Monday, January 6, 2014

Non-stop Butt Plugging: Kicking it up a Notch

The Secret Thrill of Butt Plugging is in the Shaft

Readers who have kept up with this blog know that I've occasionally talked about wanting to go just a bit bigger, and after ten months wearing the Prisms Devi Glass Plug every day, every night, I've kicked the size of the new glass plug up a notch. The Icicles # 14 glass plug is shaped just like the Devi, but there's one difference: the shaft is a full inch in diameter, whereas the Devi shaft is between a half-inch and 3/4 inches. The egg on both are about the same size, and the donut ring base on each is about the same size. Over this same ten-month period, I have always been thrilled with the sensations that shoot through the sphincter. But kicking the shaft diameter up almost half an inch bigger has done two things: I can feel the sphincters stay stretched out more as I wear it, and the intensity is slightly greater. I've only been wearing this plug since mid morning. It's now mid afternoon, and I have never forgotten I'm wearing this plug. Oddly, it removes just a bit easier, because the differential between the plug and the shaft is not as great on the Icicles # 14 as it is on the Devi, so when I pull the Icicles plug out, there's not quite as much resistance as the sphincter gives way to let the head of the plug come out.

Still, once in place, this plug is not going anywhere, either. I don't consider myself an experienced butt plug user, and as I've also said several times, I'm pretty vanilla. I'm not into ruining my hole nor into accommodating something the size of an eggplant, nor the depth of a baseball bat, and yet because I live plugged morning, noon, and night, I want something that reminds me its there. At least for today, the Icicles #14 fits the bill. the continuous action on the sphincter is the key to enjoying being plugged. You really can't feel the bulb of the plug inside, other than perhaps the fullness that it brings to the rectum. In fact, I can easily fart around the plug, so there's no bloated feeling most of the time, but when there is and farting is not enough to relieve the pressure, chances are it's time for a BM and a shallow enema.

I occasionally look in on forums where straight guys (usually) admit to liking anal play, and so I would like to invite some of those guys to let me know if they've ever thought about staying plugged. I know of a few gay and straight guys alike who are into this aspect of butt plugging. It seems to me that there's nothing you have to give up to enjoy this addictive obsession. If you're gay and a bottom, you can just pop the plug out when you're getting fucked. If you're straight or gay and you're a top, you can keep that plug in and shoot across the room or knock holes in your boyfriend's rectum or your girlfriends vagina or butt.

I rarely masturbate to full ejaculation. Staying plugged is kind of like edging 24 hours a day. I'm hard as I write this; but I can go soft for awhile and go rigid again just by getting up from my chair and taking a short walk. With the bigger shaft there's just more there, there. I'll see how it is to sleep in this baby tonight.

This one takes awhile to get to the good naked, butt-plugged bicycle ride, but it’s worth it.