Saturday, December 28, 2013

Butt Plugging Highlights for 2013

Butt Plugging Moments in a Year of Plugging My Butt

I bought my first butt plug in December 2012, after giving up plugging fifteen years before. Back then, I had finally tossed my last butt plug, because it was just not comfortable in the anal opening. And then, on a lark in December 2012, I bought a high-tech silicone plug and after few tries successfully got it back in. That was the beginning of what has now turned out to be a memorable year of butt plugging. These are the highlights of 2013.

My friend's MEO with the cork in place inside the plug.
December 2012: I successfully plug and immediately made the mistake of going out in public with it firmly in place. I had to go to return a rental car and then go pick up my own vehicle, which had been repaired following an accident. Standing in line at the car rental place, the plug felt fine, but after about an hour and now waiting at the repair shop, the plug was becoming a bit uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure that I could stand it much longer, but I had made the mistake of going out in public with it in. Once again, I learned that it was something about the material that mainly caused the irritation.

My Friend's MEO. I like his sexy hand on his ass!
January 2013: So my next purchase was the NJOY large stainless steel plug. It was pretty good, comfortable for much longer periods than the silicone plug, and I thought I had found nirvana. I was already trying to stay plugged all the time, but 24 hours was the limit, before that base of the plug began to irritate the anal opening. Most guys swear it's always comfortable.

February 2013: By this time although my hemorrhoids had mainly cleared up using the stainless steel plug, I was still battling the eventual irritation. So I bought the Neptune Blue glass plug. It was unique because the base was a donut that fit between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and I was able to stay plugged much of the time; but I still had to master the digestive issues that plagued me. The hemorrhoids were gone, and I was really, really enjoying going about 12 hours with a butt plug in, then 12 hours with it out. I still had not come up with the notion that I would try to stay plugged 24/7/365, but I was getting close. I spent most of my nights plugged, leaking precum and learning how to get enough sleep, without getting up in the middle of the night and masturbating. It was a lovely lesson to learn.

Although the guy is not wearing this right,
we can see that once it's properly installed,
the thrills and urges would be intense!
March 2013. By now, I was plugged most of the time, layed off masturbating so often, and thinking that I needed just a bit bigger plug. So the search was on, and by the end of March I had found one that was 2.0 inches in diameter, had the Neptune ring base, was angled like the NJOY, and had a shaft of 3/4 inches.

April 2013: After trying and failing to get that monster Devi plug into my ass, I finally gave it the extra shove it needed and it was in. By now, I definitely wanted to live plugged, and my first run of continual 24 hour plugging lasted 21 days, before I had to remove the plug and get over the first serious case of the runs! But the die was cast and after just a couple of days of clean out, the Devi went right back in.

May 2013: On my birthday, May 6, I wrote my first entry of my new blog, Living Plugged. I felt I had a lot to say, not only of my own search for the perfect butt plug (for me) but I wanted to encourage all men, gay and straight, fit and fat, young and old to explore their anal sexuality.

June 2013: I attended my first party while plugged. Of course I had been continually plugged since April, but this was the first time I was going to a party with little chance of plug maintenance should anything happen that I needed to unplug, clean up, and replug. There were well over a hundred people at this party, and the bathroom facilities were busy. There was also food, lots of it, lots of standing around talking to people, lots of sitting, and lots of milling about. I was in heaven. This was plugging Nirvana. I was secretly enjoying every twinge and surge my plug gave me, and I'm sure I had a slurpy smile on my face the whole time, you know the kind of goony look you get when you're slurping something fun and delicious, like cum?

July 2013: The Walmart disaster. I don't know why, but I should have paid more attention to my roiling gut before I went shopping at Walmart. I had probably eaten something that caused lots of gas and some unpleasant liquid. So it was in the bathroom in a stall where I pulled out my plug and had to do a lot of cleanup, with nowhere to casually wash off the plug. There was no lube to re-insert it, and so I had to carry that big lump in my pocket until I got home.

August thru December 2012. Over these months I learned some great enema techniques, diet essentials to slow down the digestion process, and the miracle of Imodium-AD, an antidiarrheal aid. And I can truthfully say that I have lived plugged the vast, vast majority of the time. I will consider April my first full year of living plugged. My beautiful Devi plug is in my ass right now. The sphincter is stretched around the shaft and the base is shoved up against my anal opening. I've got a semi-boner as I write this, and I repeat: ALL MEN SHOULD SHOVE PLUGS UP THEIR BUTTS AND LEAVE THEM THERE! You can go about your daily routines, fuck, suck, sleep, masturbate, and carry on. You'll just be sexually hazed the whole time.

Dildoing his way to an orgasm...

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I plan to keep my plug in my ass for the second year in a row.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Choose the Right Butt Plug for the Right Job

Choose a Butt Plug that Fits Your Needs...and Your Rump

We all know that choosing the right tool for the right job is essential, whether you're a mechanic, a carpenter, a film maker, or a computer programmer. But it is just as important that not all butts are the same, and choosing a butt plug that fits one man's ass might not be the right one for another man's ass. Our asses are as different as our cocks. And what we want from a butt plug is not the same, either. I prefer to just stay plugged, morning, noon, and night, so I don't want to go too large or too small. Another man might want to challenge himself and get the biggest plug ever made into his ass, and I understand where this urge comes from—once you discover the almost limitless joy of anal play.

Some men want to use a plug for a single sex session with his lover or a single JO session when the wife or boyfriend is gone for a few hours. In this case, you might consider several toys to add spice and variety as you go for that all important, mind-blowing climax. Some men will stick just about anything in their asses with the goal of stretching the anus, and some even eventually want to "ruin" their hole. I have no comment on just what it might be that you want from a plug or other device, but an NJOY 2.0 is not going to cause anal prolapse, nor is a giant silicone plug going to be good for long-term wear—that is if you're not seeking to be in pain for the duration.

