Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Plugging Contributes to Male Bonding

In Search of the Elusive Male Bond

We all know that guys bond through sports enthusiasm, outdoor activities, testosterone infused activities of any kind, and only guys can really enjoy the stink of the male locker room at halftime. But for some time now, I've been noticing that when a man can get in touch with his anal side—his, not his wife's or GF's—he enters a new realm of potential bonding with other males who are into anal sensuality. I've also noticed with some delight that this anal sensuality can be just as strong and satisfying for straight men as for gay men.

Damn, I'm getting hard just writing about this.

But I digress...

Up until a few months ago, I had no idea that married straight men were ever into anal, other than of course kind of getting off on having their wives or GFs stick her finger up his butt when he's cuming. And during this same time I discovered that straight guys can get so deep into anal activities that some go in for anal dilation and large plugs that make them gape. That's quite a bit further than I think I'll ever get. But I've heard from numerous straight guys because of this blog, and if nothing else, there is a kind of bonding that I feel happening with some of my married and straight male readers.

This has nothing to do with being gay. I'm a proud gay man, so I'm not trying to justify being straight and anal. And I hope that eventually straight guys won't feel that they have to justify their anal activity, while also denying that they're gay. You're straight and love butt plugging? I believe you. Some chat forums overkill on this point. Not here. Here, you're free to just love anal and share it with one another.

That "bonding" thing I began with has everything to do with how two men (one straight, one gay) could share the pleasure and information about anal sensuality—and here plugging our butts! This is also a place for those married straight men who come to see that they're not alone, even if they hide this activity from their wives. Here you're free to explore.

Digression Number Two...

I would love to have a party of gay and straight men, all who come to the party plugged and during the course of the evening we all show one another our plugs, talk about them, discuss what works best, talk about staying clean and staying plugged. Now THAT would be a bonding experience!

Of course I would also like to go to a party where all the guys walk around with their cocks hanging out of their pants...but that's another kind of blog!

This is a longish film, but what I like about it (even though it is staged) is that one of the guys arrives at the cabin already plugged. And of course, he’s ready for action, having stretched his anus during the walk.

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