Monday, June 27, 2016

I Moved Halfway Across the Country

I stayed unplugged, until now...

Because I was under a lot of stress, packing, moving, unpacking, and getting used to a different kind of food that I'm used to, I had to stay unplugged. It is obvious that the body states can interfere with the pleasure of plugging, and a different kind of food can make a difference. So, rather than fighting it, I just stayed unplugged. In fact, the stress was so high that I only masturbated once, and that was at night on my front porch. I was naked, except for a t-shirt, and it was time to mark my territory in my new house. I've masturbated on every new car I've ever bought as well, a kind of claiming it as mine.

But since that masturbation, I have been remarkably un-horny. But this morning, a little over a month to the day that I moved in, my body said it was time to re-plug. I was a bit hesitant, but after an enema that didn't produce much, I barely lubed my ass opening and plugged dry. I allowed for the anal shrinkage that had occurred over the past month, and I took it slowly. There was very little pain, and once the plug popped past my sphincter, I drove my plug home where it belongs.

It feels great to be plugged again. I'm getting hard. I have opportunities in my new home to stay naked, as well as to be naked in my back yard without much fear of the neighbors seeing me. I now live in a lush, green environment, and my back yard is very private. Now that I'm plugged, I can wander around in my yard with my cock out of my pants and play with my dick and masturbate if I want, which I will.

This is a short post. It's just to celebrate my return to living plugged. I hope everyone has missed my posts!

Huge plug in man’s ass:

92mm Plug

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Butt Plug in Public, Reprise

Public Butt Plugging is the Most Popular Topic

After almost a half-million hits on this blog, it is evident that most of you are interested in and often like to wear a butt plug in public. Living plugged means that I do it in public every day when I'm out and about town. Sometimes I don't even think about what I'm doing. It just is, but I don't quite ever forget that I'm wearing a plug, and I like to look around at all the people, men and women, and wonder who else just might be wearing a plug. From what I gather from the porn sites I visit with the search tag butt plug, it seems that women, more than men wear butt plugs. And this is also born out in the fact that women use sex toys almost twice as much as men do.

But I've been vindicated time and again on this blog to meet men who love to plug, play with their asses, and quite a few straight men can freely enjoy anal stimulation, as much as gay men do. In fact, some of the wildest anal pluggers who get deeply involved in extreme plugging and anal play are straight men. Good for you!

But, back to public plugging. Most times, it's a little private secret that pluggers have about the fact that they're out and about with a plug firmly embedded in their butts. It's a secret thrill, and maybe that's part of the overall thrill of doing it. It is for me. I've been traveling frequently for the past year, and I can tell you when I stop for gas off the Interstate and go into a busy travel center, I'm super aware of my plug, and it gives me a thrill to feel the plug as I navigate through the men's restroom, stand at the urinal next to some guy and take a piss, as he is doing and toward the end, clinch my ass to feel the plug, or to be seated in a truck stop coffee shop, clinching my butt plug, deep, and watch the asses of the guys as they walk by...are they plugged? I like to think that some of them are.

What'cha think? Southern Good Ole Boy?
I've been traveling to the deep South in the last few months, and it's fun to see that even there they have roadside adult stores. In fact, I think I read that the South is one of the largest consumers of gay porn of all the states. So even in a state, where you might think that there's a great deal of religious suppression, it's not enough to deter many people from sex toys.

So yeah, even traveling long hours by car, I live plugged, and get a thrill each time I stop for gas and mingle among the travelers, sit in a restaurant and feel my lovely plug, tight in my ass, and even when I'm travel weary, I enjoy the interaction with the clerk at the motel I stop at for the night, bone weary though I may be, I enjoy feeling my plug, now hot from my body heat.

Traveling for hours, I can also tell you that the plug gets kind of road weary and grungy (though not with fecal matter), just being in my ass in the same position for so many miles. I enjoy pulling it out in the motel room and running my fingers around inside my ass, because it is so gaping and accessible. And I enjoy giving the glass plug a nice hot bath with soapy water, cleaning up my rectum with a good flush enema, then kissing the plug and putting it back in my ass where it belongs as I lie in the strange bed for that night and fall asleep.

Being plugged in public all the time has moments when I might be talking to someone and suddenly realize I'm plugged, grin inwardly, and keep on talking. I've been to the doctor plugged, hair salon, grocery store, the theater, restaurants, parties, barbecues. I sit on hard surfaces, soft surfaces, lean against the walls with my plug, and in each instance the sensations are different.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On the Road Again!

Took another trip plugged...

I wouldn't be revisiting this subject, if it wasn't for the progress I made on this second 1200 mile trip plugged. I don't remember if I talked about the weary butt I got traveling butt plugged on the first trip, where things became a bit uncomfortable after a few hours on the road, so that I had to stop, walk around, or actually go into a restroom and do a little massaging on my anal opening. Driving plugged for 800 miles did tend to cause discomfort after a long while.

On this second trip, I experienced a lot less discomfort, and it might have been that I was more aware of getting in a good enema before I left and then watched what I ate, as well as keeping the plug moist with aloe, more than I normally would have, since I love the dry plugging sensation.

And after I arrived at my destination on the afternoon of the second day of travel, and through the six days I was there, I was able to stay plugged. On the last trip I had to take a break from plugging, since my digestive system simply did not cooperate. Again, I watched what I ate a lot more on this second trip. Duh...of course keeping the digestive tract free of digesting food is the key. And the kinds of foods that are digesting is also paramount. Stay a little constipated, then flush it out the next time you do an enema.

I also noticed, after driving for about 300 miles before using a restroom and removing the plug for clean up and re-insertion, the plug (but especially the wide shaft) caused me to gape a lot more than it does at home, where I get up and walk around a lot more. Sitting in the same position in the car with my foot on the gas, and sinking into the seat at a certain position, must cause the bulb on the plug and the shaft to sit at such an angle that it stretches the sphincter open. For example, when I stopped for gas and used the restroom to check, after I pulled the plug out, I was gaping about three finger widths. Well, maybe "gaping" is not correct, because the sphincter was closed, but when I moistened the ass with a little aloe and played with my ass, while sitting on the toilet, I was loose enough to easily slide three fingers into the anal opening.

Another effect is that the inside of my rectum was a lot softer, and when I pushed the plug back into place there was a decidedly more intense feeling, as the flesh closed around the bulb and the sphincter closed around the shaft. Gave me a hardon as I walked back out into the store area of the truck stop, freshly re-plugged and ready to get back on the road.

Further...the return trip and another 1200 miles was the best ever. I simply did not need to remove the plug anywhere along the drive, and by the time I walked into my home after eight hours that day, I did not remove the plug. I didn't remove it until the next day, so I must have gone 24 hours plugged without the usual 5-10 minute break to clean and maintain the plug.

Here's a video I just discovered. This guy takes the longest dildo I have ever seen, and it makes you wonder where on earth it goes inside his body!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Migrating butt plug

Warning: Don't try this unless you take precautions

I have a glass butt plug with a ring base (donut shaped) for easy gripping when I want to remove it, and the base is right at two-inches in diameter, so there's rarely a chance that it will slip inside my rectum. It's safe to say that all plugs are designed with a wide base precisely for that reason—to keep the plug from slipping inside the rectum.

A few times at night before I have fallen asleep, I have enjoyed pushing the ring base past the sphincter, deliberately, so that I get the entire plug inside my rectum, but I usually get up soon thereafter and squat on the toilet to expel it past the sphincter. It's a pleasurable sensation to push the base into the rectum, but it is also very very dangerous. I have always been able to retrieve it, because I didn't leave it in there too long, and even if it slipped a little deeper, I could get my finger through the base and pull it out.

But last night, I decided to see just how far the plug would travel inside my rectum if I didn't take it out, but here's the important detail on this experiment: I secured a string about 10 inches long to the ring base, and even though the whole plug, including the base, was past my sphincter, I left the string outside my body.

During that time, I really enjoyed feeling the whole plug inside, I rolled over, sat up, walked around, lay on my stomach, and after a bit of just lying there, I stuck my finger in my ass, and the ring base was not accessible. I knew I could pull the string and retrieve it, but I wasn't through experimenting.

And then I fell asleep for about three hours. When I awoke (with the whole plug still completely inside my rectum), I reached for the string. Before I went to sleep, there was ten inches of string outside my body, but when I located the string, I realized there was only two inches still outside my body. I had a raging harden, as well, because whatever the hard, glass plug was doing in my rectum, it was stimulating me while I slept. And it had been migrating deeper inside of me.

I stood up and gave a gentle tug on the string. There was absolutely no give, because the plug had migrated past the sigmoid sphincter (about 7 inches inside the rectum) and was lodged, probably at an angle as it entered the large intestine.

Nice to see a man squirm when he's plugged
I didn't panic. Instead I enjoyed the feeling. It's quite different than always having the sphincter stretched open and the base between my butt cheeks. It was a distinctly different sensation. I could barely feel the plug, except with I clinched strongly and all my muscles tightened around the plug.

So, the experiment showed that a plug will definitely migrate deeper into the body if it is not prevented from doing so by the base of the plug. This is how embarrassing trips to the emergency room occur.

To remove the plug, I had to be very gentle but firm, in pulling the plug back out with the string. I slowly inched the plug downward until it reached the rectum, and then I could control the expulsion by doing what you do when you're expelling waste. By the time it got close enough to stick my finger into the butt, I just removed it using the ring, instead of the string. And then I examined the glass plug. It was clean as a whistle. I gave myself an enema, just in case I might have pulled stuff down with the plug (the enema expulsion was just clear water) and after washing the plug to its clear, slick state, I reinserted it and let the base do its job, and slept for the rest of the night.

I won't be doing this again any time soon. While the sensations were interesting and it felt kind of neat to the have plug up in my ass about twelve inches (8 inches of string and 4 inches of plug), I prefer the feel of the shaft of the plug keeping my sphincter stretched open at about an inch in diameter and the head of the plug gently contacting my prostate. After all that is what plugs are for, that is for men. But now I know I could easily accommodate one of those long dongs.

A metal ball inserted without a net so to speak.

I strech my butt powered by XTube

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Long Can You Safely Wear a Butt Plug?

Long-Term Butt Plug Wear

I'm now in my fourth year wearing a butt plug every day and every night. I usually take it out only long enough for a BM, shower, and to relieve bloating. Then I insert it right back inside. Noting that my goal is not to be "permanently" plugged, where I NEVER remove it, as some wearers attempt, even doing their BMs through the plug opening, I would still say it is safe to wear a butt plug for at least 24 hours before removing it for a BM; and then it should be understood that you will put it right back in and go for another hours' long wear.

So the best answer to the question, "How long can you safely wear a butt plug?" is you can wear it forever without serious damage to your rectum, anal opening, sphincter, and in the case of men, to the prostate. However, you can seriously damage your ass and internal tissue if you force a plug inside, wear one that is simply too big, and of the wrong material.

Guys, I know that once you get in touch with your anal sexuality (even if you're straight), it's quite tempting to keep going bigger and deeper, because it really does feel good to be fucked in the ass, have your prostate massaged, and feel everything around your anal opening being stretched. But this is where you have to control your urge, once you begin enjoying anal sex to go to extremes. Some guys go to extremes, and I've shown videos on this blog where guys have flat-out stretched themselves so that they can drive a foot and leg up their asses. Although I refuse to be judgmental about this extreme sort of butt and anal play, it's not for me. So, you are the one to make your anal play safe. But you can wear a butt plug 24/7/365 and do no damage whatsoever.

After almost three years of doing this blog, I see that the most searched term in butt plugging is "wearing a butt plug in public." Like me, if you live plugged, it goes without saying that I wear a butt plug in public whenever I go out, whether it's to the movies, the grocery story, parties, the doctor, meetings, etc. I cannot imagine using a butt plug, however, that causes me pain, irritation, or damage by being in a situation where I have to keep wearing it because there's no place to put it when I'm out in public, if it's not in my ass. Alas, for my viewing pleasure, the vast majority of butt pluggers out in public are women. While that makes for nice viewing for straight men and lesbians, I've love to see vids of guys wearing their butt plugs in public. Of course, since we usually go out in public totally dressed, there could be more guys wearing plugs than one might think.

Anyway, I'm having a great day with my plug buried solid in my ass with no issues of discomfort. That's why I stick to my glass Icicles #14. Not even the base irritates in any way.

Anal Stretching 1 powered by XTube

Monday, March 7, 2016

Butt Plugging and the Dynamics of Being a Bottom

Bottoms Control the Action

Although it has been traditional to assume that a male sexual bottom is the passive partner in man on man fucking, let's take another look.

I know this post might not be appropriate for my straight male readers who like to plug their butts, use dildos and have their GFs peg them, but you might be interested to see why a male sexual bottom controls the action when two men are fucking.

Prostate milking with metal dildo:

milking my cock with a big metal dildo pressing my prostate

First, think of what the top is doing. He is using his cock in the ass of his male partner. It could even be that he assumes the missionary top position, or dog style. Each position is one of power over the passive partner. But there's a bit of a fallacy here. All the top is doing is moving his cock in and out of the man's anus. His pleasure is derived from the feel of his cock inside the man's ass, increasing his rhythm until he ejaculates.

Now, think of what the bottom is doing. Is he simply taking the cock in his ass and just lying there? Is he simply accepting the man's cock in the doggy position, and letting the top do all the work? Get all the pleasure?

In fact, the bottom is more active than the top. He controls his kegals so that his sphincter closes and opens to the cock. With really tight control, the bottom can cause the top to have to push harder to get his cock inside, or he can open his sphincter and let the bottom jam his cock as far as its length will allow. And once the top's cock is inside the anus, the bottom can milk the cock in kegal action. When the bottom is on top of the man, he can also rock and rise and fall on the top's cock giving himself more pleasure than the top is getting, because the bottom is getting his prostate massaged, and the top is not.

I prefer the bottom role, although my partner and I do not engage in anal sex, so it's more of what I used to do. However, where living plugged comes in is that over the last three years of living plugged, I have strengthened my anal muscles to a degree that I never have until now. Last night before going to sleep, I clamped my sphincter down on the shaft of the Icicles #14, which has a one-inch diameter shaft. And I held that position for one minute at a time, keeping the squeeze on, then releasing. Over time, all the feeling transferred to my cock, because at the same time that I was squeezing my sphincter around the shaft of the plug, my prostate was getting massaged. My entire anal area inside and out was exploding with feeling. Living plugged 24/7 means that I can do this off and on during the day and night, and it's invisible to anyone around me. I can do this walking, sitting, lying down.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Three Years Living Plugged

24/7/365 x 3 with a Butt Plug in My Ass

This is a combo cock ring and buttplug ball.
I love the way the plug is completely hidden.
Living plugged and being permanently plugged are two different things. So, even though I claim to be living plugged 24/7/365 and celebrating the completion of my third year tomorrow, those of you who have kept up with this blog know that I haven't been literally plugged without breaks. It's virtually impossible due to various body states each of us is prone to, not only over time but over the course of a single day.

Most days, I can go from my morning bathroom routine until just before I get ready for bed some 14 hours later without having to remove the plug, either to do a minor cleanup and release gas from slight bloating (I can easily fart around the plug most of the time) or to have a BM and do an enema before replugging.

Some days I have to remove and reinsert the plug every few hours, because on those days my bodily state is not as static as on other days. Some days I eat the wrong foods or too much food and it throws off my system more than usual.

I figure this one is too large to use for
more than a good hour or two.
In rare instances, I might go through 48 hours when I simply cannot stay plugged. This is never due to discomfort with the plug but more at the mercy of my digestive system.

So for all practical purposes I live plugged 24 hours a day, but if I were to keep meticulous records of clean-up times, enemas, digestive issues, etc. I'd think I'm only plugged 95 percent of the time. And on two occasions (within the last three years) I reluctantly stayed unplugged  about a week each time. When I was able to plug again, it was always a relief to get my plug back where it belonged.

Nice ring base
One might also think that the thrill of living plugged would have diminished over the three years that I've been plugged. It hasn't. As I've said numerous times in this blog, there's something comforting, psychologically powerful about always feeling the plug inside, and when I clinch my sphincter I always get a thrill from the explosion of impulses that comes from the sphincter trying to close around the 1-inch diameter shaft. I also know (but can't readily feel) the head of the plug is inside my rectum, other than there's a full feeling that I like and that is not at all like an imminent bowel movement for waste expulsion. For the uninitiated to assume that having a plug in your ass is akin to the feeling of having to take a is not.

Many of you out there know what it feels like to live plugged, and I'm glad that you've written to tell me about it; others of you know the thrill of being plugged in public...kind of like taking a risk without the benefit of a safety net—a private place to unplug if it becomes necessary. I've come close a few times of having a real disaster on my hands, but as I said in my last post, I take clean up supplies with me. And most of you who like to use a plug for a few hours at a time understand the urge that I have turned into a lifestyle choice. A limited number of you (as I've learned from reading other forums) don't understand this urge to stay plugged or even get much of a kick out of it. In a sense for those who are into anal play, plugs and dildoes serve similar purposes: to provide an added kick to bedroom sex with your partner, and once you cum, out comes the plug, the dildo, or the strap on. Play time over.

By living plugged, my playtime is never over. It's not that I have several orgasms throughout the day, nor that I am a sex addict. I'm hardly that. Most of my days are spent doing the usual  routines of working, playing, etc. My nights are spent sleeping. But I'm always on the verge of bliss, so deep and satisfying that plugging is almost a psycho-sexual-spiritual state.

I've seen dozens of questions in several forums about the long-term effects of using dildos, plugs, and other anal toys. I can categorically say that living with a hard plug in my ass and keeping my sphincter open about an inch for three years has simply not had bad side effects.

Fun to know he’s plugged the whole time. Driving, doing errands. Long but worth watching.

Public buttplug to run some errands powered by XTube

Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm not into Scatology

But I'm into my rectum

So encountering the "brown" stuff is inevitable, and while it's distasteful at times, it comes with the territory of living plugged. I'm not going to dwell on this topic, but my advice to any man (or woman) who wants to live plugged: you'll have to grin and bear it at times. Listen to your gut, literally. There are times when it is simply not advisable to insert your plug and expect to go out into public. In my case, when I've got discomfort and a bloated feeling, I know that if I persist in staying plugged, I'm inviting a crises, especially if I'm out in public and need to use (quickly) a public toilet.

I'll just bet this is a ball
trailer hitch. It really appeals
to me to see this, since I
grew up on a farm
First you have to be prepared that when you pull your plug out in the public toilet, your gut is going to release a flood know, and your plug is not going to be clean either. How are you going to deal with it. First of all, I always carry a paper towel in my pocket—necessary when public toilets have only those air dryers. Toilet paper is woefully inadequate when you have to clean a butt plug. If you're going to be able to reinsert it, you're going to have to be able to clean it with a wet towel, while you're in the stall, and I mean be able to clean it well. You can't just go out into the very public area and wash it in the sink!

Second, you'll have less of a chance to get your hands dirty in the process if you wear a plug with a ring base that you can grasp and pull the plug out with. Therefore, you're limited in the type of plug you can wear, to either metal (NJOY) or glass. There is a rubber plug with a ring base, but I've only seen it on occasion when I'm shopping online for sex toys. The other issue with silicon or rubber is that cleaning one of those smelly babies is much more difficult than metal or glass.

This is the plug before it is inserted
And this is the same after it is inserted
At any rate, that's for when you have a crises in public and you need to be able to clean up thoroughly without access to a sink and have to do all the clean up in the toilet stall.

Yesterday, I had to show up for jury duty, and I really wanted to be plugged for that. First, I wanted to foolishly/courageously test the metal detector business we had to pass through, and since I would be wearing clear glass in my ass, I figured I could pass through without beeping. But...alas, when I got up and had my morning BM it was minimal, and so I figured there was more to come and it would pressure on my rectum, so I stayed unplugged and went to court. I was glad I had not pushed the potential crises, because, sure enough, I had some discomfort. I was chosen as a juror and was able to sit through the long hours with short breaks and dispatch my duty, which ended late in the afternoon. Of course, as soon as I got home I put my plug back in my butt, where it has stayed overnight and into today.

As usual, I get to continuous feelings for living plugged (with glass). The first is that delicious full feeling in my rectum, which is different than just being full know. The second is the way the hard glass shaft keeps my sphincter forced open, so that when I clinch my ass muscles, I can feel it.

This is a long clip, but I like it because the guy is out in nature, totally naked, butt plugged, and you can tell he’s really getting into it. Watch to the end or skip a few. At one point, I know he’s shaking with pleasure.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Driving 1200 miles plugged

Butt Plugged for the Long Haul

I recently had a chance to take a long trip by car, alone, which gave me a chance to test the true comfort of driving over 1200 miles with my ass plugged. I had tried this once many years ago with a rubber plug, but the base of the plug dug into my anal opening and butt-cheek skin that after only about a hundred miles I had to remove it. But since I have been wearing a glass plug (Icicles # 14) and have lived plugged for just about three years, day and night, I felt I was ready for the long haul.

This is one of those plug, cock-ring combos. I've
never worn one, but one of these days, I
will—probably the metal one.
The day before my trip I ate very little, and the next morning when I got up (plugged of course) I did an especially thorough enema clean out, washing out my rectum until the water ran clear. By then, my rectum was clean enough, had I wanted, I could have stuck a hot dog in there and let it "cook" with my body heat, and I could have had a hotdog for the road! I just might try that one of these days. To make the test of comfort even more profound, I plugged dry. I've been plugging dry for over a year, but on the road, I just didn't know if this would work.

Anyway, once I was plugged, dressed, packed, and ready for the road I took off about 5 a.m. I've always enjoyed driving long distances, but this was very special, a kind of pairing my love of the road with my love of living plugged. The first one hundred, fifty miles were just pure heaven, but by the time I came to a little diner out in the middle of West Texas, I was growing sleepy and needed a cup of coffee and needed to work the stiffness out of my legs. So, I walked into the diner fully thrilled that I was plugged and feeling kind of prissy, I walked over to the row of swivel stools at the counter and sat down, feeling the plug sink into my ass a little deeper. It was also neat to be among hard-working, ordinary people on the road, but I was sure I was the only one with a plug in my ass.

What can I say? This is just sexy to watch!
This time, the glass plug, rather than a rubber one of years ago, was just still very comfortable. And what I've always liked about the Icicles #14, over even the NJOY pure plug made of metal is that the  shaft on the glass plug is about one-inch in  diameter and keeps my sphincter open, which adds to the intense feelings, I can tell you. So I got back on the road and just kept driving. I drove in 250-mile increments to get some pavement under my belt, and I stopped for gas before it was much under the half-full mark. I took a chance and ate a hamburger for lunch, gave myself a long break from the driving and walked around. By then, the plug was still very comfortable, but it would be a test once I had eaten, because of possible gas. That can be uncomfortable.

Later, as I finally approached my first night destination after about 800 miles and my first night on the road, I was feeling a little gassy, so once I had checked into my hotel room, I unplugged, did a shallow enema, and then replugged.

Love the Look.
In all, that first day of driving had proven that my choice of plugging dry, using the Icicles was a good one. The next day, before I arrived at my 1200-mile end-point, I did have to pull off the road a little more frequently, because by then, even the smooth glass ring between my butt cheeks caused slight irritation. Walking around and letting the plug slip out just slightly alleviated the irritation, and I was good to go. I think what happens when you sit for two solid days with a plug in your ass, while driving, is that even with the two-inch ring base, it tends to get driven deeper into the anal opening. I simply don't think that any other material, other than glass or metal would be as comfortable, and my ass is really not greedy! A two inch-wide bulb, faced away from the prostate is all I ever need or have needed this past three years to keep the thrill going. Even now, I'm hard as I write this with my ass plugged and my cock oozing precum.

Slinging that cum with dildo in ass:

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sorry for the Lapse in Posts!


After almost three years of living plugged, back in November and continuing on into December and January I had a difficult time staying plugged. Maybe it was all the rich foods that I ate over Thanksgiving (then leftovers) and Christmas (then leftovers) and New Years. In other words I produced a lot of shit, some of it going through me like shit through a goose, and I can tell you that it's difficult to stay plugged when that happens.

Sure, go ahead and target that ass like a torpedo! Looks fine!
So I went to bed without being plugged many nights and fought off and on during the day to wear a plug. It was the most unplugged time I have had in almost three years! But I've also lived with the idea that if I can't wear a plug, I can't, and I'm not going to get depressed about it.

The good news is, this empty time seems to now be over, and I'm nicely, comfortably, deeply plugged as I write this post.

Going without a plug a lot during the last three months has made me feel really horny, though, and I'll soon get back into looking into all those beautiful asses over the next few weeks and coming up with some good pics and vids.