Basically speaking there are three major materials that butt plugs are made of (don't confuse this with dildos): silicone, glass, and metal. But among these materials the sky is the limit on the shape. A good butt plug that won't shoot out of your ass when you sneeze or slip out when you walk or run has a wide flare just as it meets the shaft. The bases of the plugs also vary. Here are a few of the shapes of butt plugs, each having the three main parts: plug (bulb), shaft, and base:

Classic Butt Plug

Devi Glass Plug

Inflatable butt plug

MEO 24/7 Hollow Plug

NJOY 2.0 Stainless Steel Plug (weighs over a pound)

Billed as the World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
With the exception of the inflatable plug in the selection above, all of these plugs are suitable for going long term, and they are also all suitable (including the inflatable) for masturbation or fuck sessions. But latex and silicone have the disadvantage of requiring frequent lubing, and even though I personally think there's nothing sexier than seeing a large base (like the classic) clinging to the outside of a man's plugged ass, the large base can eventually become irritating. I haven't personally worn the "World's Most Comfortable Plug (the last picture in this list, but I suspect that the rubber shaft and the base would become uncomfortable after a few hours, which then leaves us with the Devi (glass) and the NJOY (stainless steel). Note the base of both of these items. They don't irritate nearly as much as bases that sit perpendicular to the anal opening. Butt...again each man's ass is different. In fact the shape of the plug bulb on all of these is different, and the rectum will certainly also determine the best shape for your ass.

The MEO is not the only hollow plug on the market, but I have a friend who prefers it to all others; but alas, I don't dare attempt to wear a hollow plug!

I will address the Aneros phenomenon in another blog as soon as I learn more about it. There's an entire website devoted to Aneros users, which you might enjoy. It's basically a anal toy design that users swear will provide hands free orgasms, so I would suggest that these devices are not meant to be worn long term.

This guy makes it look easy!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Study of Butt Plugging for the Long Term


No, I'm quite serious. Let's take a look at this nifty graphic of the male genital and sexual equipment, along with the all important rectum, where the butt plug will be installed:

The Male Genitalia and Sexual Equipment

For the purpose of installing a butt plug for long-term wear, what I like to call "living plugged," let's take a look at two points on this diagram. First, find the prostate gland. Note that it is just inside the rectum and sits above the penis complex. We know that the prostate can be accessed by a doctor's finger or a lover's finger and/or a device made for massaging it. Second, find the rectum. Shown here it is a "hollow" opening that runs all the way from the anus to the sigmoid colon. It's not really hollow of course, if you have ever pushed your fingers in there. You're met with a lot of warm flesh, but for our purposes, here, not that the rectum turns away (curves) along the back and up.

Now imagine a regular conical-shaped butt plug. If it is about four inches long, it will push its way into the rectum so that the rounded bottom of the cone will push against the prostate, but it will also push against the front wall of the rectum. Now consider the uniquely angled head of the NJOY and Devi Glass plug, or similar Icicles products.

First, imagine inserting the NJOY in with the angled head away from the prostate. Note that it will lie in the natural curvature of the rectum in a natural position. The oval base of the NJOY will be just outside the anus.

The same goes for the Devi Glass plug (or similar Icicles product). As is readily apparent the Devi plug can ben turned forward in the rectum so that the angled head directly massages the prostate or away from the prostate, so that it too fits into the natural curvature of the rectum. This latter positioning is what allows for living plugged. The Devi (in my opinion) is better for two reasons than the NJOY: the shaft and the ring base. The shaft of the Devi is about 3/4 inches wide and will give constant  sensations to the sphincter, exercising in gently in all positions, lying, sitting, standing, walking, etc. But at the same time 3/4 inches is not enough to over-stretch the anus. The second advantage, as I have said numerous times is the ring base. It has no sharp edges and slots between the butt cheeks to keep it nice and comfortable.

Of course, I am wearing my Devi as I sit here writing this blog entry. I feel just a gentle pressure on my anal opening where the top of the ring is pushing against it. The shaft is gently parting my sphincter, and I can feel it. If I clinch or twist on my chair...ahhhh. I get a twinge of delight. The head of the Devi is sitting away from my prostate and in the natural curve of the rectum, so it is all very comfortable, and at the same time, stimulating.

And that's it. Butt plugging for the long term. Now take a look at the diagram, again, and visualize the Devi installed in the rectum, away from the prostate. This is the long-term wear position.

About midway through this vid, the man uses a conical-shaped butt plug. Refer to the diagram to visualize how it will be massaging the prostate and well as stimulating the anus.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Butt Plugged—the First Year

A Year in the Life of a Dedicated Butt Plugger

NJOY 2.0
When I bought my first butt plug at the local adult toy store after having quit using them almost fifteen years earlier, I wasn't thinking of wearing a butt plug 365 days a year. And if I had given up on plugging after the purchase of the first butt plug, which was silicone and classically shaped because it irritate the anal opening to my ass, I wouldn't have made a lifestyle choice of living plugged.

I bought the first butt plug in December 2012. It took me a few tries to get it in. After some research, I discovered the NJOY stainless steel pure plug, and I chose the benign 1.5 inch diameter. This plug was a vast and thrilling change from the silicone plug, and I was amazed that I could go about twelve hours before the base began to irritate my anal opening (some men have no trouble with this at all). I once went twenty-four hours straight with the NJOY, but at the end of that time, I was in agony because of the base.

Devi Glass Plug
And so December became January and then February of 2013. I tried the Neptune blue glass plug, with approximately the same shape as the NJOY, except that the base was a circle and slots between the butt cheeks, rather than perpendicular to the shaft. Again, it was 1.5 inches in diameter, and sure enough, it was a beautiful experience. I was getting where I would go 12 hours plugged and 12 hours unplugged. Even though this was just about plugging nirvana, I wanted to try something just a little bigger, and so in April of 2013, I bought the Prisms Devi Glass Plug. It is two inches in diameter, has the same shape as the Neptune, including the ring base, but the shaft is bigger, and this was where I discovered the secret to living plugged. 

We all know that any feeling past the sphincter is blunted, because we don't have a lot of nerve endings in the rectum. About all we know is that something is in there when we're plugged. It is actually the shaft that is most stimulating, long lasting, and subjects us to a thrill a minute when plugged. Oh yeah, right, there is the prostate that can blow you away with feelings when massaged. But you can't live plugged if the prostate is continually massaged. Massaging the prostate is a great way to achieve an orgasm or enhance an orgasm, but I think most guys will agree that continual prostate massaging is just not possible or desirable.

A Dedicated Butt Plugged Friend Who Likes to Stay Plugged
So, in April of 2013 I discovered that I loved plugging so much and had read about long-term plugging, and discovered the buttplug lover blog, where the guy talked about it becoming a lifestyle to stay plugged, and I thought that was exactly what I wanted to do. I actually do have a rich and full life beyond living plugged, but I've never found another sexual kink so enjoyable to me as keeping a plug in my ass 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and now, eight months and counting. So thrilled was I with the prospect of living plugged that I wanted to share it with other guys, so I started this blog in May of 2013.

If I were summarize the health-giving aspects of living plugged, as well as the sexual haze that accompanies it, these would be the top of the list:

  • My hemorrhoids were cleared up after about a month of wearing the glass plugs and have stayed cleared up.
  • My anal opening is now smooth and clean.
  • I get the feeling of being gently fucked all day long.
  • I get bursts of feelings in my sphincter every time I move, sit, stand, walk, clinch, bend over, cough, or turn over in bed.
  • Standing in line at the grocery store is no longer boring, and going plugged in public is a secret little thrill all its own.
  • I can bring myself to instant hardness with a few long kegal clinches.
  • My sphincter is continually exercised without being stretched out of shape. I can still hold an enema easily without leaking, while I brush my teeth and otherwise get ready for my shower.
I get hard every time I write an entry in this blog, knowing that I'm sharing the love of plugging with other men who have discovered the joy of anal play.

Don't ask me why this guy uses latex gloves, but he sure looks sexy in the cock ring and plug...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Plugged for Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Butt Plug in Place

Yeah, I know, it seems a little wrong to attend a Thanksgiving dinner among friends, family, and loved ones while wearing a butt plug. But since I am virtually living plugged 24/7/365, I could hardly stand the idea to unplug for the four-hour-long get-together.

Of course, I had to think long and hard about going to the dinner without a safety net—what if I needed to have a BM on an emergency basis? After all, eating whole mounds of food is what one usually does at Thanksgiving. Should I take a ziplock baggy with lube in it, in case I had to unplug, clean up, and re-plug? These are the kinds of questions that those of you who want to be plugged at work must face. I wouldn't have the convenience and real privacy of my own bathroom. Nonetheless, I went plugged, without a safety net. It kind of added to the fun.

Every year, for the past fifteen years, my partner and I have gone to a family friend's for Thanksgiving. We usually arrive at 3:30 p.m. and after dinner, there is always the usual gift-game, where we draw numbers, choose a gift, and then trade out for what we really want. The dinner begins at four and by the time the gift-game is over it's about eight p.m., when we usually take our leave.

This is a get-together that usually involves at least twenty people, mostly middle-aged to elderly, but there are always younger people there. So in I went, greeted all the familiar faces with a hug, shook hands with the men, sat around in various places and caught up on the news of the past year, talked about everything from sports teams to motorcycles—nothing I really had in common with anyone—and the whole time I could feel my plug as I stood, walked around, and sat on various surfaces.

Luckily, there were no twinges from my gut calling me to find the guest bathroom. I ate a moderate amount, and even had a dessert. So, I can now add this event to all the others I've attended while plugged in public.

Guy playing with an inflatable butt plug:

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Long-Term Effects of Living Plugged

Seven Months with a Butt Plug in My Ass...

A Living Plugged Friend (hollow MEO 24/7 plug)
I don't wish to misrepresent the actual facts, but I can say that I have virtually had a plug in my ass for at least 200 days and nights, the only breaks were when I had the flu (8 days) and a few partial days here and there when my digestion was just too much to deal with. Unlike some other long-term pluggers, however, I have used the same plug (substituting it for another similar one during one two-week period). So, essentially, I have used the Devi glass plug, with a 2-inch diameter and a ring base, all this time. The long term effects and my perspective have been interesting.

A couple of months into this journey of living plugged, I felt that I was nicely stimulated (mainly the sphincters and the anal opening) every waking hour, which was a delight to feel intensify when I stood up, sat down, bent over, walked, danced, coughed, laughed, or otherwise moved.

After seven months (which is how long it's been now), I get the same feelings, but there's something new going on. The plug has truly become a part of my ass. I never feel any discomfort, but I sure continue to feel the stimulation. Inside, past the sphincter, I do have a slight feeling of fulness, which a lot of butt pluggers describe as one of the thrills. And doesn't feel like I have to shit. I recognize this call of nature when I feel a slight ache in my belly, which I suppose is the large intestine telling me it's time to evacuate. But I go most of the time without any particular feelings beyond my back door.

My routine for staying plugged is very simple. I usually try to have a regular bowel movement shortly after I get up in the morning; and if I'm a little constipated, I just give myself a shallow enema, sit down on the toilet and flush the rectum out. Sometimes, I fill my rectum with plain water and go about the other routines in the bath, including brushing my teeth, shaving, etc., holding the enema inside. I've found that hot water forces me to evacuate very quickly, so I use tepid to cold water. I also read about a guy who plugs while he's holding the water in his rectum. I've tried that once or twice, and it works fine, as well, to clean out the rectum. But you should be aware that deep enemas, which go past the sigmoid colon are mainly used by porn stars to get a very deep, squeaky clean anal channel. Doing this at home on a regular basis would have at least one deleterious effect: flushing the good probiotics in the intestine out and interfering with digestion. That's why I always only talk about the rectum (that first seven inches from the anal opening to the sigmoid colon). And since I know that digestion is taking place in the large intestine throughout the day and night, I've found that I need to slow down the digestion process enough that it doesn't interfere too often with keeping my plug in my ass.

This is only temporary gaping. The anus is quite healthy
Some men have asked about the long-term potential damage to the sphincter and if they will eventually become too lose, causing one to lose bowel control. I've chosen the Devi plug, because the shaft is a little less than 3/4 inches in diameter and while it keeps the sphincters open, it is not too much and only serves to exercise the sphincters. I've claimed that staying plugged actually helps improve the anus in several ways, and one of them has been the complete cure of hemorrhoids—at least in my case. After my bout with the flu, I did have some recurrence of a hemorrhoid, which left a spot of blood on the toilet paper. But when I could I plugged again, and that problem cleared up almost overnight. I used to be a poster boy for the burning, itching, twitching of the Preparation-H commercials, but no longer!

So, the true long-term effects in my case have been nothing short of complete anal health and of course a minute-by-minute thrill of living plugged.

Good plugging!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Male Bonding Through the Use of Butt Plugs

When Mutual Enjoyment of Butt Plugging is Shared

I've often said in this blog that many straight men enjoy butt plugging, and for most men, it's obvious that gays enjoy anal sex. Some do. Some don't. But in a way, when two men can share their enjoyment of butt plugging, it doesn't matter if they're both straight, both gay, or straight and gay. I feel that I have made several straight male friends through our mutual enjoyment of butt plugging. I do also believe that because these men have embraced the anal part of their sexuality, they can appreciate what gay men have known all along. Further, once a straight man can get over the societal taboos that have otherwise prevented him from admitting that he likes anal stimulation, he is not so freaked out about gay men.

I have no interest in having sex with a straight man, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy showing each other our plugged butts. There are even times when two straight men or other combination can help one another with deep plugging and anal play. Of course, we can't really know in the videos, whether a guy is really straight, but I've seen overwhelming evidence of straight guys talking about how they love anal sex. I've also read their disclaimers that they're not gay and wouldn't want to have sex with a guy. And that's fine. Sexual porn and sexual fetishes make for some interesting and mutually enjoyable bedfellows (so to speak).

The guy in this picture is probably mutually attractive to both gay and straight men. Gay men, like me, of course, will enjoy his beautiful face, his rigid cock, and his ass. But I've had straight guys tell me that they get turned on by seeing other guys plugging.

And you just know the guy getting serviced by the woman in the next picture is enjoying himself.

But let's not forget about the anal straight guys and the women who love them. It can also be a mutually satisfying pastime for a woman to "peg" her husband or boyfriend.

Butt...I digress. I've been writing back and forth with men who really love being plugged. A couple of them are gay, a few more call themselves "heteroflexible," and some just say they're straight. I'm currently waiting with anticipation of receiving the selfies from my latest straight, butt-plugging friend, but until then, I've found some good pics, as you can see in this post.

My bet is that these are plugging buddies, though they may not be gay.
Ahhh...just think what this guy is feeling.

In the meantime, I've searched a little every day to bring you the plugging vids and picts that I like. There are sites that feature women, and these are wonderful. Men and women can now equally enjoy plugging; but as the theme of this post suggests, plugging can break down the barriers between men, no matter their sexuality. I think it's a great time to be alive, to be able to share so much lucious sexuality through the magic of the Internet. And so, my search goes on.

Remember that I write this blog while plugged. After plugging now for almost a year, I've struck a balance in my diet and while I sometimes cheat and have foods that cause chaos with my plugging, it doesn't take long to bring it back into alignment. I don't, however, ever see the possibility of wearing one of the hollow plugs out in public.

I get all my vids from the Internet, and the sites thoughtfully provide the embed codes for use by other sites, like this one. Thanks to Gay Demon and BestMaleBlogs, traffic to this site has exploded.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Butt Plugged All the Time....and Still Able to Live Normally

I'm able to stay plugged and still focus on everyday life...

If you're the kind of man, like me, who really wants to live plugged 24/7, you might doubt that you'd be able to concentrate on everyday life, still being able to live "normally" going to work, getting a good night's sleep, doing all the things you normally would do without a butt plug in your ass. I've read that some guys are afraid they won't be able to sleep if they have a butt plug in their ass, or wouldn't be able to concentrate at work, or maybe get caught in a situation where they're unable to take care of the plug for BMs and such while at work.

Some of these are legitimate concerns, but after having been plugged now for at least seven months, I can tell you that you can live normally, concentrate on your work, carry on conversations, and do all the activities you do without being plugged. Of course there are exceptions and there are times when I have to remove my plug. I've covered the more obvious reasons in other posts. But I can assure you that while you never get used to being plugged (there's always that sexual haze of pleasure at every moment in a plugged life), it becomes so routine to feel the plug in my ass, feel the sphincter loosen and tighten as I move that it becomes a chronic awareness and something that you can easily ignore when necessary.

For example, I like to hang out at a local coffee shop and visit with the locals in the small tourist town where I live. People come and go in the coffee shop. I get introduced or greet people I know, have discussions on everything from the weather to literature and art, carry on conversations, drink coffee, and no one is the wiser; but at certain moments while visiting, I just clinch my ass for a moment and enjoy the secret pleasure of being plugged.

When I'm working I can put in several hours without once being distracted by the plug; and yet I know it's there. And when I stand up to take a break, it just lovely. Now, I do work at home, so I'm not faced with the same difficulty of taking care of butt business should it arise, as those of you might, who work in an office or facility where bathroom time is not quite so convenient or private.

Some guys say they carry small zip-lock baggies with lube, just in case their plug dries out. But I would like to suggest that you choose your permanent-wear plug with great care, for material, size, and above all comfort. Glass or steel certainly negates the need for frequent lubing. In fact, I'm almost to the point where I use just a drop or two of lube and can go twelve or more hours without the least bit irritation. I use a plug that is also not overly large in my rectum, leaving room for gas and other buildup. The shape as well is important. No need to repeat the kind of plug I have found that never irritates, and over time, I no longer have the initial kinds of issues with "weary butt" that I used to have when beginning this living plugged journey several months ago.

Living a normal life, while staying plugged is possible and preferable to living a normal life without being plugged—that is, if have a plug in your ass as much as possible is something that interests you. One last detail before I end this post. Yesterday, I overdid the butt plugging porn (see the last video in this post) and got so horny, I just had to masturbate, so I combined that with my shower. I kept the plug in place at shot my load, but I did not remove the plug afterward. A lot of guys want to immediately take the plug out after ejaculating, and thus end their plugging/jackoff session. Keep that plug in, and you will be rewarded with afterglow for several hours, before your prostate, ass, and cock settle back down.

All pics and vids come from the Internet from sites that make it possible to use them elsewhere; or more often, now, fellow pluggers send me pics to use.

Talk about an eager bottom and delicious anal play...sent me to the bathroom to beat my meat!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Secret World of Butt Plugging

Who secretly wears butt plugs on a daily basis?

Any time you do a google search for butt plugging there are thousands of results that come back for the person to consider. But in a way, finding out the kinds of people who secretly wear butt plugs among their family and friends, out in public and sleep with them is another matter. In the few months that I have been doing this blog and in reading various forums, I have been surprised at statements like these that open discussions:

"I'm a straight guy...and my wife doesn't know I wear a butt plug..."

"I've often wondered...who is wearing a butt plug right now?"

"I'm definitely not gay, but I really like playing with my ass...Is this normal?"

Many men have responded to my blog who like the idea of "living plugged" as I have coined the phrase, and most of these have been straight guys. To be equal about this, even more women, I think, are into butt plugging than men are, but I get the feeling that men are coming around at a rapid rate. And, as I have said, several times, the purpose of this blog is to encourage all men to explore their anal sexuality. It is surprising when I think about it that so many women love anal play, but I understand that if they're being fucked in the vagina when they've got a plug in their ass, the feelings drive them crazy. It's easier to understand about men, because we have prostates, and getting the prostate massaged from the inside often results in ejaculations of a stronger nature than those that come from masturbating our cocks. And so, men who have partners that don't care for anal stimulation have begun to secretly plug without their partners knowing.

So, straight men who are not gay, whose wives or GFs don't like anal have begun to secretly use butt plugs and dildos. But gay men whose partners are not thrilled with anal also secretly wear butt plugs. I'm one of these. My partner of almost 22 years is just not into anal sex, and there's nothing wrong with that. But after many years of not being anal with my partner, I have finally begun to wear a plug every day, every night, everywhere and every when—and I just love it.

Taken all together, then, the secret world of butt plugging includes straight men and women, as well as gay men and, no doubt lesbians. The secret part comes from those who get a thrill from being secretly plugged or feel a need to wear plugs without anyone else knowing. This blog might be a place where secret pluggers can find one another. 

Even though I'm decidedly and proudly gay, I am thrilled to think that straight guys are so comfortable with their masculinity that they not only don't feel threatened by the idea that anal play is somehow "gay" and they don't mind sharing their plugging affection with others. 

Bear in mind that I get pics and vids directly from the Internet. In all cases, those that I use are there for taking, and the sites make embedding vids possible by providing the html codes for it. I do not knowingly "steal" any pictures or vids. Also, this is not a monetized site. I don't do it for the money but for the sheer dedication to plugging and for fun. I also appreciate those men who have sent me pictures of their plugged asses for use here.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Warning: I am Wearing a Butt Plug Under My Clothes

The Secret Sexual Pleasure of Living Plugged...

In some ways, it's no easy feat to live plugged, almost continuously 24/7/365, but I am well on my way to completing my first year plugged virtually all the time. As I've stated before, I began using a butt plug after several years of doing without, and this time, it has turned into both a challenge and a dream to stay plugged day and night, no matter what is going on in my life. I think most of us masturbate in private and have our own little kinks and private pleasures. Discounting those of us who also like to masturbate in public places or engage in exhibitionist activities, I think the majority of men and women do things under their clothing that they like to keep secret, as an added thrill in their day. I'm thinking about men who like to wear panties and frilly underthings, for example, which you'd never expect of, say, a beefy construction worker. And of course, this really has nothing to do with gender identity.

So my secret sexual pleasure is to wear a butt plug all the time, including under my clothing as I go through my day. I'm such an ordinary looking man of middle age that living plugged is really easy to get away with. Just today, I had a nice lunch with my long term partner at a patio restaurant, and we chatted and laughed in the sunlight, visited with the waitress, and otherwise had a very normal time. But there I was enjoying the feel of my Devi Glass Plug firmly planted in my ass. We live in a small village that makes the bulk of its revenue from a world-wide tourist trade, and our house sits right on a very public street in the village, and when I am out on the sidewalk in front of the house, I've got my plug in place, and I greet the visitors as they pass by. Of course, I'm also enjoying the good looking men of every age and watching everyone and wondering what their secret pleasure might also be, including the chance that I strike up a conversation with a fellow butt plugger.

Beyond the village is a moderate sized city, where there is an adult toy and video store, where I get my lube. I order my butt plugs from the Internet. But from going in there and seeing the array of sex toys, including a wide variety of dildos and plugs, I figure that many people in the city and maybe even more like me in the village are secretly plugged under their clothes. In fact, as I have mentioned before, the staff in the adult store seem to be butt plug and dildo enthusiasts, and one male clerk said, "I guess we all wear butt plugs, now." He was surely helpful and focused on showing me exactly what kind of lube worked best in his opinion.

After almost a year, now, the plug has become part of my body. I had earlier said that I'm reminded I'm wearing it whenever I move, whether it is lying down, standing up, sitting, walking. And while this still occurs, my kegels have gotten much stronger and I hold them for longer duration, now, realizing that I'm not doing any damage to my rectum or my sphincter. And when I clinch hard and long, I can feel a kind of two-step surge, from my sphincter tightening around the shaft of the plug then surging into my cock. I could hardly fall asleep last night and brought myself to the precum stage before I finally relaxed and drifted off.

hands-free cum with dildo-1

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Beauty of the Plugged Male Ass

Men Who Wear Butt Plugs...

After almost a year of searching the Internet for men who wear butt plugs, men who have discovered the pleasure of male anal sex, performed on themselves, performed by their SOs, those who seek to live plugged as I do, I have to conclude that it is a growing trend. What has surprised me the most is that straight men are now getting into butt plugging, being pegged, and are enjoying their butts like never before. Aside from the fact that women have led the way in anal play and one can find numerous vid galleries devoted to women enjoying being plugged, I've managed to find numerous sites that have a growing number of vids with men finally getting plugged. One of my favorites is, because there, one can limit the search to men, and type in simple search strings like "butt plug" and get a whole slew of delicious vids. One can also search by "male anal sex" and find more.

But I digress. I wanted to talk about the sheer beauty of the plugged male ass. I've even had straight men on this site tell me that they get turned on by seeing other men's plugged asses, like these:

I thinks there's just about something for everyone in these beautiful pictures...And it is my goal to find more and more. Men who wear butt plugs are gay, straight, young, old, and I've enjoyed corresponding with those men who like to wear butt plugs every day, everywhere, and every when. There are "fetish" sites and forums that add additional spice and eye-opening information about men who love to butt plug, like Experience Project,, and many others. And while there are as many fetishes it seems as there are people on these sites, I'm partial to men who plug their holes, whether solo or with a partner.

This video just makes me keep my plug clinched inside my sphincter as I watch, and if you've never tried this, give it a try. That's a very simple, elegant, and classic butt plug this guy is sticking up his ass, and you can see in the end that he's got a great gape going...and just look at those beautiful masculine hands digging into his own ass. You can bet he's feeling some super surges.

