Thursday, December 18, 2014

Butt Plugs and Exercising

How I use my butt plug to exercise.

I'm a little overweight and I have some groin fat that is difficult to get rid of once it shows up. It's the kind of padding above the cock and balls that tends to hide the magnificence of a man's genitals. The cock looks smaller than it is, and I use my nice, hard glass plug to enhance my groin and ass exercises. It would probably also work with a silicon plug, and in a way it involves kegal exercises, but more than that it draws the muscles beneath the groin fat in and out.

Nothing takes the place of strong strides when walking, or stretching out while running, but without that or without a daily regimen of walking and running, I use the pleasures that come from being constantly plugged to encourage me to exercise my abdominal and groin muscles. Once again, if you are reading this, try to move your consciousness down into your genital area, ass, and front—and feel that plug in your ass. Imagine as you walk that the longer, harder strides you take, the more exercise you will get to the soft areas that need to be exercised. The glass in the ass will not yield, and with a one-inch diameter shaft, when you're walking you can clinch the muscles around the plug. First it feels intensely great, but it also strengthens the butt muscles, and walking while clinched, relaxed, clinched, also encourages faster walking. I also like to stand in place and do what appears to people walking past that I am merely stretching, bending, and otherwise loosening my muscles, when in fact, I am putting hard pressure and hard stretching on my groin. The plug enhances those feelings, much better than nothing in the ass.

Spread those legs. I've noted that men who are really into wearing butt plugs like to stick their rears out and go into positions that spread the butt cheeks, as if getting ready to be fucked. With the butt plug in place, you're already being fucked. They (we) also like to open our legs wide, showing off our hard cocks and low-hanging ball sacs. For the onlooker, it's a visual thrill to see a man with a hard cock with his legs wide open; for the man doing that, it's definitely beneficial to moving all those muscles, both stretching them and contracting them as he opens and closes his legs.

Even when I get out of bed in the morning, clinching my abdominal and ass muscles motivates me to exaggerate my movements. Every exaggerated movement feels wonderful with the plug working inside of me. When I'm driving in my car, I can rock my pelvis forward and back, clinch, relax, clinch, and it feels great. It also works the groin area.

I like to squat down, spreading my butt cheeks and feel the plug being pulled into my ass. The ring base, of course prevents it from disappearing into my rectum, and the pressure on the sphincter not only feels great, but it also is beneficial to the muscles.

When I sit down or stand up, I clinch and work my pelvic muscles, and so every movement enhances the feelings of being plugged. When I sit down to shit, I love knowing that I first have to pull the two-inch wide plug through my anal opening, where it will stretch out the sphincter to two inches. That's easily three fingers wide. Nowadays, when I pass waste, I'm often surprised that I barely feel the true size of the BM (usually nice two-inch torpedo-shaped and six and eight-inches long) and I'm done. A little clean up and I ram the plug home for the next 12 or so hours.

The point is, I constantly use my plug to motivate me to exaggerate all my movements having to do with the lower trunk and that delicious crotch between my legs.

I just love knowing that when you leave a guy alone at home, he's going to masturbate and otherwise come up with some way to work that ass, like the guy in the video. Yummm...