Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Butt Plugs and Hemorrhoids

Do Butt Plugs Cause Hemorrhoids?


Actually butt plugs cure hemorrhoids.

Note that I am talking about the external hemorrhoids
Let me back up, prior to my living plugged. I was at an age and had such a sedentary lifestyle that I suffered from hemorrhoids, bad ones, bleeding ones, the kind that made me itch and twitch, the kind that made me use Preparation H. I was at an age where I began to despair at the condition my anal opening was in. My boss at work was worse than me. He even had surgery down there, where tiny little rubber bands are attached to the rhoids, until the blood flow is cut off and they die and come off—that is, whatever awful thing the doctor would have done. I was of an age that I sadly referred to my own anus as my "rusty butt."

There is nothing erotic or sexy about hemorrhoids, and I had long taken myself out of the anal bottom category. About fifteen years prior to this, I had played with butt plugs and dildos and had enjoyed it immensely. I thought those days were over. But one day I was in an adult toy store and went to the butt plug, dildo section and marveled at the new plugs, their material, etc. My first purchase (and despite the hemorrhoids) was a silicon plug. Nicely designed, big enough to be a challenge, but also big enough to make my anus twitch, anticipating the pain of the rhoids.

After several attempts, lots of Preparation H, and a willingness to torture myself to relive the old days when my anal opening was in good shape, I finally got that sucker in there and promptly made the mistake of going out in public with it in. I had it in for about two hours and by the time I got home I was in pain and just wanted it out of there. Nothing sexy about butt plugs and hemorrhoids.

This couple is using 100% of their
sexual capacity by both being
And yet, there had also been that thrill from the old days of having a plug in my ass and echoes of the feelings that used to wash through my nether regions when I used plugs and dildos. So I decided to search for something a bit different. I bought a medium NJOY Pure Plug made of stainless steel. It was a beauty, and for about twelve hours, the first time I tried to keep it in, it was bliss, but there was something about the base that irritated my "rusty butt."

I did use it enough, however, to see that my anal opening, around the sphincter was no longer painful. In fact, it began to feel a whole lot better. I just despaired of keeping the NJOY in too much, because of how the rather sharp-edges of the base dug into my tender anal skin. So I wanted something shaped like the NJOY, but with a different kind of base, and that's when I discovered two glass plugs. At first, the idea of glass scared me, but I bought my first one. It had a ring base, an angled head like the NJOY and was about 1.5 inches at its widest point. The shaft, however, was a little on the thin side, but I wore it enough to see that over about a three-month period, I was no longer suffering from hemorrhoids.

Just plain beautiful.
Now my theory, based on data from only my own experience, is that something smooth, like glass or steel and non-porous working the sphincter, either slightly or greater is what gets things working down there. It's as if you are no longer sedentary. It's as if instead of sitting all day, squashing the sphincter and anal opening, just the act of keeping something in there and slightly working it helps send in the troops that vanquish the rhoids! In fact, I was getting so much pleasure from the first glass plug that I desired a wider shaft, and so I discovered the Devi Prism glass plug, with a shaft of a little over a half-inch wide, a bulb of about two inches, and that's when I started living plugged, about April of 2013.

Then I wanted an even larger shaft and ended up with the two-inch diameter, with a one-inch shaft and ring base Icicles #14. But the NJOY works well for those of you who aren't bothered by the oval base.

If you have hemorrhoids, don't despair! Throw away the Preparation-H, get rid of the pain and blood and itching. You don't need a doctor, either. Just a nice smooth, non-porous plug of either glass or steel. You will not only cure your butt, you will begin to love it and living plugged to me is a wonderful experience, not only because my butt stays healthy, but also because it's a hazy sexual pleasure that makes me feel great all day and all night.