Until next time fellow pluggers. May you live plugged and stay in a sensual haze throughout the day and night. I do.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frequent Questions from the Internet about Butt Plugging

Q & A on Plugging

I look in on butt plugging discussions as much as I can, sometimes just to participate in the discussions and sometimes to alert men to my blog. This blog is dedicated, as I have said, to getting all men to explore the anal side of their sexuality, which I believe is one of the healthiest things men can do to double their sexual experience with a partner, enhance private masturbation, and a good way to encourage anal physical health, as well, In the Q &A that follows, I have taken what I consider some of the most frequent questions I run into on the internet. I have chosen to put in my two cents on these questions because I often find that there's a great deal of misinformation out there, lack of knowledge, embarrassment (mainly from heterosexual men), and a need for frank and graphic details concerning these questions. But for a moment...all seriousness aside as we ponder this funny little picture of two babies:

 I know, I have a warped sense of humor, but whoever came up with this meme for this picture, my hat's off to you. We know that whoever did at least spends some time thinking about butt plugs. When you "google" the single string "butt plug" you get everything from what we're talking about here to some sort of industrial discussion of things that are called butt plugs, just like we have male and female plumbing parts in the plumbing industry, so learn to focus your search by adding specific additional words to narrow the search.

So here are the questions, followed immediately by my answers. My answers might also be misinformed, so I add that this is based on my experience and listening in on the butt plugging discussions.

Straight men and anal—Is It Normal?

I didn't realize that so many straight men were into anal play until I started reading discussions on butt plugging for men. In many cases, straight men have their wives strap on a dildo, and in a few cases straight men engage in plugging as a private matter. But on the "Is it Normal" site, there is anxiety about whether a man is really straight if he likes to plug or be fucked. I think anal plugging and anal play for straight men is normal. I just wish there wasn't so much anxiety about whether it makes them sort of gay. They should be aware that a lot of gay men are not into anal play, so plugging and anal play are not automatically gay. In my estimation it just feels good, it's not hurting anyone (even if you sometimes have to keep it a secret), and it's as normal for straight men as it is for gay men.

For how long is it safe to wear a butt plug?

This question requires some qualifying statements. But first, my answser. It is safe to wear a butt plug 24/7/365. It's impractical, however, for a variety of reasons. In my experience, I just cannot plug and stay clean if I've got diarrhea, so I don't. But having a plug in my ass almost without a break has never injured me in any way. Now for the qualifications. The butt plug you choose for staying plugged should probably be either glass or steel. Silicone and other materials like that are porous and tend to dry out quicker, you can only use water-based lubes, and the irritation factor is something you have to take into account. With glass and steel, there really is no irritation factor. The second qualification is that you choose a plug that is not too large to accommodate some space in the rectum for gas and fecal matter. You will be extremely uncomfortable if you use a plug that is too long and too large in girth. I can fart around my glass plug to alleviate gas buildup, but I have to unplug, evacuate, clean up and re-plug for BMs. This is just a fact of life. The third qualification is that no part of the plug should cause irritation, and irritation can equal damage. I use a glass plug with a circular base that fits between my ass cheeks like a coin in a slot, not a round base that sits perpendicular to the shaft. The circle base NEVER irritates. The shaft should not be so large that you're stretching out the anal opening in a permanent way. The shaft on my Devi glass plug is not even 3/4 inches. If it was much larger I might find that the sphincter would not readily close. The fourth qualification is there's a difference between going for long-term (permanent) wear and using a butt plug for the duration of a fuck session or masturbation session. Go big and bold if you're into that for the short term; go moderate and sensible in design if you plan to live plugged, as I do.

Wearing a butt plug all day or all night—Is it safe?

Many men don't like to go all day with a plug because they don't want to go into a situation where they might have an emergency, need a bathroom, or feel that if they're at work, they don't get the privacy they need to make adjustments, clean up, or relube. So for that kind of situation, we're talking about "safe" as in non-discovered and embarrassed; but as I said in the previous question it's safe to wear a butt plug 24/7. Some men claim that being plugged at night keeps them awake...yes...well, sure. It makes you horny. But I find drifting off to sleep with a plug in my ass is a pleasant experience.

Who is wearing a butt plug right now?

I am of course wearing a butt plug—right now. This is a question I see pop up on various forums and discussion groups and is probably meant to be answered by those engaged in an ongoing conversation. But I like to ponder this question as I go out in public and look at all the men's butts (Other men can ponder this question and look at women's butts.) At any rate, I like to wonder about this, since I'm as unremarkable in a crowd or out in public as the next guy. I've never seen a hint of a plug showing through clothing, but perhaps that particular wiggle means something, or that hint of a smile?

Who wears butt plugs outside or in public?

Those who stay plugged as much as possible all wear their plugs outside and in public. It goes with the territory, and it adds a delicious bit of secret pleasure to the most mundane things, like standing in line at the grocery story. Who can be bored when you can stand there and stimulate your prostate or sphincter?

How do you keep a plug from falling out?

The best way to keep a plug from falling out when you're walking, standing, or playing tennis is to match the plug to your sphincter size and looseness. If you've stretched yourself out by being greedy with size, you need to choose a plug that has a definite bottom portion that goes past your sphincter, so that once you get the plug in, your sphincter will close around it. The shaft, therefore, should be smaller in diameter than the bulb. The NJOY is a great choice for plugs that won't fall out, even if they're heavy. A dildo, on the other hand is not for keeping in. A plug that is just too small for your experience level is quite likely to fall out, or say be blown out like a rocket if you sneeze and you're standing. Some men wear tight jeans or snug underwear, but the best way to keep a plug in is to choose the right design, and make sure the shaft is not too short, so that the business end pops past the sphincter.

Do you ever feel guilty about wearing a butt plug?

I never feel guilty about wearing one. If I went to church, I suppose I could but then if I did I'd probably enjoy it, instead. Just imagine talking to the pastor after church! But I don't mean to make light of this. It reminds me of the guilt rush I used to have when I first started masturbating. I would feel guilty right after I came and sometimes might even vow to never beat my meat again! But guess what, after awhile, there is no guilt rush. And at my current age, wearing a butt plug is such a pleasure and a never-ending kind of edging experience that I don't come to the end of a session. I read about a guy who admitted that he would buy a few butt plugs and enjoy himself for a few weeks or so, and then feel like he was doing something wrong and throw them all away. Being sexual is a good thing. Masturbating is a good thing. So, by extension living plugged is a good thing. It might be a secret, private thing, too, but then so is masturbation most of the time.

Some guys must have wonderful setups in their houses for sex play—and a lot of privacy—like this one.


Huge butt plug

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glass Butt Plug Enthusiasm

When I broke my Devi Glass Plug...

As I mentioned in my last post, I dropped and broke my lovely Devi Glass Plug. It shattered all across the bathroom tiled floor, and even though I was devastated, I remembered my Neptune Blue Glass Plug, which I had only used for a few weeks before working my way up the Devi. The Neptune is 1.5 inches in diameter on the business end, while the Devi is 2.0 inches. They have similarly shaped eggs and the shaft of the Neptune is somewhat narrower than the Devi. But they both have the ring base which fit between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot.

So, I used my Neptune again until I got around to purchasing another Devi. The smaller size and narrower shaft made a lot of difference in the feel and the way the plug worked in my ass. I actually appreciated the difference, though, as I am about to relate.

When I inserted the Neptune, it was of course easier, and there wasn't as much of a pop as the plug slid into place, and then an amazing thing happened. The Neptune just snuggled into my rectum, and the sphincter closed tightly around it, which caused the ring base to also nestle a little harder up to my anal opening. This thing just shut everything off from the outside world and went into hibernation. It was like a baby wrapped in its blanket, and it didn't want to come out, nor move, nor stimulate my sphincter. Sleeping like this was wonderful. I had to clinch harder as I fell asleep to feel it inside at all, and when I got up in the morning, feeling a little full like I needed to evacuate, I would pull it out, still clean after being in there all night, and I would relieve myself, do minimal cleanup with just a little sheen of lube and stick that baby back in. If you're new to glass plugs and if 1.5 inches is a bit of a challenge, please try the Neptune ( usually carries this product). The ring base, as opposed to the perpendicular bases of most glass plugs is sooo much more comfortable for living plugged. But like the NJOY and Devi plugs, the head is angled. I rarely turn the angled head toward my prostate; rather, I turn the angled head toward my back, and as you know, the rectum is curved in the same direction. This means that you can wear the Neptune, NJOY, and the Devi for the rest of your life, every day and every night, doing any activity you want.

So, I appreciated the Neptune for about three weeks (plugged all the time) and wasn't in a hurry to replace the Devi I had broken. But I did miss the constant sphincter exercise that the larger Devi gives me, and so yesterday, when UPS brought my Devi, I unpackaged that larger beauty and within ten minutes had exchanged the Neptune with the Devi. Having gone three or so weeks with the smaller shaft, the Devi presented me with a momentary pain threshold, but I was so anxious to get it back in my butt that I worked it for a few moments and then felt that delicious pop, once the two inch diameter got past my sphincter and was enveloped by my rectum. I will fondly think of the Neptune and keep it around in case I break this new Devi plug. When I put the Neptune away all scrubbed and shiny, I gave it a little hug and a kiss.

Of course, as I write this, I've had the Devi in place now since yesterday; my sphincter is stimulated, and I can feel the Devi all the time. One day, if someone makes a larger version, I might move up one more notch—think goose egg, rather than chicken egg, and of course, I'd like the shaft to be one inch rather than three-quarter inches like the Devi. Until then I'm living 24 hours a day plugged and content.

Ripped jeans and butt plugs

I just love the look of torn out crotches in jeans. I have a pair, myself, but this one is just plain hot hot hot! Happy plugging!

Friday, October 18, 2013

I Broke My Glass Butt Plug

One Drawback to Glass Butt Plugs...

A couple of weeks ago, while I was giving myself a rectal enema, I made the mistake of placing my glass butt plug on the sink next to me, while I was otherwise occupied squeezing the bulb on my enema  device. I knocked the glass plug to the tile floor and it shattered. Aside from my sudden despair, I was naked and barefoot and had to tread lightly around the broken glass to the toilet. I sat there sadly looking at the pieces of my glass plug, where only moments before it had been a beautiful work of butt plug design.

Of course, I immediately thought of my long unused alternate plugs but nothing would replace the Prisms Devi glass plug, which I had been wearing daily for several months. That is not to say that "living plugged" was temporarily suspended, because I did have my Neptune Blue Glass Plug, which of course I stuck up my butt as soon as I cleaned the glass off the floor. And I've been using that ever since, not quite ready to replace the Devi. The Neptune is only 1.5 inches in diameter, and the shaft is much smaller in diameter, so the sensations are somewhat different than the slight stretching and constant reminder of the 2 inch diameter Devi. I had even been contemplating finding a bigger plug...say 2.5 inches in diameter, but so far, I've been unable to locate one with the same type of circle base as the Devi. Devi is dead but I will be getting another one. I think I will also get the NJOY 2.0, which is stainless steel, weighs over a pound, and won't break. Instead it would break the tile should I drop it. I also don't get along with the base of the NJOY nearly as well as the glass circle base of both the Devi and the Neptune. But I look forward to the added weight for some extra sensations when it's in my butt.

Meanwhile I have had some responses to "lend me your rears" and a heteroflexible friend of mine was kind enough to send me some pictures of his luscious plugged butt. I believe he is wearing the MEO 24/7 plug in this picture. He tells me that he likes to keep his ass shaved, and I agree. When I'm playing with my ass and fingering my hole, I love the silky smooth feel after a good shave. I will be sharing other pictures in later posts. Don't get greedy for the eye candy, boys. There's plenty more where this came from!

In the meantime, I hope that all men, gay or straight, young or old, tall or short, skinny or fat (I fall into this latter category) will give anal stimulation a try. If you're a beginner, consider the Mood Naughty, which is a good beginner plug, made of silicon and easy to insert with just a bit of fingering before hand. Beginners should use plenty of water-based lube for silicon. And if you're suffering from hemorrhoids, look back at a recent post on this blog "Butt Plugs Cure Hemorrhoids." If you want an extra special thrill that will make you shudder uncontrollably and have a nice anal orgasm, look into the Aneros line of anal plugs.

Here's web-free vid I found that should get you interested:

Straight dude, playing with butt plug:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Living Plugged: The Agony and the Ecstacy

My First How-to Guide to Living Plugged...Butt Plugged, That Is.

I am by far not the expert on staying plugged 24/7/365. But like many of you, that is what I aspire to. I read about a ninety-eight-year-old man who had worn a plug for fifty-five years. He was not the one who wrote this on a health blog; instead his granddaughter had written for information on finding a replacement for him. She was embarrassed to write but did so, anyway, because her dear old granddad had broken his plug and had asked her to help him find a new one. Makes me look at elderly men in a whole new he or isn't he?

At any rate, I was also inspired to write this "how to" post, because I just heard from a man who loves my blog and aspires to living plugged 24/7/365. This guide is for him and for any other guy, gay or straight, who wants to get into staying plugged all the time. It's kind of not for guys who want to stretch their holes in preparation for getting fucked by their gfs or bfs.

