Saturday, March 8, 2014

Living Plugged, Moving into a New Phase

Three-Month Review of the Icicles # 14

In January of 2014 I said that I was trying out the Icicles #14 glass plug. It is shaped exactly like the wonderful Devi Glass plug that I wore 24/7 for ten months, but I wanted a larger shaft for a little more sphincter action. And now, three months into living plugged with the Icicles in my ass 24/7, I can say that this is a new phase in living plugged. While the Devi plug has a substantial shaft of between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inches in diameter, the full one-inch shaft of the Icicles actually makes a great deal of difference in the long term in what it does to the anal opening. The shaft is also long enough that the egg goes fully past the sphincter and the ring stays outside the body.

Even though I love my glass plug, there
is just nothing quite as visually sexy as
a plug with a base like this snuggled
against a man's ass, as well as showing his
metal cock ring
I can still hold an enema while I brush my teeth and get ready for my shower. But having kept the plug in my ass for three months, morning, noon, and night, and only removing it for BMs and enemas, I do have to say that my ass is always loose enough to receive a cock if I wanted. But keep in mind that this is not my intention; I plug for the sheer pleasure of being plugged. The hardness of the glass works my sphincter all day long, and at night the thickness of the shaft keeps me on edge when I'm actually awake and playing with my ass. I can't speak for other men who like to stay plugged as much as possible, but it gives me great pleasure to never forget I've got a hunk of glass inside of me. I heard from a friend and fellow plugger who loves the NJOY 2.0 for the same reason.

To me, living plugged, and now using one with a thicker shaft will be what I wear as I begin my second full year plugged. I believe that I have reached my limit on the size of the egg (the actual plug part) in size. I find that I can pass gas around the plug and so don't ever feel bloated. And because the shaft is thicker, I have experienced accidentally swallowing the plug, base and all, three times—twice while out in public. This is easily remedied, and so I don't freak out thinking the plug is going to disappear into my bowels; I can easily retrieve the ring base, and since the glass is nicely weighted, I can just squat and relax and it moves back down the rectum. Perhaps this is not for the faint of heart, because it can be a scary notion to think a trip to the emergency room will be necessary. But quite seriously, too freshly cleaned from an enema and too much lube is what caused these three incidents. So If I want everything to feel tight and snug, I can use the slightest drop of lube, just for easy insertion
and I don't have to worry about accidentally swallowing the whole plug. If I want to play with pushing the whole kit and kaboodle up my ass as I lay in bed, I just slather on the lube. Makes for a good masturbation session, that way.

In this post I would also like to talk about 24/7 sexuality. Many men probably don't think sexual all day long; many other men masturbate many hours a day; and many men are like me, they love edging and feeling sexual without ejaculating. I probably ejaculate once or twice a month at most, but I stay hard many more hours in a day than I normally would if I wasn't wearing my plug. My shorts are always slightly sticky from pre-cum, and in a sense this is part of the fetish I enjoy about living plugged. Oddly enough, I don't waste a lot of time looking at gay porn, but I love the fact that so many men, gay and straight, are into one kind of sexual fetish or another. I enjoy reading about baters who like to goon out as they say. I enjoy reading about men who love to drink cum, and I absolutely love to watch videos of men sticking things up their asses. I'm kind of amazed at the tool shops they have set up in their homes, by which I mean the array of anal toys, fucking machines, and other equipment.

Both penises are uncut. This is just showing them
separately for comparison.
And finally, I'd like to tell about a guy who calls himself Double Dick Dude. He can be found at: Diphalia is a real condition where a man is born with two penises—most of the time, however, one penis is normal and the other is small and is removed shortly after birth. But DDD has two normal sized, fully functioning penises, and he has graciously come out within the last few months and is willing to answer questions. I've posted one of his pictures here, without asking permission, but wanted to introduce him to my readers, and so I hope he doesn't mind. He will also tell you that he is involved in an exclusive three person relationship, is bisexual, and so one of his partners is a male and the other is a female. He has many other pictures of his two penises to prove they are not fake. He answers questions frankly and honestly, and inadvertently probably feeds our fantasies like nothing else in recent memory.

Not for the faint of heart or tight butt