Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Butt Plug is My Pacifier

Addicted to My Pacifier

On a post on a forum somewhere a guy said that his butt plug was like a pacifier, and I agree. It sounds almost infantile to admit it. I see babies who keep their pacifiers in their mouths all the time, and every once in awhile they suck on them, but they're usually content for the pacifier to just be there. To me, that's how having my butt plug in almost constantly 24/7 is to me. Sometimes I clinch and wiggle and work my kegals, just for the added feelings that delight my ass. But there are other times that I'm just content to have the plug inside just sitting there.

It keeps me in a sensuous haze throughout the day. I mourn having to remove it and leave it out until my body cleanses, on days when I'm irregular. And when I finally get to put my plug back in, I feel content. So my plug is my pacifier. I think I'm in a better mood when I'm plugged, and sometimes I just sit back and sigh with pleasure. To me that's what living plugged is all about. It's not just a temporary masturbation tool. It's a lifestyle choice.

I've also been hesitant to invest in new plugs, now that I've found one that is so comfortable. A two-inch diameter plug is not considered a beginner size, and when I first got my Devi Glass Plug, I thought it was a monster. Well I certainly can't go back to a smaller size. The shaft on this one is almost 3/4 inches in diameter. I also don't think a plug made out of a different material, except maybe for steel, would work for me anymore. I bought a Mood Naughty a few months ago and wore it for a short time only once. I was appalled at the odor, and I suspect that is a problem with most silicone and similarly based materials. With my glass plug, there simply is no odor, and cleaning it is a simple matter of using soap and water. I also like to sometimes set my plug in ice water before re-inserting it. It feels cold and slick as it goes in, quickly warming to my body temperature. But for that first few moments, the cold lends a sensual kick to plugging.

I will eventually try the NJOY 2.0, but it would mainly be for the weight. I'm still not too thrilled about the oval base with sharp edges. Time and again, other guys have said that it remains comfortable to them when they're plugged long term. Unfortunately that is not the case for me. Still...a pound of metal in my butt would certainly feel different and more definite. And if a glass plug that's at least 2.5 inches in diameter came along, with a 1.5 inch shaft, I would give it a try; but really, I want it to have the shape and base of the Devi.

Nice butt plug...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Male Bonding through Anal Play, Part II

Male Bonding, Part II

This is a short blog post. This is an update of my male bonding through anal play entry. Readers haven't disagreed with the idea that gay and straight men who are into anal play could bond with each other. That is not to say that the straight men would have to "go gay" to bond with a gay partner. But they can sure help each other out, as they do in this video.

My theory? It's probably not worth much, but the unseen man is helping the straight guy with a butt plug, and it looks to me like they're both enjoying the experience. Perhaps it takes a straight guy who is confident of his own sexuality to do this, but hey...makes me hard watching it. And I'll just bet a lot of straight men will enjoy this vid, as well. I also like to note that the plug is left alone and is not used like a dildo. There's an important distinction to be made in their use.

Stuffing his ass with a butt plug powered by YouPorn.