Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Butt Plug Torque

What Does a Butt Plug Feel Like?

This plug will really exercise the sphincter...
I suspect that I'm not using the word "torque" the right way in this post. I do know that when you've got a screwdriver in a screw and are tightening it, the force you exert is called torque. It's the pressure I'm talking about in relation to butt plugs. I'm thinking of the constant pressure I get when I insert my glass butt plug in my ass, and I use just enough aloe vera gel to allow the plug to slip inside. The sphincter tightens around the shaft, and since the sphincter's automatic job is to shut, there's a constant pressure on the shaft, which in turn attempts to pull the base into the rectum; but since the base is too big (especially without much lube), there's pressure on the anal opening from the ring base.

That's the torque I'm talking about.

Black shirt, black socks, and black double dildo.
This dude looks like he's in love!
The egg of the plug is inside the rectum, the sphincter has closed around the shaft, the constant pressure attempts to pull the ring base into the anal opening—and what I get out of it is constant stimulation. Add a few little kegal contractions to this and Mama! Constant pleasure.

So that's what it feels like. It has been said, and it is true, that you can't really feel much in the rectum itself, so the stimulation that occurs from being constantly plugged is in that ganglia of super nerves in the anal opening. And I also suspect that when a guy is being fucked, most of the pleasure is also coming from the sphincter area. But then, there is the magic button that all men have inside the rectum, and that is the prostate. The way I wear my plug all the time is with the angled glass egg away from the prostate, although it still very gently stimulates it throughout the day and night, especially when I clench hard. I know this, because I have a constant ooze of precum that coats my tighty whites. I noticed this morning when I was doing the laundry that every pair of shorts I wore for the week had the dried precum in them.

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