Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glass Butt Plug Enthusiasm

When I broke my Devi Glass Plug...

As I mentioned in my last post, I dropped and broke my lovely Devi Glass Plug. It shattered all across the bathroom tiled floor, and even though I was devastated, I remembered my Neptune Blue Glass Plug, which I had only used for a few weeks before working my way up the Devi. The Neptune is 1.5 inches in diameter on the business end, while the Devi is 2.0 inches. They have similarly shaped eggs and the shaft of the Neptune is somewhat narrower than the Devi. But they both have the ring base which fit between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot.

So, I used my Neptune again until I got around to purchasing another Devi. The smaller size and narrower shaft made a lot of difference in the feel and the way the plug worked in my ass. I actually appreciated the difference, though, as I am about to relate.

When I inserted the Neptune, it was of course easier, and there wasn't as much of a pop as the plug slid into place, and then an amazing thing happened. The Neptune just snuggled into my rectum, and the sphincter closed tightly around it, which caused the ring base to also nestle a little harder up to my anal opening. This thing just shut everything off from the outside world and went into hibernation. It was like a baby wrapped in its blanket, and it didn't want to come out, nor move, nor stimulate my sphincter. Sleeping like this was wonderful. I had to clinch harder as I fell asleep to feel it inside at all, and when I got up in the morning, feeling a little full like I needed to evacuate, I would pull it out, still clean after being in there all night, and I would relieve myself, do minimal cleanup with just a little sheen of lube and stick that baby back in. If you're new to glass plugs and if 1.5 inches is a bit of a challenge, please try the Neptune ( usually carries this product). The ring base, as opposed to the perpendicular bases of most glass plugs is sooo much more comfortable for living plugged. But like the NJOY and Devi plugs, the head is angled. I rarely turn the angled head toward my prostate; rather, I turn the angled head toward my back, and as you know, the rectum is curved in the same direction. This means that you can wear the Neptune, NJOY, and the Devi for the rest of your life, every day and every night, doing any activity you want.

So, I appreciated the Neptune for about three weeks (plugged all the time) and wasn't in a hurry to replace the Devi I had broken. But I did miss the constant sphincter exercise that the larger Devi gives me, and so yesterday, when UPS brought my Devi, I unpackaged that larger beauty and within ten minutes had exchanged the Neptune with the Devi. Having gone three or so weeks with the smaller shaft, the Devi presented me with a momentary pain threshold, but I was so anxious to get it back in my butt that I worked it for a few moments and then felt that delicious pop, once the two inch diameter got past my sphincter and was enveloped by my rectum. I will fondly think of the Neptune and keep it around in case I break this new Devi plug. When I put the Neptune away all scrubbed and shiny, I gave it a little hug and a kiss.

Of course, as I write this, I've had the Devi in place now since yesterday; my sphincter is stimulated, and I can feel the Devi all the time. One day, if someone makes a larger version, I might move up one more notch—think goose egg, rather than chicken egg, and of course, I'd like the shaft to be one inch rather than three-quarter inches like the Devi. Until then I'm living 24 hours a day plugged and content.

Ripped jeans and butt plugs

I just love the look of torn out crotches in jeans. I have a pair, myself, but this one is just plain hot hot hot! Happy plugging!