Thursday, August 1, 2013

Plugs versus Dildos

Why Butt Plugs When There Are Dildos?

I think most men and women, when they think of anal play, think in terms of a session of lovemaking, or a session of hot, raw sex that culminates in an orgasm for each person. And if a single session is the goal, then of course I would recommend using a dildo and achieving that fucking action. Women can strap on dildos and fuck their male partner's anus until he cums. In many cases the bigger the dildo the better...right.

But aside from sex play that culminates in orgasm for each partner, there's a whole universe of people who are into extended sex play. In the case of doms and subs, the sex play could be continuous, the sub having to wear chastity and plug even when they go out into public, their day jobs, or out for the evening. In this case, a dildo might not be the best option. In fact I would think that it would become extremely uncomfortable extremely fast (but maybe I'm wrong).  Along with doms and subs, who extend their sex play for hours or days, there are those of use, both men and women, who like to be plugged as much as possible—period—and the goal is not to reach the end of the sex play with an orgasm but to keep extending the length of time that one is plugged. There are all sorts of accouterments that accompany this plugging for some people, but I'm a vanilla plugger and what I like is simply the butt plug, having a plugged butt and edging day and night while I go about my daily/nightly routines. In fact, in the several months that I have been plugging with the goal of staying continuously plugged, I sometimes forget that I have the plug inside as I'm walking along, and I stop and clinch and feel the sphincter closing around the shaft of my plug, and I feel content.

In the past, when I was younger and new to anal play, my goal was to go as big as I could with a dildo and fuck the shit out of myself, always culminating in a wild orgasm that shot to the bathroom ceiling and clung to the lightbulb, where my cum cooked and sizzled (just kidding about that last part). But as I grow older and have plenty of lovemaking and cum with my partner, plugging has become a kind of solo thrill that I do for myself. It's not exactly therapy; it's not exactly a kind of security blanket; it's more like a way to infuse my entire day with the haze of sensuality. I can still function at my job, still be creative, still carry on conversations with people, still help with the dishes at a party, but the point is I do it plugged—everywhere and every when.

That's why I've chosen a moderate sized plug. It never becomes uncomfortable, unless I'm having a gastrointestinal attack of the bean burrito variety, and so I also use a moderate size butt plug that I can carry in my pocket in case I have to remove it in a public rest room. I've had those moments, and I'm not into extreme humiliation, so I choose my plug carefully.

As I always indicate, the pictures and videos for this blog come from the internet. In a sense, however, the vids I include always show the man going for the short term session, rather than the long-term use of a plug. But come to think of it, a video of me wearing a butt plug while I do other things would be kind of boring. I would love to have vids of clothed people in public places wearing plugs...but how would that show my viewers anything? That doesn't stop me from looking at people's butts in the mall, however. I'm always hoping to see that telltale sign of the plug outline.

This is vid of a guy using an Aneros Progasm: