Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Men Masturbate Using Anal Toys

Gay or Straight, Married or Single...Men Masturbate

Women also masturbate in privacy. It's just a human activity. But the privacy of the event is what I would like to talk about, and of course the things we do when we are alone. When I was a teenager on the farm, as I've written in another post on this blog, I sowed my seed damn near as many places as my dad and I planted crops. And other farmers' sons and I would get together and of course we would masturbate together. One of my fondest memories is of the guy who showed me how to do it. We were both uncut, so I adopted his technique that first time; and I remember the musty smell of the burlap bound bales of cotton, where we made a little cave. To this day, I can't get near a bale of cotton in a warehouse that I don't remember that first time. It was a pretty simple technique.

This guy just cracks me up!
The parents and the older sister
are not home, and so...what else?
He masturbates and brings out
his dildo.
We just moved the foreskin back and forth over the head of our cocks, stretching it back taut and then pulling it back over the head (now you see it, now you don't), and as I got what he called "the feeling" (he meant a rising sensation in the entire shaft and down into my prostate, I worked the foreskin faster and faster. He shot the first load of cum I had ever seen. I did not produce cum that first time, but I knew what to expect. And so by the time I was in high school, I don't know how many cumulative gallons of cum I had splashed on my chest, the ground, the farm equipment, the crops. And so by the time I entered college, like most of the guys I met there, we had all probably jacked off for several years.

And of course, guys being guys, we sat around the dorm and shot the shit, and got sports and "chicks" out of the way, before we inevitably talked about whacking off, beating our meat, pounding the pole, choking the chicken, spanking the get the picture. I remember being in the know and laughing when someone would say if you masturbate hair will grow in the palm of your hand, and there would be a couple of guys who just had to look at their palm on the hand they used for the job.

I really like Jason. He's a straight exhibitionist
and I've seen him take some really big chances,
urged on by his girlfriend.
But mostly, I think men masturbate in private. The wife or partner is at work, and a man will usually engage in masturbation that can become very elaborate, including items of fantasy and utility that goes well beyond the hand. I remember at home on the farm in the family bathroom, I liked to stand over one of those mirrors that rotated, with one side being regular reflection, and the other side being a kind of magnifying mirror. I just loved the way my genitals looked reflected in the mirror as I stood over the mirror, and then I liked to squat down, flip to the magnified side and see my ball sac and cock much much larger.

Believe me...I know what you're
The older I got and when I was in private, I started to supplement masturbation with dildos, butt plugs,  and cock rings. And with the Internet, sites like Xtube allows the more exhibitionist among us to upload those private sessions for the rest of us to see and enjoy. I especially enjoy because you can spend hours looking at guys really getting into their masturbation sessions. But I'm kind of odd. More often than just looking at their cocks and their stuffed assholes, I like to see the look on their faces and see where they choose to play, like on the granite counter top in the kitchen ("What's for dinner, dear?"), the couch in the living room, and places you wouldn't think of, like the laundry room (?). I've shared a few of those pictures here. It always thrills me to know that these are both gay and straight men, and they just love to use dildos and butt plugs.

No matter whether you've never tried anal play, if you're a man, gay or straight, in the privacy of your own home, no one is going to judge you. Give that butt a feel, stick something in it, watch vids of guys using dildos and anal plugs.  Me? As I've said ad nausea, I actually always have a butt plug in my ass...always!

Talk about the ultimate anal play, guy fucks himself and cums in his own ass…kind of long.