Thursday, May 16, 2013

How a Farm Boy Evolved into Living Plugged

Living Plugged

When I was five years old my family moved out into the country so that Dad could take over the farm he owned. When I was born, he was working as a carpenter in town and was leasing out his land. But I guess he got tired of working for wages and wanted to get back to the land. So I grew up as a farm boy.  I didn't mind the new life, and I recall even as young as I was how big our new world seemed, with cotton fields, alfalfa, and grain stretching off into the distance. We also had chickens, cows, pigs, a dog, and several cats. And one of the first eye-opening adventures I had was to see all these animals mating, and early on I saw what a bull's penis looked like, hard and pink and long like a spear as it entered the cows butt (or at least that's where I thought the bull put it). I was only impressed with the length of the bull's penis, but far more impressive was a neighboring farm's horses. Now those things, when hard and long are beautiful specimens of cock. And even though I never saw a horse mate with a mare, I imagined him mounting her the same way the bull mounted the cow, from the back.

Of course, all those fantasies you might have about farm boys and sex are true—at least they were for me and the neighboring farm boys. We took an early and intense interest in sex, our cocks, and wondering what it felt like to fuck. We knew that meant sticking our cocks into something's butt (we didn't know the difference between a vagina and a butt hole back then), but it didn't stop us from trying. One of my friends said he'd tried to fuck his cow, but that her hole was so big, it didn't feel like much; and when the extension service came by to artificially inseminate the cow, he said the guy got his whole arm up to the shoulder into the cow's rear end—our first knowledge of fisting, I suppose.

And so we tentatively experimented on each other. I remember the first time I tried to get a boy's penis in my butt, it was more or less a disaster, but there was enough of a connection that I could tell it would feel wonderful to get it all the way in. We're talking about total freedom to delve headlong into learning how our bodies—but especially our cocks and butts—worked. Whenever another boy and I spent time at either his farm or mine, we'd go out into the desert or into the fields walking or riding our bikes, and I  usually liked to keep my dick out and play with it as we walked. So did other farm boys, and when we got into high school and had keg parties out in the desert near our farms, there was always at least one of us who got his cock out and played with it around the camp fire. There was a lot of talk about fucking girls, but nothing much about fucking each other, except when a couple of guys would secretely experiment on each other. "They say the inside of your mouth feels just like a pussy."

"Yeah. Wanna try it?"
And once or twice, I sucked on a guy's dick, which at the time seemed awfully big in my mouth, and I would stop way sooner than he would've wanted me to.

But then there was solo sex, once I learned to jack off, and I wouldn't confine myself to the bathroom at home, where the entire family shared one bathroom. It was neater to get up in the middle of the night and sneak out of the house wearing only my briefs and as soon as I got away from the house, I'd hang them on the handlebars of the bike and ride naked around the cotton fields, and usually have a hand's free cum I was so excited. And it looks like I'm not alone. Here's one of my favorite vids for sheer audacity.

And so, as I grew up, moved away from the farm, I always took care of both my cock and my butt, and years later, I discovered the joy of living plugged. Of course as I write this, I've got a two-inch diameter, six-inch long glass butt plug firmly planted in my ass.