Thursday, April 23, 2015

Showered, Shaved, Plugged

My Normal Plugging Routine

I get ready each day for continuous plugging doing just about the same thing every morning. I get up naked, having been plugged all night, and once I have my coffee and things get moving and my body awakens, my next step is to have a BM, followed by a clean out enema, and before I replug, I do a nice, thorough genital and butt hole shave. I know...genital shaving is not a universally desired part of a man's hygienic and "sex-appeal" routine. Some men prefer bears, natural body hair, and genital and ass bush. But I like to feel as naked as possible. Once I'm shaved I plug my butt before getting into the shower. I'm as clean in the backside as I can be, since the enema flushes me out after a BM, and I love the way the freshly inserted plug feels in my ass as I soap up and shower. I'm usually good to stay plugged until sometime in the mid or late afternoon, at which time I do an additional shallow enema (not always) and replug as soon as I've finished.

This guy has it all. I can just imagine that the plug is adding
intensity to his feelings.
I've been developing the optimal plugging routine for the last two years, and I do have to say I've been very successful living plugged. In March, I had an opportunity to drive a great deal back and forth between two cities (one hour each way) and for reasons I won't go into I had to make two round trips each time I traveled, which put me on the road for four hours each day that I did this. Not being able to just pop into my private bathroom if I needed to do some maintenance, I just carried a folded paper towel in my back pocket and if I had to, I used a public restroom if I had to remove the plug, clean up and replug. Instead, there were only two times I needed to do this. I've been plugging continuously now for two years, and I can feel when I need to pull the plug, do a bit of clean up and replug. It's a subtle feeling somewhere just inside my rectum, past the sphincter. There's not much feeling there, but if I can actually feel the egg of the plug more than usual, I know it's time to check on things down there.

Another delicious self-suck while
plugged. I can only dream of
doing this!
But back to being showered, shaved, and plugged. There's just no greater feeling of naked cleanliness and comfort with my two-inch diameter glass plug. My butt just loves it. I think about my plug in place throughout the day and into the night. Again, I simply don't know why I enjoy being continuously plugged 24/7. As I've said it's like a pacifier for my ass. Makes me feel good all day, and I can do everything while plugged. I sometimes forget that I'm plugged when I'm out and about and talking to people, because much of the time the plug and my body are simply one. It's like my nose, I'm aware of it but at the same time unconscious of that awareness. With the plug, I bend over, clinch my ass, walk, stand up, sit down, and the awareness of the plug comes flooding back. That's what it is to live plugged. It's a continual interaction between my body and the plug, and yet it's sometimes completely unconscious. I can of course spring a boner at will, because of what the plug is doing and where it's located, at the center of my nerve bundle, including the sphincter and prostate, and the root of my cock.

Those of you who have stuck with me over these nearly two years, during which time I have been writing this blog will know that I really haven't got much else to say. But when I think of something I want to share, I'll write about it here.