Monday, March 7, 2016

Butt Plugging and the Dynamics of Being a Bottom

Bottoms Control the Action

Although it has been traditional to assume that a male sexual bottom is the passive partner in man on man fucking, let's take another look.

I know this post might not be appropriate for my straight male readers who like to plug their butts, use dildos and have their GFs peg them, but you might be interested to see why a male sexual bottom controls the action when two men are fucking.

Prostate milking with metal dildo:

milking my cock with a big metal dildo pressing my prostate

First, think of what the top is doing. He is using his cock in the ass of his male partner. It could even be that he assumes the missionary top position, or dog style. Each position is one of power over the passive partner. But there's a bit of a fallacy here. All the top is doing is moving his cock in and out of the man's anus. His pleasure is derived from the feel of his cock inside the man's ass, increasing his rhythm until he ejaculates.

Now, think of what the bottom is doing. Is he simply taking the cock in his ass and just lying there? Is he simply accepting the man's cock in the doggy position, and letting the top do all the work? Get all the pleasure?

In fact, the bottom is more active than the top. He controls his kegals so that his sphincter closes and opens to the cock. With really tight control, the bottom can cause the top to have to push harder to get his cock inside, or he can open his sphincter and let the bottom jam his cock as far as its length will allow. And once the top's cock is inside the anus, the bottom can milk the cock in kegal action. When the bottom is on top of the man, he can also rock and rise and fall on the top's cock giving himself more pleasure than the top is getting, because the bottom is getting his prostate massaged, and the top is not.

I prefer the bottom role, although my partner and I do not engage in anal sex, so it's more of what I used to do. However, where living plugged comes in is that over the last three years of living plugged, I have strengthened my anal muscles to a degree that I never have until now. Last night before going to sleep, I clamped my sphincter down on the shaft of the Icicles #14, which has a one-inch diameter shaft. And I held that position for one minute at a time, keeping the squeeze on, then releasing. Over time, all the feeling transferred to my cock, because at the same time that I was squeezing my sphincter around the shaft of the plug, my prostate was getting massaged. My entire anal area inside and out was exploding with feeling. Living plugged 24/7 means that I can do this off and on during the day and night, and it's invisible to anyone around me. I can do this walking, sitting, lying down.

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