Monday, May 5, 2014

Living Plugged Blog's First Year Anniversary Post

Writing this Blog for a Year

I've enjoyed writing this blog for a year. The first post was written on May 5 2013, and here it is a year later. I pondered what I'd like to write about, considering that I started this blog to talk about and celebrate male sexuality, but especially having men explore their anal side. I've learned that while gay men are probably most likely to already be in touch with their anal sexuality, many straight men are finally getting into it, overcoming what they have before now considered to be a "gay" thing. Even though I'm gay, I knew that all men would really be better off by exploring their own asses, getting acquainted with the prostate just slightly out of reach of their own fingers. And so without the aid of a willing partner to massage their prostate and otherwise play with their butts, men could do it themselves. There are a whole range of anal toys that men can use in the privacy of their own homes when the wife or husband is not home—assuming that in many cases the spouse doesn't want to be involved in male anal play. And even though there are plenty of willing and eager partners to help men get in touch with their anal side, men can do it for themselves, without judgment, without embarrassment by using anal toys.

Been there, done that...
We've got anal wands that are nicely curved that men can insert into their butts and massage their prostates; we've got dildos that men can use to fuck themselves with (even straight men); and we've got the blessed and wonderful butt plugs that men can insert, leave in, and masturbate while wearing them. There is also the Aneros line of prostate massagers that videos of men using them show an entirely wild experience.

In this past year, I have also discovered the daily, hourly, minute-by-minute joy of living with a plug in my ass 24/7/365. I know that this is not what most men want. I'm sure that a majority of men will only want the fun that can be had during sex with a partner or during a masturbation session. Between men like me who like to wear a butt plug all the time and men who only use anal toys for short sessions, there are many men who also really like to edge, bringing themselves to near climax before backing off, and then building up to the sensation again and again. This edging play can literally last for hours.

World's most comfortable plug...
Once you get it inside, maybe
I like to do that too. Because I have a foreskin, I use it to bring myself to the edge by stretching it taut back from the head of my cock. The sensation is mind numbing, and it causes my cock to swell and turn darker, having been engorged with blood for several hours. I can keep myself hard and on edge for hours. I do this all the time when I drive my own car, when I am by myself on a trip of five hundred miles. I keep my cock out of my pants as I drive and bring myself to my first erection, and from there I keep it hard for the entire drive, dripping precum and staying on edge. Even if I never bring myself to an ejaculatory climax, I can then let the edging stop and go about my business.

Aside from the other anal toys, I have also discovered that men like those with animal tails, from rubber puppy dog tails to furry fox tails.  And so here we have a few of these kinds of plugs.

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And then there's this guy, out for a walk in public. To be honest I don't know if it's a butt plug tail or not, but it's fun to look at.

And finally, there are ways to do anal toys by being creative:

A new use for the sonicare toothbrush as you will see in this sexy vid. Any man could do this.