Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dry Butt Plugging is Great

I wear my plug dry...

I know I'm revisiting this subject, and I also know that experienced butt pluggers usually lead with the advice to frequently lube the anus, since the rectum is not self lubricating. And I would tend to agree that lube is an important consideration when using plugs and dildos, and even getting fucked in the ass by a real cock. We do not want the anal skin, especially the sphincter and inside to tear or suffer stress. But wearing a glass (or steel) plug for the sake of living plugged is quite different.

I usually clean my rectum after a BM with a tissue containing aloe vera, a water based "lube" that is also healing to sensitive skin. Once that is done and I wipe the area clean and dry it, I then make sure that my glass plug is also clean, freshly washed with soap and water, and that it is therefore nice and naturally slick. I do have to squat so that my shaved butt cheeks pull apart, allowing access to my anal opening. I press the dry but naturally slick head of the glass plug against my freshly clean and dry anal opening. Once the tip of the plug begins to push the sphincter open, I continue a slow but firm pressure, and I can tell you that feeling the cold glass enter my sphincter and rectum completely dry is a pleasure in itself. Once I get the wide part of the plug into the sphincter opening (two full inches) the final push into the rectum is slick and smooth, and I can feel it pop into place.

The next feeling is having all the parts, including the sphincter muscles and the walls of the rectum close around the plug, welcoming it home and creating a solid plug. During the day, I can easily fart around the plug but nothing is getting out of the ass except gas.

Shortly after re-plugging, when my rectum is clean, I can hardly think of anything else except the wonderful feeling of being solidly plugged. Readers of this blog will recall that I also enjoyed a lubed ass, since the plug would move up when I sat down and slip down (but never out) when I stood up. That was a great feeling, as well. But I like the dry feel, the solid placement of the plug. It doesn't move up and down independent of the natural movement of the flesh around it. I can actually stay plugged without maintenance a lot longer, and really only remove the plug for any reason about every 12 hours, even longer.

New subject. A straight guy who calls himself "Research" has been a favorite of mine. He has conducted reviews of anal plugs and other toys for at least three years for EdenFantasies. But I recently ran across a video he did of himself using anal toys, and so I have skipped the order of the vids I have lined up to show his video. This is a straight guy who really gets into anal play, and it bears out what I have been saying: straight men should be able to enjoy the pleasure of anal play on their own asses. It doesn't mean you're not really straight; I quickly add that this has nothing to do with the absolute beauty of gay men who are also into anal play. I'm one of those. Anyway, here is "Resarch's" video for your pleasure: