Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Deep Pleasure of Weary Butt

What is Weary Butt? Why is it pleasurable?

I'll just bet this guy will get "weary butt"!
Anyone reading this blog will eventually discover that I virtually live with a plug in my ass 24/7/365 and have been doing so since late 2013. Over these past four years, I have only written about "weary butt" in context to times when being plugged sometimes makes my butt feel weary. You know the feeling...everyone is weary at times. But "weary butt" is caused by wearing a plug and working it inside your ass a little more than enthusiastically than usual, or maybe for some during a long session where you stretch your ass with bigger and bigger plugs, for the sheer pleasure of it and afterwards your butt feels worn out for a while.

Guys who read this blog will also know what it's like to fuck or masturbate over the course of a day a lot more than usual, and maybe having a very tired (but extremely good feeling) cock that continues to throb after fucking or masturbating several times in a few hours. This continual throbbing that is slow to subside can also occur inside the butt. I get it sometimes when I have to do aggressive enemas to get myself cleaned out. After that, when I ram the plug back in my ass, I have weary butt and can feel the muscles throbbing, slowly subsiding. The plug during these times feels more present and I cannot forget for even a moment that I've got my Icicles #14 in my ass.

I can also imagine (although I've never had one) that the steel plugs that weigh more than a pound inside the ass might eventually cause weary butt from the sheer weight, constantly sitting on the inside of the sphincter and trying to come out. It won't of course, because of the size of the head vs. the slender shaft, and the way the sphincter is always trying to close when not "in use."

In this post, I'd like to talk about why I finally not only got used to occasional weary butt but have learned to enjoy it a great deal. It's like edging the cock. You know the feeling if you edge for hours or even all night or all day. The cock gets so hot (feverish) and sensitive that when you touch it after a while, it feels like you're just on the verge of a cum explosion, and the end for many after edging is to finally give in to the urge to masturbate to completion. That's what weary butt is for me, these days, like I've been edging my ass and the sphincter is throbbing and the prostate is thoroughly massaged and I'm on the edge of a cum explosion. But with edging the butt, I just let the pleasure of the feeling continue until it subsides. I don't cum very often. I prefer to keep myself on edge, so that when I go out in public with my butt plugged, it's just a private feeling for myself.

Now, I'd also like to assert that getting to the point of weary butt and what you've been doing to the inside of the rectum is very healthy, because you've worked those muscles and the flesh in your ass so that there's plenty of health-giving blood flow throughout the entire region.

Here's a really hot plugging, ass-fucking, gape inducing session...

Friday, March 31, 2017

Revisiting WHY butt plugs cure hemorrhoids

Can a butt plug really cure hemorrhoids?


I was plagued with hemorrhoids after spending my entire adult working life sitting behind a desk. I also know from being told that truck drivers, for example, are prone to hemorrhoids, because they also do a lot of sitting. But after four years of living plugged 24/7/365, I haven't had a single hemmie.

If we had a tiny camera to show us what the anal opening (that scrunched up little pucker) is doing throughout the day, we would of course see that it opens and closes to allow turds to pass out of our bodies (or cocks to slide in), but more importantly, we would see that simply walking is going to cause that anal opening area to move and scrunch, and we also have muscles that we can contract that also cause some movement on the sphincter. Sitting all day would just cause that area to be scrunched up with no healthy movement. But another important point is to look closely at the anus opening on the left. See all that wrinkled skin? If you don't clean yourself thoroughly every day and during the day, guess what? It's going to collect waste matter, allow a perfect environment for bacteria and that will just exacerbate the problem.

The classic butt plug is so-called because of
its shape.
Some of my readers follow this blog looking for answers to their own hemorrhoids, and I thought their questions were important. First, I don't think it's necessary to be plugged 24/7/365. That's just my own delicious fetish. I remember that even when I tried my first plug over 20 years ago, the first thing I ever thought about was keeping the plug in my ass, because it felt so good.

And I tried, oh how I tried, but back then plugs were just these rubber things that look like the "classic" plug. I soon discovered I could easily sleep in this first plug, but I couldn't wear it for long once I was up and moving around. The problem was always the base. It was a rounded  thing like a stopper against my anal opening and no matter how soft the base was or how thick or how thin, it eventually dug into my anal opening skin between my butt cheeks. And eventually I just gave up using a butt plug at all. That was until 2013 when I eventually bought the icicles (after trying the modern classic and other plugs). My ass with the Icicles inserted is in the upper righthand corner of this blog post. That's my ass and it's sporting what I call the donut-shaped ring base that fits between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. It's fairly thick, smooth glass and it NEVER hurts.

Not only that, but the top of the ring (attached to the shaft) slips into the anal opening a little when I'm sitting and comes out a little when I stand, so it provides some massaging of the anal opening. But the glass plug has a shaft that's about 1.5 inches long, is about 3/4 inches in diameter and even when I'm sitting it holds the sphincter open, as the sphincter tries to close, and walking causes all kinds of cool movement. Thus the anal opening and sphincter are constantly being massaged. That is the key to reversing the effects of the hemorrhoids...blood flow, movement, massage, all done with such a smooth object there's never any discomfort. The Icicles is curved as well, I stick it in my butt with the curved head away from my prostate. Otherwise, I'd be getting a prostate massage all day long and that can be a bit uncomfortable after a while.

