Friday, January 3, 2014

Waking Up Plugged

It's a Thrill to Wake Up in the Morning with a Butt Plug in My Ass

Living plugged 24/7/365 means that I wake up every morning with a butt plug in my ass. It's been there all night, and it's much like waking up with a cock in my ass. The only difference is that this one is still hard. It's like I've been fucked all night and I'm still being fucked. And yes, in the morning there is conflict between having to take a shit or keeping the plug in as long as I can before I remove it for the morning BM.

I usually wait on the BM until I begin to feel like I need to. It's not that the plug feels like I need to take a dump. You begin to know the difference, and right now, for example, I've been up over three hours and have checked on the BM twice...still nothing, so I've replugged and have started my daily work routine.

So I was sitting here plugged, clinching, feeling my cock get hard, and thinking that part of the benefits of living plugged is morning time. Many guys would have masturbated by now, having awakened with morning wood and what feels like a cock up their ass, but I think part of the thrill of waking up plugged is a heightened sense of edging. Oh yeah, I want to go do the dildo fuck motions with my plug, but I resist, instead just enjoying the feeling of my sphincter being exercised, my dick going from half hard to full hard, leaking pre-cum and going back to half hard—all morning long.

It's mornings like this and the intensity of the anal stimulation that makes me want to get a big fat dildo and shove it up my ass. But again, I resist. My 2-inch diameter plug, 3/4-inch shaft is enough. plugged all the time. I know a few other guys who swear by it. We enjoy talking about it and showing each other pictures and vids. We talk about having butt plug parties, where everyone shows up wearing a butt plug. Alas, we're scattered throughout the world, so it can only be a virtual party. These are both straight guys and gay guys. Our common sexuality is wearing butt plugs all day, every day.

And so, my day will continue as I turn my attention to my work, leaving this short blog post for your enjoyment, along with a video I hope you like:

unbelievable! Vid movement is a bit shaky, but wait for the end of the vid!