Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing with My Plugged Rectum

Fingering My Ass While Plugged

One thing about living plugged 24/7/365 is that there's never a time (except rarely) when my ass isn't plugged. Sometimes of course when I sit down for a BM I momentarily forget, and then realize I have to remove the plug first. At those times, I like to run my finger around the ring, get into the upper arc of the ring and then feel of my anal opening, which is shut around the shaft. You can do this with a plug with a base that sits perpendicular to your anal opening, but it's quite a bit more intimate and interesting when you use a ring base. I've tried to describe this as how the ring fits between the butt cheeks, and how the upper arc of the ring is pushing against the sphincter.

Look at the Guy's Expression. He likes the way
that ass feels.
I like to push my finger(s) into the rectum, parallel to the shaft, and see how far I can get my finger...sometimes touching the plug "egg", past the sphincter. With glass (or metal) this is really easy to do, and it feels good, both to my finger tips, which gets to feel the interior of my anal opening as well as feels good to my ass.

But of course the very best time to play with my ass is when I'm in bed, right after a shower and a good enema, when I could push the entire plug, ring base and all past the sphincter and feel it disappear into my rectum. At such times it's a bit scary, because it seems that the plug wants to travel deep into my body and go exploring in the upper reaches of the sigmoid area. Once I had to rush to the bathroom and squat on the floor, digging into my ass with one finger and snag the ring base. But back to the fingering. You need to imagine just how the egg, shaft, and ring base work. The ring is parallel to my butt cheeks, and so at the very least, the upper arc of the ring is pushing against the lower sphincter area. So getting a finger in there just past the top of the ring is the real thrill. I have spent several hours at night getting no sleep but playing with my rectum, twisting the plug around and around inside, getting an extreme erection and then jacking off.

Nice Activity, here
The rest of the 24 hours in a day is spent just feeling my butt plugged. Nothing more, just plugged. Staying plugged is also a great way to keep the anal opening ready for a good fuck. Straight guys could wear a plug all day, and then have their wife or GF peg them good and hard, and then reinsert the plug and fall asleep with a goony grin. But any guy can enjoy the constant feeling of a nice hard object in their ass. Since I've been wearing a plug nonstop since April of 2013, I can assure you that while the sphincter is still tight enough to hold an enema, getting a two-inch plug past the sphincter has become very easy. I'm sure if I laid off being plugged, say, for a month, things would get back to normal. As it is, though, I can get three fingers in my ass with no trouble and wiggle the fingers inside. I'm not interested in fisting, but if I were, staying plugged would be a good way to get ready for it.

I may have used this Aneros video before, but I just love the intensity of his anal play.

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