Monday, February 29, 2016

Three Years Living Plugged

24/7/365 x 3 with a Butt Plug in My Ass

This is a combo cock ring and buttplug ball.
I love the way the plug is completely hidden.
Living plugged and being permanently plugged are two different things. So, even though I claim to be living plugged 24/7/365 and celebrating the completion of my third year tomorrow, those of you who have kept up with this blog know that I haven't been literally plugged without breaks. It's virtually impossible due to various body states each of us is prone to, not only over time but over the course of a single day.

Most days, I can go from my morning bathroom routine until just before I get ready for bed some 14 hours later without having to remove the plug, either to do a minor cleanup and release gas from slight bloating (I can easily fart around the plug most of the time) or to have a BM and do an enema before replugging.

Some days I have to remove and reinsert the plug every few hours, because on those days my bodily state is not as static as on other days. Some days I eat the wrong foods or too much food and it throws off my system more than usual.

I figure this one is too large to use for
more than a good hour or two.
In rare instances, I might go through 48 hours when I simply cannot stay plugged. This is never due to discomfort with the plug but more at the mercy of my digestive system.

So for all practical purposes I live plugged 24 hours a day, but if I were to keep meticulous records of clean-up times, enemas, digestive issues, etc. I'd think I'm only plugged 95 percent of the time. And on two occasions (within the last three years) I reluctantly stayed unplugged  about a week each time. When I was able to plug again, it was always a relief to get my plug back where it belonged.

Nice ring base
One might also think that the thrill of living plugged would have diminished over the three years that I've been plugged. It hasn't. As I've said numerous times in this blog, there's something comforting, psychologically powerful about always feeling the plug inside, and when I clinch my sphincter I always get a thrill from the explosion of impulses that comes from the sphincter trying to close around the 1-inch diameter shaft. I also know (but can't readily feel) the head of the plug is inside my rectum, other than there's a full feeling that I like and that is not at all like an imminent bowel movement for waste expulsion. For the uninitiated to assume that having a plug in your ass is akin to the feeling of having to take a is not.

Many of you out there know what it feels like to live plugged, and I'm glad that you've written to tell me about it; others of you know the thrill of being plugged in public...kind of like taking a risk without the benefit of a safety net—a private place to unplug if it becomes necessary. I've come close a few times of having a real disaster on my hands, but as I said in my last post, I take clean up supplies with me. And most of you who like to use a plug for a few hours at a time understand the urge that I have turned into a lifestyle choice. A limited number of you (as I've learned from reading other forums) don't understand this urge to stay plugged or even get much of a kick out of it. In a sense for those who are into anal play, plugs and dildoes serve similar purposes: to provide an added kick to bedroom sex with your partner, and once you cum, out comes the plug, the dildo, or the strap on. Play time over.

By living plugged, my playtime is never over. It's not that I have several orgasms throughout the day, nor that I am a sex addict. I'm hardly that. Most of my days are spent doing the usual  routines of working, playing, etc. My nights are spent sleeping. But I'm always on the verge of bliss, so deep and satisfying that plugging is almost a psycho-sexual-spiritual state.

I've seen dozens of questions in several forums about the long-term effects of using dildos, plugs, and other anal toys. I can categorically say that living with a hard plug in my ass and keeping my sphincter open about an inch for three years has simply not had bad side effects.

Fun to know he’s plugged the whole time. Driving, doing errands. Long but worth watching.

Public buttplug to run some errands powered by XTube