Because the butt plug works on the sphincter and the anal opening throughout the day the massage effect does wonders for eventually bringing the anal opening back to health, as if you're leading an active life and not a sedentary one. Of course, I am meticulous about enemas and cleanliness, as well. And, I have to say, if I have a bout of the runs or have eaten food that wants to go through me faster than normal, I have no qualms about going without my plug for the duration. Diet plays an important part too in keeping me regular. No lettuce for me. I make up for my greens with other vegetables. I also eat a high fiber diet, which helps to bulk up the waste and elimination is clean. And even though we call it a butt PLUG, it won't plug the hole and things can get messy.

Here's a simple video of a man inserting a butt plug...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anal Stretching and Ruined Holes

While this is not for me, I enjoy looking at impossibly large butt plugs in guys' holes...

The rush of feeling on the sphincter must be intense!

I like to use my Icicles Glass plug absolutely dry (it'll get moist inside the rectum, anyway, but it won't be lubed at all), which means I get extreme intense feeling of the sphincter, putting a kind of stress on it that maybe stretching does, a kind of hurts so good kind of feeling that makes me want to sit down on hard surfaces and rock back and forth to get that sphincter action. It's the kind of feeling that for the first couple of hours, the dry-plug effect doesn't go away and keeps me gently hard, and all I have to do to re-ignite the horniness is just pay attention to how it feels. I can currently feel my anal opening and the sphincter kind of throbbing, feel my cock engorging with blood, and a simple contraction of my ass muscles ties the two feelings together, with a surge of feeling all down in that area.

I also currently have my cock and balls hanging out of my pants, just covered with  the shirttails, and I can walk outside near the sidewalk of my house and know that just a puff of wind might reveal my cock to anyone passing by. No...I'm not brave enough to take a walk down the street with my cock showing, at least not during the day. But also being plugged adds to the thrill. The precum builds up under my foreskin, and of course I don't let that go to waste. I just dip my finger into my foreskin and get the precum on my finger. I like to suck on it or wipe it on my lips.

But I digress. Anal stretching and ruined holes. I like to see them. I've featured one guy's ruined ass on this blog in the past, so a good thumb through of this blog site archives will reveal him. You will have no doubt when you see his ass, opened and gaping so clearly that you could fist him and not even touch the sides of his anus.

And here is a simple act of anal masturbation with a rod and bumps that got me so hard I nearly gave in to beating my meat, but I didn't want to go that far. I wanted it to last:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm Back and Still Plugged

After Four Years of living plugged...

I can still say that I need that plug in my ass all day, all night, 24/7/365.

Cute Kid, nice big butt, love the look of that
plug jammed in there, too.
I apologize for my long hiatus from posting in this blog. As I indicated in my last blog in July 2016, I moved halfway across the country, and it has taken me this long to get settled, to meet new friends, acclimate myself to an entirely different cuisine than my body was used to and I have to say that staying regular is the key to staying plugged. Otherwise there can be nasty and quite embarrassing public crises.

Those of you who have followed me in the past might want to know how I have managed to keep up the enthusiasm for living plugged. After all, it makes sense that like a hot bath, once you've sat in it for awhile, you get used to the heat, and then the heat slowly cools. And that is exactly what has happened to staying plugged. I got used to it and haven't discovered any new angles to write about. It's just there in my ass, so I really haven't had anything new to add to such a post as this. I'm as used to having a plug in my ass as I am to having a cock. And you know that you never get tired of your cock. I still haven't found the very best enema equipment, and of course ideally it would be some sort of hook-up in the shower, where you could slowly push a long flexible hose past the sigmoid colon and on into the small intestine and keep the warm water flowing the deeper you go (never soapy—you don't want to kill the good bacteria). There's an excellent adult toy shop near me, and I have visited a few times, and I finally got around to buying a large plug. But try as I might, I've never been able to get that sucker in, and so I've stuck with my glass plug.

Nice, clean, hairless, naked ass with just that simple
ring announcing what's in his ass. Nice shot to include the
cock ring. But I also like an ass with curly-hair, right up
to the opening.
Nor have I bought an NJOY Pure Plug 2.0. Now that would fit, but I still don't think I could keep it in without discomfort, but only because of the base oval, with the rather sharp edge that digs into the skin of my butt cheeks. I was hoping, and still do that NJOY would eventually improve on that one niggling problem. To me, though, the way the NJOY looks in a man's ass is just about the sexiest look I can think of. You know what he's got stuck in his ass by the simple, clean ring on the outside. And from what I've read the NJOY 2.0 is a pound of steel, so you know what kind of thrill he's getting having that thing inside, the weight, the fullness, and almost zero chance that it's going to come out accidentally because of the very narrow shaft.

I'm glad to see that in my absence from posting that the blog still gets dozens of hits a day.

Here's a hairy-ass with steel plug play: