Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living Plugged a Journey Update

Plugged Four Months...

On April 15, 2013, Tax Day in the U.S. when our federal and state taxes were due, I received my  Prisms Devi Glass Plug. The most significant event that day was receiving the glass plug. Two inches in diameter at the widest point with that magic glass ring base has made all the difference. In December of 2012, I bought my first butt plug in several years and tried it out. The results were mixed. It was a 1.5 inch diameter silicone plug and, while it did provide some good feelings, going out in public for the first time and being plugged for about two hours was basically an uncomfortable disaster. So while I began plugging again 8 months ago, my living plugged journey really began in April of this year. The goal? Staying plugged 24/7/365. The reality? Staying plugged almost continually now for four months with only a few days scattered over the last 120 when I just couldn't handle being plugged—always because of my bad eating habits.

So part of my journey has been training myself to eat foods that bind me rather than cause the old green-apple quickstep. I've also experienced times when I'm just plain butt weary. That's my term for what it feels like to plug my butt after multiple enemas in an attempt to get that rectum cleaned out. I discovered that you can overdo the enemas and it causes what I describe as "weary butt." While the plug feels fine in my ass, my butt is a bit overstimulated. During the last 120 days I've learned to ride out that weary butt sensation, until finally all is comfortable and pleasurable.

The longest I went officially plugged 24/7 was a period of twenty days; then on day twenty-one, disaster struck. I went through a period that 21st day, when I just could not stop shitting, so all the enemas accomplished was to give me my first weary butt.Thereafter, I've had to recalibrate the fantasy to the reality, and if I have to go a day here or there without my plug, that's just the reality. But my goal is to live plugged, and I believe that I do.

Some readers might wonder if staying plugged all the time somehow diminishes the thrill of being plugged. For me, it doesn't. I can understand if men only want to be plugged while they have sex or masturbate, as an added boost to the sensations, and then pull the plug so to speak and go about the rest of their day. That's how I used to view using a butt plug. But I can tell you that after four months of living plugged, I need to feel that constant stimulation of the sphincter. It's wonderful to be in a grocery store and pushing the cart and start clinching and feeling the sphincter tighten around that shaft, or to be lying in bed drifting off to sleep and, instead of counting sheep, count kegals.

Over time, I've developed a routine of between five and ten reps of ten clinches each, which I count and hold slowly, beginning with a ten-clinch countdown, each clinch deepening until I feel my cock surge, and then I release. On "ten" I hold the clinch for about ten seconds and then release and begin the second rep of ten. What I've noticed is that the release is slow, almost as if my body has taken over from me and determines how long it will hold the muscles taut. Guys, it's like coming. You know what it feels like when your cock just sort of jerks on its on and you're just along for the ride. That's what my muscles do almost on their own after fifty or a hundred clinches. I make each one deep and hard, and I can guarantee that when you get to fifty, your cock is a foot long and hard as a rock.

And that's just what I do when I'm getting ready to fall asleep. Over these four months I have only jacked off a handful of times and NEVER removed the plug after I'm finished. I haven't run or ridden a bicycle yet, but I have been out in public many times, to the movies,  shopping, going to parties, out to dinner, and each time enjoying the secret of being plugged. Over these past few months, as well, I've begun to really study guys' butts, looking for telltale signs (or prints) of a plug on their jeans. Alas, nothing yet, but I do know that in this town of a hundred thousand people, the local adult novelty store has a wide array of butt plugs, so somebody besides me has to be plugging. The clerks are all helpful and enthusiastic when I go in there just to visit (plugged of course) and get them to show me plugs and lube and talk about sex. I can tell by the way one clerk showed me his favorite lube that he's a plugger. It was almost with reverence that he got the lube on his finger—just a drop—and said I wouldn't need more than that.

So, today, four months and a few days after receiving my Devi glass plug and being plugged continually, I am inspired to continue. Nothing had diminished the feelings I get from feeling my plug inside. I am inspired, too, when I read stories, like the one about the 98-year-old grandfather, who had to ask his granddaughter for help when his glass plug broke. He was embarrassed to ask her to find him a replacement. His story is that he began using a doctor supplied plug back in 1957—fifty-five years ago!—and said that he needed it to help him with bowel movements. It must have been traumatic for him to think of going without his plug, after having used it for over half a century! And I have to think that this man must have enjoyed the feelings of being plugged to have done it so long. Is this story real? I tend to think that it is. I do know that plugs were first invented to help cure hemorrhoids, deal with incontinence, and even prevent wasting sperm—I know, these uses sound ludicrous. But medicine has been ludicrous throughout human history. Thank goodness, though, that someone invented the butt plug.

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