Monday, October 13, 2014

Unplugged for a Road Trip

Giving Up My Butt Plug on Vacation

It was a difficult decision to break my plugging streak by leaving my butt plug at home when I went on a recent ten-day road trip. I wouldn't have if I had been traveling alone, but my partner of 22 years was with me, and he doesn't know that I plug. I didn't want to carry the obvious kinds of supplies that I would need in case of emergency, needing to clean up in case my digestion interfered with my plugging, as it sometimes does. Further, we were going to be eating a wide variety of foods on the road, lacing them with unhealthy snacks, and quite a few sodas—all of which was going to upset my routine.

It was the right decision. For example on the leg of the trip from Natchez, Mississippi, through Louisiana and on into central Texas in one day, I became bloated and gassy (fried food, sodas, unhealthy snacks, and stress from driving unfamiliar roads), and being bloated and gassy is anathema to staying plugged.

On the other hand, when I make the same trip to our new home when we move, I will make the road trip and my partner will fly. That will give me the opportunity to maintain my plug as needed with the right kind of supplies on hand.

The real reason for this post, however, is to describe what it was like to be unplugged after having been plugged 24/7/365 for the last year and a half. I was surprised that I didn't miss plugging in a visceral way. Yes, the desire to be plugged never left me, as I thought about our activities and how much better it would have been to feel the plug working my rectum and sphincter, but I forgot about it quite often for long stretches. We did a lot of uphill and downhill walking, and on shorter day trips I have always enjoyed feeling the plug inside as I drive. Clinching an empty hole was not nearly as enjoyable as clinching with my butt plug in place. As one of my friends said, my butt was going to protest: "Butt, butt, I wants it!" kind of like Gollum and his precious. And then there was trying to get to sleep without the Teddy Bear effect of being comfortably plugged. I got up numerous times during the night and felt a little funny without the plug.

Note the hollow sleeve that the double dong is
The most interesting thing to me, however, was whether the two-inch diameter was going to be like using it the first time when I finally got home and inserted it. I figured that my hole is probably a little stretched normally, because the shaft of the plug keeps my sphincter open an inch all the time. That may not sound like much, but when the sphincter is used to being forced open without relief I wondered if it would slowly, over the ten days return to its former tight clinch. During the trip, I stuck my fingers in my ass and measured how easy or difficult it was to insert them. I was surprised that being unplugged for ten days in a row did not significantly reduce the somewhat loose feeling of the sphincter, and on the evening we got home, the first order of business, once we unloaded the car was to do an enema cleanse and get plugged.

Hot butt!
While there was some resistance to the two-inch diameter of the head of the plug, it went in easy, and once that was past the sphincter, it popped back into place, with an audible sigh and welcoming hug from my butt, as it closed around the plug. Another effect was that I stayed semi-hard throughout that first night and into the next day. So now I have been replugged three 24-hour days and everything is back to normal—plugged and happy.

When I next make this trip by car by myself, I will attempt to stay plugged. I also like to keep my dick out of my pants and keep it hard by edging it, which always makes the miles fly by.

I've also sometimes tempted fate by keeping my cock out of my pants when I stop at rest areas, covering it with only my shirttail as I head into the men's room. But that's the subject of another kind of blog. As I write this, I'm plugged and I think again, as I have over the past year and a half, living plugged is just plain enjoyable, a private kind of thrill that makes ordinary activities more enjoyable.

You'll need to go into full screen mode to enjoy this video. The guy is using an Aneros stimulator. He's having a full-body orgasm (and incidentally probably messing up his sheets!)

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