Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anal Stretching and Ruined Holes

While this is not for me, I enjoy looking at impossibly large butt plugs in guys' holes...

The rush of feeling on the sphincter must be intense!

I like to use my Icicles Glass plug absolutely dry (it'll get moist inside the rectum, anyway, but it won't be lubed at all), which means I get extreme intense feeling of the sphincter, putting a kind of stress on it that maybe stretching does, a kind of hurts so good kind of feeling that makes me want to sit down on hard surfaces and rock back and forth to get that sphincter action. It's the kind of feeling that for the first couple of hours, the dry-plug effect doesn't go away and keeps me gently hard, and all I have to do to re-ignite the horniness is just pay attention to how it feels. I can currently feel my anal opening and the sphincter kind of throbbing, feel my cock engorging with blood, and a simple contraction of my ass muscles ties the two feelings together, with a surge of feeling all down in that area.

I also currently have my cock and balls hanging out of my pants, just covered with  the shirttails, and I can walk outside near the sidewalk of my house and know that just a puff of wind might reveal my cock to anyone passing by. No...I'm not brave enough to take a walk down the street with my cock showing, at least not during the day. But also being plugged adds to the thrill. The precum builds up under my foreskin, and of course I don't let that go to waste. I just dip my finger into my foreskin and get the precum on my finger. I like to suck on it or wipe it on my lips.

But I digress. Anal stretching and ruined holes. I like to see them. I've featured one guy's ruined ass on this blog in the past, so a good thumb through of this blog site archives will reveal him. You will have no doubt when you see his ass, opened and gaping so clearly that you could fist him and not even touch the sides of his anus.

And here is a simple act of anal masturbation with a rod and bumps that got me so hard I nearly gave in to beating my meat, but I didn't want to go that far. I wanted it to last:

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