Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Living Plugged Evolution

Three Phases of Living plugged

So far, now into one year and eight months of living plugged, I've experienced three phases of staying plugged 24/7/365 (with minor exceptions here and there). I don't remember the exact number of months I stayed in one phase and then drifted into another phase. But so far there have been three:

1. Learning to live plugged
In this phase I had to learn how to control my digestion, had several near crises when I was out in public with my plug in place and ended up having to do clean up in a public toilet. I learned which foods rushed through my system and which ones were slower to digest. I also went through three different plugs. Actually I tried out five different plugs, including the months from December 2012 through April 2013, where I first got a silicone plug shaped like a cone. My next plug was the stainless steel NJOY, which is when I began plugging 24/7. This was followed by a blue glass plug with a ring base.

2. Settling in comfortably plugged
In this phase I went from the blue plug (it's head was only 1.5 inches in diameter with a thin shaft) to the Devi Prisms glass plug, with a 2 inch head, but still a thin shaft. About one-half-inch to three-quarter inches in diameter. I used this one through most of this phase, but I knew my ass could take a bigger plug. As it turned out, I went to the Icicles #14 plug. The only difference was that the shaft was one-inch in diameter and the head was still only two inches. However, I discovered that the fatter shaft, continually keeping my sphincter open a full inch provided the greatest pleasure. Once the head gets past the sphincter the only thing it stimulates with any real feeling is the prostate; but living plugged requires that I turn the angled head away from the prostate, and so essentially, the most pleasure and feeling came from the shaft.

In this phase was when I wore a pair of briefs next to my ass, and on top of that I wore a pair of boxers. I did this, because in this phase I was lubing with both water-based gel and silicone based lube. In this phase, I also perfected my dosage of Imodium to keep my digestion slow, so that my BMs were nice and firm and big. You can feel it move out of the rectum, and the tissue comes away clean.

3. The Icicles #14 plug with the larger shaft
This phase overlaps the second phase, and I attribute this phase to the perfect shape and size of the Icicles #14. A reader wrote to tell me that he was disappointed, because after awhile he said he could barely tell the plug was there, and I'm supposing that he wanted to feel stimulated to near orgasm all the time. Each of us likes to use butt plugs for different reasons. In the short-term use, it seems to me that the whole point of using a plug is to stimulate the anus and prostate during sex, so that ejaculation is powerful and intense. For maybe 12-hour plugging or sleeping plugged, the point is still to massage the prostate, and so when wearing the Icicles, the NJOY or other similarly shaped plug (with an angled head) you could say that the user is "edging" and will end this longer-term plugging session with an ejaculation.

But when I'm living plugged, the point of ejaculation is completely irrelevant. There's just something about having a plug in my ass, no matter what I'm doing that brings the more subtle pleasure. Further, in this third phase, I have gone dry (or almost dry), now into my third month. In this phase, keeping my dosage of Imodium up and watching what I eat, I have such clean BMs that I more often than not don't even have to do an enema; so in this phase, you could say that keeping the glass plug in my ass has become the most natural. By now the glass plug is home in my ass and there are no issues. I can tell by certain feelings that a BM is imminent, and the sooner that I take care of that, the easier it is to replug without much clean up. Nine times out of ten the plug comes out of my ass clean and dry, and it goes right back in after my business with just a lick of spit. My rectum is never uncomfortable with the dry plug.

Phase 4?
Who knows what's next in living plugged. I have never tired of keeping a plug in my ass and I'm reminded of being plugged throughout the day and night. There's a bit of a secret thrill of going about my day with a plug in my ass and talking to people, sitting in restaurants, the theater, walking, driving that just keeps me going. I'm sure that a psychiatrist would have a field-day with my desire to keep the plug inside of me. I'm also sure that anti-gay and anti-anal preachers would like to claim that I now have to stay plugged. But that is not the case. I cannot really tell you why this is the most lovely thing to be plugged all the time. I'm sure it could also be called a festish, but what?