Monday, June 2, 2014

Living Plugged Permanently

Long-term Plugging Beyond the Norm

Readers will know that when I talk about living plugged permanently, of necessity there are a few days here and there, a few hours sometimes, when I cannot be plugged for a variety of reasons. Nor do I wear what is called a "permanent" butt plug. This would be one where you could run an enema hose through the butt plug and flush out the rectum without removing the plug. Readers will know, if they've read my blog, however, that I claim to be plugged at least 97% of the time, and in that sense I am living permanently plugged 24/7/365. I'm now into the third month of the second year of living plugged. Given my age, I really don't know how long I will go before I have to hang up my butt-plugging spurs. But so far, I can say that I no longer suffer from hemorrhoids, that I have changed my diet and supplements to slow down my digestion processes and am therefore much more regular with my bowel movements.

I suspect that many guys who are trying to stay butt plugged for several days in a row haven't yet adjusted their BM habits to make staying plugged possible. It took me almost eight months during the first year of living plugged to realize that permanent plugging starts with what goes into my mouth, not what comes out of my ass. You have to be closer to being constipated than having the runs. That's just a simple fact. If you're not controlling your BMs and tend to have the runs or suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), there is no way that you can live plugged.

It turns out my secret weapon to help with this issue is an anti-diarrheal (generic of Imodium AD) from Walmart. I take 8 mg of this product every day. It means for me and my eating habits that I produce a hefty BM almost every day that is firm and comes out clean, leaving me free to avoid a lot of enemas and just replug after my BM. However, every once in a while, I will go a day or so without a significant BM. In that case, I have to do a couple of rectal enemas to move the stuff along. On such days, I might do without the Imodium. I can say that this is preferable to soft (sometimes runny) and frequent stools that would stymie living plugged, or make it extremely unpleasant.

If you're not grossed out by this frank discussion by this point, good've made it past the gross stuff (unless of course you're into scat). My point is that "living plugged" 24/7/365 is way beyond the norm of what men who love plugging are really into. Most men, I assume, like to play with their rectums and like to plug for a few hours at a time. But I've met a few other guys like me who are thrilled at the thought of living plugged in the truest sense of the word. So there are some of us who stay plugged beyond the norm.

There is a lot of fantasy involved in butt plugging and reasons for longer-term plugging. One of them is probably the most prevalent. I've read numerous personal stories of men who have mistresses or doms who like to keep their slave plugged and caged. Others, like I've read on Reddit, is to have a somewhat looser anus, so that they're ready to be fucked or pegged on demand. My goal is a little less involved. I don't have a dom who decides my plugging schedule, where or when I plug, etc. This is a personal fantasy of mine to just simply live with a butt plug in my ass. Nor do I want to ruin my ass and become incontinent. The Icicles #14 has a one-inch diameter shaft (despite what Amazon's description reads), a two-inch diameter egg, and a base ring that is donut shaped; the diameter of the ring across the whole donut is also about two inches, and the ring itself is composed of a ring that is kind of fat (a little less than half an inch thick) and is super smooth. Hence the unbelievable comfort. Sitting is great. If you can imagine the position of the plug I'm wearing right now, while sitting means that the top of the ring (an arc) is being pushed slightly into my anal opening, which means it's just slightly pushing the sphincter from the bottom, so that when I stand up, I get a little thrill as the ring moves down and the sphincter closes around the shaft in a way that seals the plug.

Try describing this position to a blind person!
Another thing I've learned during this past fourteen months with a plug in my ass 24/7 is that falling asleep and waking up are truly sexual experiences. During these times I have and enjoy causing erections. Lying on my back with my legs out straight, I arch my back into a full, hard clinch, and the plug just fills me with delight. The sphincter tries to close but is prevented by the shaft, and the hardness of the glass reminds me the plug is there. During the day when I'm out and about, I love to walk imperceptibly "funny" so that I get the most out of the plug action. I love to squat down and feel the plug, or sit on hard surfaces and push the ring against the anal opening. Oh well, I could go on and on about this. I am just totally obsessed with this experience. It's a fun fetish, it's like a pacifier for my butt, my own little secret from the world, and something I hope I can keep doing for a few more years.

In the meantime, guys, give that anus something to live for! Keep it plugged.

Inflatable plug fun…