Monday, October 19, 2015

A Change of Pace in Plugging

Today I used lube...

For the first time in over a year, I decided to use a tiny drop of lube for the glass plug, mainly on the shaft, because one of the effects I don't get with dry plugging is having the shaft slip up and down inside my sphincter. With the lube I get that movement every time I stand up or sit down, and it's a kind of different feel than having the plug stay in place in the sphincter. However, I will be going back to dry lubing tomorrow. I've grown used to being solidly plugged without the shaft slipping up and down.

There is also another change of pace on this blog, this particular post, which I probably won't revisit after sharing this with you. I knew that due to some horrible accidents, some men have lost their penises and have had to adjust to life without their male genitals, but I had never heard of men (who do not want to be MtFs) who don't like their genitals and have them removed, leaving only a pee hole. They still consider themselves men and are not transitioning to women. They generally call themselves nullos. I find this fascinating, even as a gay man, because I sure love my cock and balls. But after reading some of their stories, I find I can understand why they do this. They become dedicated bottoms, if their gay, or they accommodate their wives' use of their asses and submissives.

This one does not look "photoshopped"
I also discovered that many of the sites where you find pictures of nullos, someone is just creating them with Photoshop, but after awhile that odd allure is just not very interesting. But the real nullos are both interesting and in short, kind of hot looking to me. So, I've share what I think are real pictures and one video of these men. I found them on the Internet and assume that they are therefore public domain.

Here is another one that is even more convincing to me, and shows more of the abdominal area for you to decide for yourself. Again, I think it's kind of hot looking, even though I wouldn't consider doing this voluntarily.

This is precisely what the first nullo man whose story I read looks like

And here is a vid I found with a nullo using a buttplug. Enjoy!

Nullo male with buttplug:

Nullo male. pre cumming while dildo fucking powered by XTube