Thursday, February 13, 2014

Butt Plugging Incident at Olive Garden Restaurant

Butt Plugged in Public...a potential disaster

Before going out to dinner for the evening, I took a hot shower and paid special attention to my multiple enemas to completely clean out my rectum. This by the way is an important aspect of being able to stay plugged for many hours without having to do plug maintenance, and it's extremely important if you're like me and go out plugged everywhere. So I finally lubed up with Aloe Vera Gel (George's Aloe Gel, available through health food stores). I've begun using this gel all the time, rather than silicone based lube. It works well with my glass plug and throughout the night, when I'm in bed, my anal opening is always nice and wet, without dripping.

I want to thank Bear for this
very sexy photo
So I popped the plug in my ass, and I knew my rectum was nice and clean because I felt the egg pop into place and the muscles settle around the plug with a grateful hug. The Icicles #14 has a 1-inch shaft which keeps me stimulated with every movement.

But for some reason the car ride to the restaurant was extremely uncomfortable, and by the time I was walking into the restaurant, it felt like I had to have a BM, which I thought was unlikely, so I sat in the booth, looked over the menu, and then told my partner I needed to use the restroom. I had visions of a real mess on my hands when I got into the restroom, so I first got a couple of paper towels and wet them, so I could carry them into the toilet with me. By then I felt like I was going to explode.

So I pushed my jeans and shorts down around my ankles, sat down, and then with one of the paper towels at the ready, I leaned to the side and placed my fingers into my anal opening, expecting to find the ring on my plug.  It was not there, and for one insane moment I thought I hadn't even plugged. So, digging a little deeper, I felt the ring. It had slipped into the sphincter area and was holding the sphincter open at two inches, rather than the diameter of the shaft at one inch.

A nice gape. Looks like he's ready for anything.
Still, I imagined pulling out a very messy plug...

It came out wet and shining clean, to my relief. What had happened, in fact, was that I was so clean and so ready for my plug that it had worked itself into my rectum and just wanted to keep going. The discomfort came from the ring base sitting where it was. Maybe this falls under the category of too much lube. Anyway, I cleaned a little of the clear gel off my ass and carefully slid the plug back in my butt, making sure that the ring stayed outside the anal opening where it belongs. It felt beautiful as I pulled my shorts and pants back into place, buckled and zipped up, and walked out of the restroom feeling both glad and nicely plugged.

When I sat down in the booth again, I said, "I think the 'Tour of Italy' will be a good choice for me."

"Everything all right?" he asked. "You looked a little distressed earlier."

"Everything's perfect," I said. In fact it was great by then, and I gave my sphincter a little squeeze.

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