The first thing we need to differentiate is between living plugged and using a butt plug to enhance our orgasms. Living plugged is staying plugged all day and all night, day in and day out, while using a butt plug to enhance an orgasm is for short-term sessions, either during sex with a partner or masturbating by oneself. Once you come, you remove the plug and bask in the afterglow of a great ejaculation. No, this is for staying plugged, even after you have masturbated or climaxed and not removing the plug, except for cleanup and maintenance.

Next, the idea of living plugged carries with it a commitment in a way to stay plugged through rough patches and challenges—all in the interest of having this unique experience that adds a sensual haze to one's life throughout the day and night. Yes, it's a continuous edging sexual experience that one wishes to keep going all the time. It's kind of like the teenage boy who wishes he could have an erection all the time (or maybe it was just me when I was a teenager!) We soon learn that once you come, your cock deflates, you put it away, and go about your business, until the next time. Not so with living plugged. You want to have some sexual stimulation all the time, and for me, it's something I never get "used to." There are times when I forget I'm plugged, until I move, sit, stand, walk, bend over, cough, need to pee—and then I get a big smile (inner smile) on my face. "Yep, the plug is still there."

If it's not just your horniness talking, and you really do want to try living plugged, the next thing you need to consider is finding the perfect plug that will allow you to stay plugged 24/7 with NO discomfort from the design of the plug. This is different for each butt, which has to do both with the part that goes inside and the base (the part that stays between your butt cheeks). If your eyes are bigger than your ass, you might have a tendency to choose a plug that is just too big for long-term comfort. Or if you're a conservative person with a tight ass, you might choose a plug that is too small to provide much beyond the initial insertion. And you really don't want to massage the prostate 24/7, so you choose a plug that is not going to keep massaging the prostate and cause discomfort that way. Some plugs are shaped with an angled head. Inserted one way, the head of the plug goes right for the prostate and massages it to orgasm; but if you turn it around, the angled head lies in the rectum away from the prostate, so it isn't massaging it all the time. Two types of plugs (more if you look at all the variations) can be worn one way for immediate prostate massage or worn the other way for long-term plugging. One is the NJOY pure plug and its knock-offs. These are stainless steel. They come in three sizes, and the 2.0 weighs over a pound. The other type of plug with the angled head are the Icicles and the Devi glass plugs with the same shape as the NJOY. there are also silicone versions.

Neptune Blue Glass Plug 1.5 inch diameter, angled head
Again, the plug you choose must be perfect and cause NO discomfort, either inside or outside. Alas, the NJOY's base was a deal breaker for me, although other men have said they have no discomfort from the base, which is oval shaped, but has a rather sharp edge, which dug into my perianal skin and, after about 12 hours began to cause agony from the irritation. When I found the Devi glass plug with a round, donut shaped ring base, I discovered that it lays between my butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and because it is continually smooth and almost a half-inch thick (with a two-inch diameter) it is absolutely never uncomfortable. However, a guy who wrote in said that the Devi base just sticks out too far for his anal configuration and is pushed in every time he sits down. So for him, the NJOY is perfect.

The perfect plug for you might be made of silicone. I find that having to relube after a short amount of time (water-based) is also a deal breaker, especially if I'm out to dinner and the dryness begins to irritate. There are just times when it's inconvenient to find a restroom and relube. But with glass or steel, the lube doesn't dry up (silicone based lube) and keeps a thin sheen on the plug. I can get up in the morning and run my finger around the inside of my anus and it's still nice and slick, even after sleeping in it all night.

Staying Plugged - Diet.
I've discovered that I can't eat certain types of foods and expect regular, firm BMs. To live plugged 24/7, I really do have to watch what I eat. Lettuce runs through me like shit through a goose, so if I'm going to have a salad with my dinner, I am almost guaranteed a trip to the bathroom shortly afterwards, where I have to clean up, give myself an enema, and stay unplugged for an hour or so. Other foods, like beans and many greens cause gas, so to offset this, I need to also take a gas reducer, or I begin to fill bloated and uncomfortable. I've learned to fart around the plug, but I prefer not to have that issue, so I avoid foods that cause gas and bloating.

Part of my intake of food includes dietary supplements, as well as OTC products that slow down the digestion process, like Imodium AD. Regulating my snacking is also important. Sometimes I just want something between meals, but I try to keep that to a minimum. As you can see part of the commitment of living plugged is a willingness to change your diet and stick to it. I can't depend on too many enemas to keep my rectum cleaned out, because it is possible to suffer "weary butt." There's no reason to make staying plugged unpleasant and un-fun.

Staying Plugged - When Your Body Won't Let You.
The most eye-opening lesson I have learned, after being continually plugged for six months (I also count up to nine months of butt plugging, but not continually) is that sometimes, your body just won't let you. I've had bouts of the runs, when no amount of enemas would alleviate what the body has to do naturally, and one case of a the flu, which made it uncomfortable and messy to try to be plugged. I learned a long time ago, however, from another fellow plugger that you should not feel defeated, as if you have lost some sort of contest. When you have to unplug, unplug. The point is to enjoy living plugged.

The Agony?
I've mentioned a couple: the runs and illness. But listen to your body. Don't stay plugged as if it's something that's required. Nobody is forcing you to stay plugged. No one is going to think less of you if you take a break. It has to be something you love doing. If you feel pain, beyond say the initial pain threshold of getting a plug past the sphincter, just simply stop; give your body a chance to let you know what's causing the pain.

The Ecstacy?
Having a plug in my ass! Seeing a plug in your ass! Knowing we have something in common.

Again, the pictures I use on this blog are from the Internet or from fellow pluggers who send me pictures to post. I have to assume that the Internet pictures are free for the taking, when I encounter no disclaimers that state otherwise. And a new proviso is that I will not kowingly post pictures of underage young men. If you send me pictures to post, please state that you are over eighteen. Also remember that once a picture or vid enters the Internet, it will be there until the end of the Internet, and there's no stopping its spread.

There are more variations of anal toys and sex toys out there that can provide a universe of experiences, and I have tried a lot of them, but nothing speaks to me more than having my butt plugged as I go through my day. I invite others to share their experiences. Life is short, and our sex lives are sometimes even shorter. Find a way to stay sexual! It's a health-giving activity.

Really hot homemade plug: