Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plugged Males

What Men Plug and What Men Don't?

I see that I've only made one other post this month. Part of that has to do with an increase in my freelance work, which I luckily get to do from home. But maybe more important, I haven't been struck with something new to write about being plugged. Nonetheless, I've been plugged constantly, so that my freelance work is never boring.

I'm always thrilled to hear from men who want to stay plugged as much as possible. I think those of us who are into "living plugged" are in a minority of men who like to use butt plugs or dildos, but I recently heard from a straight guy who is trying to stay plugged as much as possible, so this brings up the question: Exactly what kind of man likes to use butt plugs and what kind of man will never consider it or anything having to do with his ass? On a couple of forums I have read the stern statement from men who won't consider using a plug or dildo because they consider the rectum as a one-way opening, which is only for waste elimination. But this could even include gay men. However, it is far from the truth to say that men who love anal sex are only gay. Plenty of straight men are catching up to their girlfriends and wives when it comes to being pegged or wearing a butt plug. I also think that men who use dildos and butt plugs will keep their rectums much cleaner than those men who think of the rectum as a one-way road. They won't like getting inside the anal opening too far to clean with soap and water, and I would think they also would be hesitant to give themselves cleansing enemas. I might be wrong. I only know from what I do to keep a clean rectum and what pleasures I associate with ass play, from the prostate to the sphincter.

Now, there are some men who might really want to know what it feels like to wear a butt plug, but find themselves in a situation where they can't discuss this with a partner; I've also heard from younger men who still live at home with their parents and face two problems: being able to buy a butt plug without their parents finding out or once they get a plug where to keep it so it's not discovered. The tongue-in-cheek answer to the second problem is that they can keep the plug in their rectums as I do...but I know that's not really feasible for most men.

For guys who have crossed the barrier of reluctance, fear, or shame, we can look back and think what was the big deal? But that same barrier can seem insurmountable to many men,  and I can only repeat what I've already said. In the privacy of your bathroom, when it's just you by yourself, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and if you're ever going to get in touch with the other half of your sexuality, alone and in private is the best place to start.

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