Thursday, December 25, 2014

Living Plugged Means...

I'm plugged during the holidays

There might be something some men who like to plug might find wrong with being plugged for the holidays, like sitting in church for Religious holiday programs, lighting the tree and other iconic religious activities, even opening presents on Christmas morning with the family, a lover, relatives, friends.

His plug is barely detectable
But it looks really good
But to live plugged, one just has to carry on with a butt plug in the ass, even at times of prayer, caroling, opening gifts. At least that's how I feel about staying plugged at such times. My partner of twenty-three years and I lovingly opened gifts this morning, our eyes tearing up at the special significance of this gift or that. I was plugged. I enjoyed even that moment. Later we will be joining other family for the big Christmas even, including Christmas dinner, opening gifts, hugging one another, and all the usual holiday events. I'll hug the elderly ladies in the family, shake hands with the men, all while being plugged. That's just the way it is to "live plugged."

This will be my third Christmas wearing a butt plug during this time. In December of 2012, of course, I was trying to stay plugged as much as possible, but I hadn't quite found the right butt plug and had not worked out the issues of IBS. But by Christmas of 2013, it was all good. By then I had been living plugged 24/7 for nine months. And by this Christmas of 2014, of course, I've been plugged 24/7/365 for a year and nine months. Recall I unplugged for a 10-day road trip to see how I fared and how difficult it would be as soon as I got back to re-insert the two-inch diameter plug. I also wanted to see if my sphincter grew as tight as it had been before I started wearing a butt plug regularly.

Som guys WANT to be stretched permanently. I never want to lose the ability to hold an enema in as I shave or brush my teeth, so I realized that my man hole was stretched somewhat and didn't tighten back to its former tightness when I didn't wear a plug for ten days. It will either take more time unplugged for that to happen, or I have permanently loosened my sphincter just a little bit.

Nonetheless, I love how I can remove the plug for a BM and the man hole feels soft and yielding to the touch of my fingers, and readily accepts three fingers for the ritual exploration.

So this holiday season I am celebrating my secret plugging life. I just plain love it. One reader says that he doesn't see the point of staying plugged because after a few hours it's just a non experience. I understand that. During much of the day, I'm just plugged. It's comfortable and there are not sensual tinges to remind me that I'm plugged, but for me that is not the point. Living plugged is almost a lifestyle choice, one that I enjoy. I've read of men who have plugged for fifty years, who are now elderly, or middle aged men who started thirty years ago and claim that they are more or less plugged 24/7. Some straight men who are long-term pluggers cite the same reasons as I do for enjoying it. After a year and nine months as this point, I'm just as thrilled and giddy with a plug in my ass as I was in April of 2013 when I started this journey.

This vid is a full length movie! Enjoy.