Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Deep Pleasure of Weary Butt

What is Weary Butt? Why is it pleasurable?

I'll just bet this guy will get "weary butt"!
Anyone reading this blog will eventually discover that I virtually live with a plug in my ass 24/7/365 and have been doing so since late 2013. Over these past four years, I have only written about "weary butt" in context to times when being plugged sometimes makes my butt feel weary. You know the feeling...everyone is weary at times. But "weary butt" is caused by wearing a plug and working it inside your ass a little more than enthusiastically than usual, or maybe for some during a long session where you stretch your ass with bigger and bigger plugs, for the sheer pleasure of it and afterwards your butt feels worn out for a while.

Guys who read this blog will also know what it's like to fuck or masturbate over the course of a day a lot more than usual, and maybe having a very tired (but extremely good feeling) cock that continues to throb after fucking or masturbating several times in a few hours. This continual throbbing that is slow to subside can also occur inside the butt. I get it sometimes when I have to do aggressive enemas to get myself cleaned out. After that, when I ram the plug back in my ass, I have weary butt and can feel the muscles throbbing, slowly subsiding. The plug during these times feels more present and I cannot forget for even a moment that I've got my Icicles #14 in my ass.

I can also imagine (although I've never had one) that the steel plugs that weigh more than a pound inside the ass might eventually cause weary butt from the sheer weight, constantly sitting on the inside of the sphincter and trying to come out. It won't of course, because of the size of the head vs. the slender shaft, and the way the sphincter is always trying to close when not "in use."

In this post, I'd like to talk about why I finally not only got used to occasional weary butt but have learned to enjoy it a great deal. It's like edging the cock. You know the feeling if you edge for hours or even all night or all day. The cock gets so hot (feverish) and sensitive that when you touch it after a while, it feels like you're just on the verge of a cum explosion, and the end for many after edging is to finally give in to the urge to masturbate to completion. That's what weary butt is for me, these days, like I've been edging my ass and the sphincter is throbbing and the prostate is thoroughly massaged and I'm on the edge of a cum explosion. But with edging the butt, I just let the pleasure of the feeling continue until it subsides. I don't cum very often. I prefer to keep myself on edge, so that when I go out in public with my butt plugged, it's just a private feeling for myself.

Now, I'd also like to assert that getting to the point of weary butt and what you've been doing to the inside of the rectum is very healthy, because you've worked those muscles and the flesh in your ass so that there's plenty of health-giving blood flow throughout the entire region.

Here's a really hot plugging, ass-fucking, gape inducing session...