Monday, June 27, 2016

I Moved Halfway Across the Country

I stayed unplugged, until now...

Because I was under a lot of stress, packing, moving, unpacking, and getting used to a different kind of food that I'm used to, I had to stay unplugged. It is obvious that the body states can interfere with the pleasure of plugging, and a different kind of food can make a difference. So, rather than fighting it, I just stayed unplugged. In fact, the stress was so high that I only masturbated once, and that was at night on my front porch. I was naked, except for a t-shirt, and it was time to mark my territory in my new house. I've masturbated on every new car I've ever bought as well, a kind of claiming it as mine.

But since that masturbation, I have been remarkably un-horny. But this morning, a little over a month to the day that I moved in, my body said it was time to re-plug. I was a bit hesitant, but after an enema that didn't produce much, I barely lubed my ass opening and plugged dry. I allowed for the anal shrinkage that had occurred over the past month, and I took it slowly. There was very little pain, and once the plug popped past my sphincter, I drove my plug home where it belongs.

It feels great to be plugged again. I'm getting hard. I have opportunities in my new home to stay naked, as well as to be naked in my back yard without much fear of the neighbors seeing me. I now live in a lush, green environment, and my back yard is very private. Now that I'm plugged, I can wander around in my yard with my cock out of my pants and play with my dick and masturbate if I want, which I will.

This is a short post. It's just to celebrate my return to living plugged. I hope everyone has missed my posts!

Huge plug in man’s ass:

92mm Plug