Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Driving 1200 miles plugged

Butt Plugged for the Long Haul

I recently had a chance to take a long trip by car, alone, which gave me a chance to test the true comfort of driving over 1200 miles with my ass plugged. I had tried this once many years ago with a rubber plug, but the base of the plug dug into my anal opening and butt-cheek skin that after only about a hundred miles I had to remove it. But since I have been wearing a glass plug (Icicles # 14) and have lived plugged for just about three years, day and night, I felt I was ready for the long haul.

This is one of those plug, cock-ring combos. I've
never worn one, but one of these days, I
will—probably the metal one.
The day before my trip I ate very little, and the next morning when I got up (plugged of course) I did an especially thorough enema clean out, washing out my rectum until the water ran clear. By then, my rectum was clean enough, had I wanted, I could have stuck a hot dog in there and let it "cook" with my body heat, and I could have had a hotdog for the road! I just might try that one of these days. To make the test of comfort even more profound, I plugged dry. I've been plugging dry for over a year, but on the road, I just didn't know if this would work.

Anyway, once I was plugged, dressed, packed, and ready for the road I took off about 5 a.m. I've always enjoyed driving long distances, but this was very special, a kind of pairing my love of the road with my love of living plugged. The first one hundred, fifty miles were just pure heaven, but by the time I came to a little diner out in the middle of West Texas, I was growing sleepy and needed a cup of coffee and needed to work the stiffness out of my legs. So, I walked into the diner fully thrilled that I was plugged and feeling kind of prissy, I walked over to the row of swivel stools at the counter and sat down, feeling the plug sink into my ass a little deeper. It was also neat to be among hard-working, ordinary people on the road, but I was sure I was the only one with a plug in my ass.

What can I say? This is just sexy to watch!
This time, the glass plug, rather than a rubber one of years ago, was just still very comfortable. And what I've always liked about the Icicles #14, over even the NJOY pure plug made of metal is that the  shaft on the glass plug is about one-inch in  diameter and keeps my sphincter open, which adds to the intense feelings, I can tell you. So I got back on the road and just kept driving. I drove in 250-mile increments to get some pavement under my belt, and I stopped for gas before it was much under the half-full mark. I took a chance and ate a hamburger for lunch, gave myself a long break from the driving and walked around. By then, the plug was still very comfortable, but it would be a test once I had eaten, because of possible gas. That can be uncomfortable.

Later, as I finally approached my first night destination after about 800 miles and my first night on the road, I was feeling a little gassy, so once I had checked into my hotel room, I unplugged, did a shallow enema, and then replugged.

Love the Look.
In all, that first day of driving had proven that my choice of plugging dry, using the Icicles was a good one. The next day, before I arrived at my 1200-mile end-point, I did have to pull off the road a little more frequently, because by then, even the smooth glass ring between my butt cheeks caused slight irritation. Walking around and letting the plug slip out just slightly alleviated the irritation, and I was good to go. I think what happens when you sit for two solid days with a plug in your ass, while driving, is that even with the two-inch ring base, it tends to get driven deeper into the anal opening. I simply don't think that any other material, other than glass or metal would be as comfortable, and my ass is really not greedy! A two inch-wide bulb, faced away from the prostate is all I ever need or have needed this past three years to keep the thrill going. Even now, I'm hard as I write this with my ass plugged and my cock oozing precum.

Slinging that cum with dildo in ass: