasi-permanent basis. Keep in mind that you should never wear a metal plug when you go through airport security or metal detectors in court houses, etc. But I'm not so sure that a silicone plug would ever be detected.

I've enjoyed reading the comments on the permanent plug in both my own blog and in other venues. There is a great deal of naivete about "permanent" plugs and even what "long-term" wear means. As always for me, long-term and permanent can be the same thing, essentially when it comes to wearing a plug as close to 24/7/365 can get. Always give yourself permission to remove any plug for any reason at any time, even if, like me, your goal is to live with a plug in your rectum. And I hope I will be wearing mine to the very end.

Even though there are all kinds of tunnel plugs on the market at the moment, I suggest only getting the silicone (clear) or an MEO metal tunnel plug.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Working in the Yard Plugged and Naked

 Yep, it's that time of year again...nude, plugged yard work...

For me, the thing about being naked is how completely unrestricted my movements are, and of course when I'm naked, I like to spread my legs wide and let my genitals hang free, like this guy in the photo. Any breeze, any shaft of sunlight on his naked balls and cock, his butt crack is intensified. But as I say, it's that time of year again...not high summer but when the temps wan a little and when we have a few days of no rain. This started a little over a week ago, when I could finally get out into the back yard and begin cutting back on the bushes, the knee-high grass, riding my yard tractor or wielding a root digger. I've often taken this same stance that the guy in the picture is taking, because it is good exercise to bend and reach and move across from one side of my body to another.

And one thing I've spent a great deal of time on this season in my backyard is cutting back the branches on the bushes and trees. Keep in mind, allow yourself to feel what it's like to be naked outdoors, but also if you're like me, how delicious it is to also be plugged. You can work the plug in your rectum by doing sphincter clinches as you stand or walk or bend over or squat, and the entire plug is affected.

After my last post about over-eating and not being able to stay plugged during the day, but also after getting a check up by a cardiologist, I realized I needed to diet and exercise, and what I've chosen to eat slows my metabolism and the amounts I've cut back on have allowed to me to get that plug in during the day many more hours.

It's a regimen a dedicated long-term plugger like me needs to work at, because like anyone else giving in to the pleasures of food is a kind of double-edged sword. Sure it's comforting to get that great pleasure from eating delicious food, but it's also a source of discomfort from getting too full. So it's back to eating to live and not living to eat. This is especially the time of the year that I want to be naked and plugged at get pleasure from working in the yard both naked and plugged, or if I'm working on the front yard, dressed and plugged. I have a couple of good months ahead of me when the weather here in Mississippi will be neither too hot or too cold. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Over-eating and Plugging

 Over-eating is not conducive to plugging...

And you would think after almost ten years, I would have learned my lesson,  but with Covid shut-down, I've turned to eating comfort food. I'm vaccinated and live in a small town and people here mask up voluntarily, but after almost two years and despite the delta variant, people are still going to the restaurants. Mississippi is not a good state for following mandates, and our governor is a fucking idiot.
And I eat out in public frequently, as well, always masked until I am seated at a table, and that's where I have my comfort food, like cheeseburgers, fried catfish, milkshakes.....Ok, you get the picture. I've also gained weight, but aside from that, when I eat out I feel full—and plugging during the day is not really possible for long, because with more fats comes surprise bouts guessed it. And it's not pretty and I am dismayed. 

Of the three plugs shown here
the metal Njoy pureplug is the
best for wearing all night.
So I plug at night, remove the plug immediately upon getting out of bed and proceed with my day, naked of course, and feeling more than a bit frustrated with my own lack on common-sense eating so that I can stay plugged. It's around 4:30 a.m. as I write this; and I am plugged and have not eaten this morning. I also took an anti-diarrheal tablet last night and so I'm luckily slightly constipated, which is ideal for plugging. But I have given in to the idea that if I'm going to be stupid and eat too much, I have to pay for that by not getting to stay plugged. 

I also had to stop plugging for a couple of weeks when I was hit with a urinary tract infection and it centered the pain in the middle of my belly, which made me think I was impacted (you know, full of shit). I wasn't and as soon as I started taking the antibiotics the pain went away. 

I realize this is not a very juicy or spicy post, but it is what happens, and I thought you, my readers might have experienced something like this. 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Am I the Only Pervert in My Neighborhood?

Probably Not, but why nobody knows...

As usual, I got up early (around 6 even though I went to bed around 1 a.m.). As usual I was naked and plugged, and the plug felt good so I didn't even try for a BM. I only do BMs when I feel pressure in my gut knowing that my body is trying to take care of my digestive waste by moving it down into my rectum (which is full of my plug). Despite wearing a plug and having to deal with the physical aspects of waste sometimes, it's surprisingly rare that clean up is messy at all. Usually, even when I remove the plug for a BM, the plug comes out clean and at worse is cloudy rather than crystal clear. And despite dealing so intimately with my butt, my anus, my rectum, and enjoying the endless pleasure of being plugged all day and all night, I am not into scatology. So I'm not that kind of pervert. 

Here is a short list of my perversions, things that put me in small communities of like minded people:

1. Butt plug wearer

2. Nudist (nah, "nudist" is too wholesome). I like being naked, not wearing any clothes and getting up to sexual things quite often.

3. Exhibitionist. The sneaky kind. For example I don't have curtains on many of my windows, and I am aware that if someone were to be looking, they could possibly see me naked. But I'm in my own home, and I'm not standing at the window masturbating, deliberately trying to be seen.

4. Masturbating in public places. Again, doing it slyly, with little chance of getting caught. Every time I go into restaurant, the first thing I look to see is how visible people's crotches are under the tables. If I can't see their crotches as I walk by or see under the tables from a few feet away, then I know it would be possible to masturbate without being seen. Do I do it very often? No. But I can't count on two hands how many times I've done it. And when I have done it, I leave the cum on the floor; sometimes I smear it with my shoe so that it's not obvious what that sticky stuff is. 

5. Walking around with my dick hanging out of my pants, or playing peak-a-boo with an open fly (deliberately). The trick for walking around with my cock out is to be wearing a long shirt or jacket that covers my crotch totally. I've been in and out of the post office and other public buildings with my cock out, and covered with a shirt tail or jacket.

So, these are not unusual, with men, and I think it's a kind of fantasy among even heterosexual men to be exhibitionist in some ways. But, what about my neighbors? I live on a street with single men and women, older couples, and occasionally military singles or couples. Next door to me I've already had several gay people, including a military lesbian couple. And up and down the street and around the corner on both cross streets at either end, have been several gay couples and single gays. It's a nice area. But I'm not looking to the LGBTQ people as the other perverts. I have no way of knowing if anyone else does perverted things either in the privacy of their homes or out in public. And when I say "pervert" I'm not limiting perversion to some sort of different sexuality. That's just my kind of perversion. Basically harmless. No I'm far more frightened of violence perversions, including torture, murder, physical abuse. We only know about people's secret lives when they get caught or it comes out unintentionally.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

More Dry Plugging Thrills, Chills, and Oops!

 I've settled for a single drop of water-based lube...

When I stick my finger in my plugged rectum, I want the skin around the base of the plug to be barely moist, kind of like it's just natural body sweat. Keep in mind that I wear the ring-based plug, so getting my finger into my sphincter where it's closed around the 1-inch shaft, is easy. The ring base also lies within my butt cheeks and doesn't block the hole.

You can't really tell if you could get your finger much past the base of the plug in this shot, but what I like about this one is how authentic it looks, and I can imagine this worker (notice the knee pads) having a horny moment on the job and taking a break. Why not? He's up in the attic and it's probably hot.

My dedicated readers might realize that I work on this blog when I'm plugged, and this morning, around 6 a.m. is no exception. I got up from a six-hour sleep, feeling refreshed with my plug in all night and dry, because I had used the barest amount of water-based lube just on the tip of my fingers and then applied to the very tip of the egg-shaped plug, just enough to enable it to slide into the sphincter and push it open, going from the tip of the egg to the wide part, at about 2 inches in diameter.

Readers will also know that I don't want to destroy my ass but I do enjoy getting that sphincter stretched slowly open, sliding the egg into the rectum and then feeling the sphincter attempt to close, which it can't because the shaft is one inch in diameter and keeps my sphincter active and full of feeling as I move around.

And readers know that I love the look of almost any plug in any man's ass. I could never get something this large in my butt and actually keep it there. The largest I've ever managed is a 3-inch diameter plug. Got it in, but the shaft was too short between the plug and the base, and it shot out of my ass as soon as I tried to stand up. I just love to be plugged 24/7/365 (with the proviso that it's just most of the time)