Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frequent Questions from the Internet about Butt Plugging

Q & A on Plugging

I look in on butt plugging discussions as much as I can, sometimes just to participate in the discussions and sometimes to alert men to my blog. This blog is dedicated, as I have said, to getting all men to explore the anal side of their sexuality, which I believe is one of the healthiest things men can do to double their sexual experience with a partner, enhance private masturbation, and a good way to encourage anal physical health, as well, In the Q &A that follows, I have taken what I consider some of the most frequent questions I run into on the internet. I have chosen to put in my two cents on these questions because I often find that there's a great deal of misinformation out there, lack of knowledge, embarrassment (mainly from heterosexual men), and a need for frank and graphic details concerning these questions. But for a moment...all seriousness aside as we ponder this funny little picture of two babies:

 I know, I have a warped sense of humor, but whoever came up with this meme for this picture, my hat's off to you. We know that whoever did at least spends some time thinking about butt plugs. When you "google" the single string "butt plug" you get everything from what we're talking about here to some sort of industrial discussion of things that are called butt plugs, just like we have male and female plumbing parts in the plumbing industry, so learn to focus your search by adding specific additional words to narrow the search.

So here are the questions, followed immediately by my answers. My answers might also be misinformed, so I add that this is based on my experience and listening in on the butt plugging discussions.

Straight men and anal—Is It Normal?

I didn't realize that so many straight men were into anal play until I started reading discussions on butt plugging for men. In many cases, straight men have their wives strap on a dildo, and in a few cases straight men engage in plugging as a private matter. But on the "Is it Normal" site, there is anxiety about whether a man is really straight if he likes to plug or be fucked. I think anal plugging and anal play for straight men is normal. I just wish there wasn't so much anxiety about whether it makes them sort of gay. They should be aware that a lot of gay men are not into anal play, so plugging and anal play are not automatically gay. In my estimation it just feels good, it's not hurting anyone (even if you sometimes have to keep it a secret), and it's as normal for straight men as it is for gay men.

For how long is it safe to wear a butt plug?

This question requires some qualifying statements. But first, my answser. It is safe to wear a butt plug 24/7/365. It's impractical, however, for a variety of reasons. In my experience, I just cannot plug and stay clean if I've got diarrhea, so I don't. But having a plug in my ass almost without a break has never injured me in any way. Now for the qualifications. The butt plug you choose for staying plugged should probably be either glass or steel. Silicone and other materials like that are porous and tend to dry out quicker, you can only use water-based lubes, and the irritation factor is something you have to take into account. With glass and steel, there really is no irritation factor. The second qualification is that you choose a plug that is not too large to accommodate some space in the rectum for gas and fecal matter. You will be extremely uncomfortable if you use a plug that is too long and too large in girth. I can fart around my glass plug to alleviate gas buildup, but I have to unplug, evacuate, clean up and re-plug for BMs. This is just a fact of life. The third qualification is that no part of the plug should cause irritation, and irritation can equal damage. I use a glass plug with a circular base that fits between my ass cheeks like a coin in a slot, not a round base that sits perpendicular to the shaft. The circle base NEVER irritates. The shaft should not be so large that you're stretching out the anal opening in a permanent way. The shaft on my Devi glass plug is not even 3/4 inches. If it was much larger I might find that the sphincter would not readily close. The fourth qualification is there's a difference between going for long-term (permanent) wear and using a butt plug for the duration of a fuck session or masturbation session. Go big and bold if you're into that for the short term; go moderate and sensible in design if you plan to live plugged, as I do.

Wearing a butt plug all day or all night—Is it safe?

Many men don't like to go all day with a plug because they don't want to go into a situation where they might have an emergency, need a bathroom, or feel that if they're at work, they don't get the privacy they need to make adjustments, clean up, or relube. So for that kind of situation, we're talking about "safe" as in non-discovered and embarrassed; but as I said in the previous question it's safe to wear a butt plug 24/7. Some men claim that being plugged at night keeps them awake...yes...well, sure. It makes you horny. But I find drifting off to sleep with a plug in my ass is a pleasant experience.

Who is wearing a butt plug right now?

I am of course wearing a butt plug—right now. This is a question I see pop up on various forums and discussion groups and is probably meant to be answered by those engaged in an ongoing conversation. But I like to ponder this question as I go out in public and look at all the men's butts (Other men can ponder this question and look at women's butts.) At any rate, I like to wonder about this, since I'm as unremarkable in a crowd or out in public as the next guy. I've never seen a hint of a plug showing through clothing, but perhaps that particular wiggle means something, or that hint of a smile?

Who wears butt plugs outside or in public?

Those who stay plugged as much as possible all wear their plugs outside and in public. It goes with the territory, and it adds a delicious bit of secret pleasure to the most mundane things, like standing in line at the grocery story. Who can be bored when you can stand there and stimulate your prostate or sphincter?

How do you keep a plug from falling out?

The best way to keep a plug from falling out when you're walking, standing, or playing tennis is to match the plug to your sphincter size and looseness. If you've stretched yourself out by being greedy with size, you need to choose a plug that has a definite bottom portion that goes past your sphincter, so that once you get the plug in, your sphincter will close around it. The shaft, therefore, should be smaller in diameter than the bulb. The NJOY is a great choice for plugs that won't fall out, even if they're heavy. A dildo, on the other hand is not for keeping in. A plug that is just too small for your experience level is quite likely to fall out, or say be blown out like a rocket if you sneeze and you're standing. Some men wear tight jeans or snug underwear, but the best way to keep a plug in is to choose the right design, and make sure the shaft is not too short, so that the business end pops past the sphincter.

Do you ever feel guilty about wearing a butt plug?

I never feel guilty about wearing one. If I went to church, I suppose I could but then if I did I'd probably enjoy it, instead. Just imagine talking to the pastor after church! But I don't mean to make light of this. It reminds me of the guilt rush I used to have when I first started masturbating. I would feel guilty right after I came and sometimes might even vow to never beat my meat again! But guess what, after awhile, there is no guilt rush. And at my current age, wearing a butt plug is such a pleasure and a never-ending kind of edging experience that I don't come to the end of a session. I read about a guy who admitted that he would buy a few butt plugs and enjoy himself for a few weeks or so, and then feel like he was doing something wrong and throw them all away. Being sexual is a good thing. Masturbating is a good thing. So, by extension living plugged is a good thing. It might be a secret, private thing, too, but then so is masturbation most of the time.

Some guys must have wonderful setups in their houses for sex play—and a lot of privacy—like this one.


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