Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Butt Plugged Life and the Men Who Live It

Wearing a Butt Plug for Life

Slowly, over the course of a year, but especially after I started this blog, I've met numerous men who are like me. We wear a butt plug all the time, morning, noon, and night, 24/7. And if not that much, then absolutely as much as possible. I constantly get on forums where men ask if it's safe to wear a butt plug all day, or they ask if anyone has ever gone out in public wearing a butt plug. These are good questions but, eventually, I'd like to see the questioners move on into living-plugged territory about how to maintain a plugged lifestyle, rather than wearing a plug for just a few hours a few days a week.

Can't beat this for looking sexy as hell.
I guess I'm an intermediate wearer, meaning that I've settled on a comfortable 2-inch plug with a 1-inch shaft, made of glass, which I only take out for BMs and enemas. Currently, I'm wearing the Icicles #14 glass anal plug with a circle base that fits between my ass cheeks like a coin in a slot. I can guarantee that you cannot comfortably wear a base that is perpendicular to the plug for constant 24/7 wear. I do have to admit that a plug with a perpendicular base looks the sexiest in a male ass, bar none.

And the men I've been in contact who also live plugged don't wear the perpendicular based plugs either. Some wear and swear by the stainless steel NJOY plugs, which has an oval base, but uses the same long-term-wear principle. The secret of long-term comfort is in the base of the plug. A couple more guys wear the MEO 24/7 plug, and then a few more of us wear either the Devi glass plug (many times on my recommendation) and now me touting the pleasure of the Icicles #14.

He'll be ready for his GF and the strap-on tonight.
In another post I had said that even though the Devi is butt plugging Nirvana and is totally comfortable 100 percent of the time, I had said that I wanted to go just a bit bigger in both the egg and the shaft. As it turns out the Icicles #14 has a bigger shaft, but not a bigger egg, and for right now, probably for the rest of this year, the larger shaft will be fine with me. At my age and digestive condition, I'll never feel "safe" wearing the MEO, because I never know when my digestion will kick in. So I need the plug to plug me.

Butt...the larger shaft on the Icicles does take some getting used to, and it's not 100 percent comfortable because it is challenging the sphincter to stay open at 1-inch all the time. In bed, when I clinch my anus, the sensation is on the edge of painful and extremely intense. I go into a long clinch and my cock just blossoms into an erection. And when I get up after sitting at my computer, I cannot describe the intense feeling of the sphincter moving around the shaft of the plug. Mama! It feels good. And even after all these months, I cannot express how fucking sensual it makes me feel every minute of every day to have my ass plugged. I'm even getting hard just writing this. Yep, I'm addicted. This is a fetish, and it adds to my overall sexuality in ways that just masturbating or getting fucked or fucking cannot complete. You know, once you cum, you settle back down. Staying plugged 24/7 never allows you to settle down completely—and for me that's a good thing.

Here's a straight guy who's trying out a dildo for the first time. This guy is a little on the chunky side, and I have to say he makes me want to cuddle up with him, even though he's straight!

Straight guy’s first time anal…

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