Monday, October 20, 2014

Dry-Boning, Part 2

New Sensations from Dry-Boning

Over the course of the last 550 days (how long I've been living plugged), I have had a chance to experiment with the dynamics of living plugged. I did take ten days off to make a trip without a plug, but I'm back on schedule. What that ten-day experience without a plug in my ass showed me was that it would take a while longer for my relaxed sphincter to return to a very tight state. After the ten days without a plug the 2-inch diameter plug went in easily. I remember back in April 2013, when I first got a glass plug that was two-inches in diameter, I was about ready to give up and go back to my 1.5 inch plug, because the 2-inch plug was so intimidating.

You Go, Boy!
It wasn't long after wearing that plug, the Prisms glass plug, that I wanted something just a bit bigger in both the egg and the shaft. I was unable to find a bigger glass egg, so I "settled" for the Icicles #14, which I found in my local adult toy store. The shaft was 1-inch in diameter, but the egg was still only two inches. This was about six months into living plugged, and I learned that much of the thrill of being plugged was in the action on the sphincter—not the prostate.

And then well into my second year of living plugged, I experimented with reducing the amount of lube I used, as well as the kind I used. I had been wearing a pair of briefs and a pair of boxers because of the oil the lube leaked out of my drawers. So I switched to various water-based lubes and finally settled for aloe gel. Expert pluggers will tell you that water-based lubes will not last as long as silicon/oil based lubes, and it is true. Thereafter I began cutting down on the aloe, getting dryer and dryer as I went. Experts will also tell you that the anus does not lubricate itself, and while that is true, one needs far less lube with glass or steel plugs than they do with silicone and other such plugs.

I wrote a short article about "dry-boning" and using minimal amounts of aloe gel. And now, following my ten-day vacation from plugging, I am here to tell you that I have gone completely dry on the lube. The sensation of the plug in my unlubed ass is very "there." I was spitting on the head of the plug to get it past my shaved ass skin, but I noticed that as the head went into the anus the skin inside and the slickness of the glass allowed me to get the plug into my rectum, and the sensation of being really PLUGGED SOLID gave me an instant erection. The "hurts so good" sensation is also there, and last night, I couldn't keep my mind off the plug and the sensation of dry boning. I do not recommend that you try this unless you are living plugged. The sphincter has to be somewhat permanently relaxed to receive the plug, and I feel (although I don't know because I haven't tried it) that the friction and resistance would be damaging using anything but gloriously, naturally slick glass or stainless steel.

Need I say more? Also note the gigantic phallic symbol on
the building to the right of the butt plug.
An Aside: Did you see the worlds largest butt plug erected in Paris by the American Artist who claimed it was a minimalist Christmas Tree. About all it had in common with a Christmas tree was its color. No one bought the artist's attempt to fool the public, and vandals later deflated it. Towler Road had a comment from a heterosexual plugger who maintains that it's not just the gay men who are supporting the billion dollar butt plug industry but a lot of straight men who are in touch with their anal side, and to that I say, right on!

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