Monday, September 8, 2014

Men Pleasuring Themselves with Anal Toys

Men Pleasuring Themselves and Each Other

I've chosen a series of photos from the web that shows how men (gay and straight) can derive unique and very erotic pleasure from butt plugs, dildos, and double dongs. Take a look and enjoy...

I like to see what's going on in photos like this one. This guy is watching gay porn while enjoying the pleasure of a dildo. I like the way he's trying to get maximum pleasure by spreading his legs. But I also like the fact that he naked only from the waist down and is wearing shoes. Notice also the arch in his back. This is just a real intense self-pleasuring moment for him. What do you think he's thinking about? I bet his mind is totally blank and all his focus is on his anus.

In this luscious photo we have a guy who has given some thought about his back door. Splitting the seam in jeans to allow cock and dildo access is extremely sexy to me. And he is obviously enjoying stretching his hole. Nice butt, too. This picture just has that raw male energy when it comes to anal pleasuring.

I like this photo because of the guy in the middle. Just a group of guys enjoying some naked, erotic pleasure, but the guy in the middle is the one using his friends to position himself, legs spread wide and resting them on the other guys, while he drives a dildo up his ass. Is their buzz cuts indicative that they're soldiers? I can fantasize, can't I? And the look on the middle guy's face tells me he enjoys pleasuring himself while his buddies look on.

Aside from the fact that the guy with the butt plug has a sweet ass, flawless skin, and a nice little ass, I like it because he's revealing his little secret for his friend to discover, once he pulls those jeans down. This is another sexy pose to me. Maybe he wore the plug on his trip to meet his friend. Maybe they just happened to feel a spark for a little sex in some public place, and voila! He reveals his plugged butt.

I've never had the pleasure of sharing a double dong with a guy, but this is male bonding at its sexiest. It would be neat to see a video of such a cooperative effort on both their parts as they get into position and each takes an end of the dong up his ass...and then begin the fucking motion. Each guy pushing against the dong would simultaneously drive it into the ass of the other. I also wonder if the ultimate goal is to get the dong inside so deep that they can jam their butts together!

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