Saturday, December 28, 2013

Butt Plugging Highlights for 2013

Butt Plugging Moments in a Year of Plugging My Butt

I bought my first butt plug in December 2012, after giving up plugging fifteen years before. Back then, I had finally tossed my last butt plug, because it was just not comfortable in the anal opening. And then, on a lark in December 2012, I bought a high-tech silicone plug and after few tries successfully got it back in. That was the beginning of what has now turned out to be a memorable year of butt plugging. These are the highlights of 2013.

My friend's MEO with the cork in place inside the plug.
December 2012: I successfully plug and immediately made the mistake of going out in public with it firmly in place. I had to go to return a rental car and then go pick up my own vehicle, which had been repaired following an accident. Standing in line at the car rental place, the plug felt fine, but after about an hour and now waiting at the repair shop, the plug was becoming a bit uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure that I could stand it much longer, but I had made the mistake of going out in public with it in. Once again, I learned that it was something about the material that mainly caused the irritation.

My Friend's MEO. I like his sexy hand on his ass!
January 2013: So my next purchase was the NJOY large stainless steel plug. It was pretty good, comfortable for much longer periods than the silicone plug, and I thought I had found nirvana. I was already trying to stay plugged all the time, but 24 hours was the limit, before that base of the plug began to irritate the anal opening. Most guys swear it's always comfortable.

February 2013: By this time although my hemorrhoids had mainly cleared up using the stainless steel plug, I was still battling the eventual irritation. So I bought the Neptune Blue glass plug. It was unique because the base was a donut that fit between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot, and I was able to stay plugged much of the time; but I still had to master the digestive issues that plagued me. The hemorrhoids were gone, and I was really, really enjoying going about 12 hours with a butt plug in, then 12 hours with it out. I still had not come up with the notion that I would try to stay plugged 24/7/365, but I was getting close. I spent most of my nights plugged, leaking precum and learning how to get enough sleep, without getting up in the middle of the night and masturbating. It was a lovely lesson to learn.

Although the guy is not wearing this right,
we can see that once it's properly installed,
the thrills and urges would be intense!
March 2013. By now, I was plugged most of the time, layed off masturbating so often, and thinking that I needed just a bit bigger plug. So the search was on, and by the end of March I had found one that was 2.0 inches in diameter, had the Neptune ring base, was angled like the NJOY, and had a shaft of 3/4 inches.

April 2013: After trying and failing to get that monster Devi plug into my ass, I finally gave it the extra shove it needed and it was in. By now, I definitely wanted to live plugged, and my first run of continual 24 hour plugging lasted 21 days, before I had to remove the plug and get over the first serious case of the runs! But the die was cast and after just a couple of days of clean out, the Devi went right back in.

May 2013: On my birthday, May 6, I wrote my first entry of my new blog, Living Plugged. I felt I had a lot to say, not only of my own search for the perfect butt plug (for me) but I wanted to encourage all men, gay and straight, fit and fat, young and old to explore their anal sexuality.

June 2013: I attended my first party while plugged. Of course I had been continually plugged since April, but this was the first time I was going to a party with little chance of plug maintenance should anything happen that I needed to unplug, clean up, and replug. There were well over a hundred people at this party, and the bathroom facilities were busy. There was also food, lots of it, lots of standing around talking to people, lots of sitting, and lots of milling about. I was in heaven. This was plugging Nirvana. I was secretly enjoying every twinge and surge my plug gave me, and I'm sure I had a slurpy smile on my face the whole time, you know the kind of goony look you get when you're slurping something fun and delicious, like cum?

July 2013: The Walmart disaster. I don't know why, but I should have paid more attention to my roiling gut before I went shopping at Walmart. I had probably eaten something that caused lots of gas and some unpleasant liquid. So it was in the bathroom in a stall where I pulled out my plug and had to do a lot of cleanup, with nowhere to casually wash off the plug. There was no lube to re-insert it, and so I had to carry that big lump in my pocket until I got home.

August thru December 2012. Over these months I learned some great enema techniques, diet essentials to slow down the digestion process, and the miracle of Imodium-AD, an antidiarrheal aid. And I can truthfully say that I have lived plugged the vast, vast majority of the time. I will consider April my first full year of living plugged. My beautiful Devi plug is in my ass right now. The sphincter is stretched around the shaft and the base is shoved up against my anal opening. I've got a semi-boner as I write this, and I repeat: ALL MEN SHOULD SHOVE PLUGS UP THEIR BUTTS AND LEAVE THEM THERE! You can go about your daily routines, fuck, suck, sleep, masturbate, and carry on. You'll just be sexually hazed the whole time.

Dildoing his way to an orgasm...

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I plan to keep my plug in my ass for the second year in a row.