Friday, April 8, 2016

Migrating butt plug

Warning: Don't try this unless you take precautions

I have a glass butt plug with a ring base (donut shaped) for easy gripping when I want to remove it, and the base is right at two-inches in diameter, so there's rarely a chance that it will slip inside my rectum. It's safe to say that all plugs are designed with a wide base precisely for that reason—to keep the plug from slipping inside the rectum.

A few times at night before I have fallen asleep, I have enjoyed pushing the ring base past the sphincter, deliberately, so that I get the entire plug inside my rectum, but I usually get up soon thereafter and squat on the toilet to expel it past the sphincter. It's a pleasurable sensation to push the base into the rectum, but it is also very very dangerous. I have always been able to retrieve it, because I didn't leave it in there too long, and even if it slipped a little deeper, I could get my finger through the base and pull it out.

But last night, I decided to see just how far the plug would travel inside my rectum if I didn't take it out, but here's the important detail on this experiment: I secured a string about 10 inches long to the ring base, and even though the whole plug, including the base, was past my sphincter, I left the string outside my body.

During that time, I really enjoyed feeling the whole plug inside, I rolled over, sat up, walked around, lay on my stomach, and after a bit of just lying there, I stuck my finger in my ass, and the ring base was not accessible. I knew I could pull the string and retrieve it, but I wasn't through experimenting.

And then I fell asleep for about three hours. When I awoke (with the whole plug still completely inside my rectum), I reached for the string. Before I went to sleep, there was ten inches of string outside my body, but when I located the string, I realized there was only two inches still outside my body. I had a raging harden, as well, because whatever the hard, glass plug was doing in my rectum, it was stimulating me while I slept. And it had been migrating deeper inside of me.

I stood up and gave a gentle tug on the string. There was absolutely no give, because the plug had migrated past the sigmoid sphincter (about 7 inches inside the rectum) and was lodged, probably at an angle as it entered the large intestine.

Nice to see a man squirm when he's plugged
I didn't panic. Instead I enjoyed the feeling. It's quite different than always having the sphincter stretched open and the base between my butt cheeks. It was a distinctly different sensation. I could barely feel the plug, except with I clinched strongly and all my muscles tightened around the plug.

So, the experiment showed that a plug will definitely migrate deeper into the body if it is not prevented from doing so by the base of the plug. This is how embarrassing trips to the emergency room occur.

To remove the plug, I had to be very gentle but firm, in pulling the plug back out with the string. I slowly inched the plug downward until it reached the rectum, and then I could control the expulsion by doing what you do when you're expelling waste. By the time it got close enough to stick my finger into the butt, I just removed it using the ring, instead of the string. And then I examined the glass plug. It was clean as a whistle. I gave myself an enema, just in case I might have pulled stuff down with the plug (the enema expulsion was just clear water) and after washing the plug to its clear, slick state, I reinserted it and let the base do its job, and slept for the rest of the night.

I won't be doing this again any time soon. While the sensations were interesting and it felt kind of neat to the have plug up in my ass about twelve inches (8 inches of string and 4 inches of plug), I prefer the feel of the shaft of the plug keeping my sphincter stretched open at about an inch in diameter and the head of the plug gently contacting my prostate. After all that is what plugs are for, that is for men. But now I know I could easily accommodate one of those long dongs.

A metal ball inserted without a net so to speak.

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