Friday, December 5, 2014

Be on the Lookout for Men Wearing Butt Plugs in Your Neighborhood

I'm now a Butt Plug Spy

You can become a butt plug detective, too!
Even when I first tried a butt plug back in the 1990s, I was fascinated by the encouragement on the box it came in, to wear it safely for long periods of time. It even said, "Go out and play tennis!" And actually, once I inserted the plug and it settled into my rectum, and the sphincter closed around the shaft, it did feel good, and from that moment, I wondered how long I could wear the plug. It was one of those classic shaped plugs, like a cone with a rubber base.  Back then I wasn't aware of any different materials and I wore that plug off and on for weeks, but of course I did have difficulty wearing it for more than a few hours at a time. I did wear it on a driving trip to my son's wedding and had to stop a couple of hundred miles down the road and remove it. And then the night I arrived at my destination, I slept in it and had weird dreams. But by then, I was able to work around the irritation of the rubber base on my anal opening.

Now that's just a little ancient history of my butt plugging fun almost twenty years ago!

I started up again around December 2012, and by April of 2013, I had found a plug design and glass material that went in, stayed in, and was always comfortable. Since that time, I have become a man's butt man. Yes, I'm gay, and I like to look at men's butts as they pass by in my neighborhood, as I go shopping, and as guys come into the restaurants. Name a place and I'm on duty as a butt plug detective, hoping to spy the give-away outline of a plug in a man's ass. I like to look at young men's asses, old men's butts, fat, thin, and in between. I like the shape of men's butts, and if you're straight, sorry, but I'm going to be looking at your butt, as well, as you walk away or pass within my sight. You probably won't know that your butt is being stared at, or if you're verging on psychic, you might feel a tingling sensation right there in the middle of your butt hole  as I focus my attention on your ass.

Men don't have to be naked, either, for me to enjoy looking.

Now I have to confess that I just don't know why I like living every day and night with a plug in my ass. I just do. It has a pacifier effect, I suppose. It concentrates my focus as I walk and stand outside talking to passersby. I've never understood the "fullness" some butt pluggers talk about, but it could be the "solidly plugged" feeling I get when I'm wearing a plug dry. I like the nice hard feeling the glass shaft has keeping my sphincter partly open, and when I clinch at night in bed, it sends signals to my cock to stiffen. Some nights I keep my cock hard and pull the foreskin back and thumb the head of my cock, to keep it pulsing, almost to orgasm, but I back off and go through the cycle again. During the day the foreskin stays slick. 

Again,  I urge all men to get in touch with your butt hole, your sphincter, your prostate from the inside, your rectum; fill it with a plug, and go play tennis!

Estim and butt plug combo vid: