Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plugged 10,000 Hours

That's Living Butt Plugged Now for Ten Thousand Hours (14 Months)

Far more numerous hits when I google "living plugged" usually returns pages that have to do with being plugged-in to high-tech devices, rather than a man with a plug in his ass as a lifestyle choice. I like this misdirection, because it also means that those who are searching for high-tech plugging inadvertently run across my blog about butt plugging. I can just hear people who run across my blog going, "Wait...what? Living all the time with a butt plug...in his ass?"

How Beautiful is That?
Yep. That's me. Celebrating over ten thousand hours with a butt plug in my ass. As the weeks and months pass, it's almost like my glass plug has become a part of my body, kind of like those with new hips and knees. Ideally, actually, I'd love to be able to wear the NJOY 2.0 as comfortably as I wear the Icicles #14 plug. But the base on the NJOY eventually begins to hurt. I'd like the weight of the NJOY over the somewhat lighter glass plug. But NOTHING has provided the sheer comfort of the Icicles. Men have written, worried about the ring base, worried that they can't sit down on it, and even some worried about glass breaking.

Now This Looks Fun!
I can't absolutely alleviate the fear of having the glass break. It's pretty strong glass, but as one of my posts related, the glass plug shatters into a million pieces if you drop it onto tile. So don't drop it. Anyway, as far as sitting down on this plug, it doesn't hurt. I can feel it right now but just barely. I clinch and I know it's there. I stand up and I can feel the sphincter and the anal opening getting massaged, but it's all good.

When I remove the plug for a BM or cleanup, I like being able to stick my fingers in my hole and feel how nice and slick it is, smooth where the plug has been, eager for its return. So ten thousand hours...guys I'm telling you...it's fun and satisfying, and it's a little naughty, and I never grow tired of it.

Totally hands free dildo-fuck orgasm. Watch this guy sling that cum!