Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On the Road Again!

Took another trip plugged...

I wouldn't be revisiting this subject, if it wasn't for the progress I made on this second 1200 mile trip plugged. I don't remember if I talked about the weary butt I got traveling butt plugged on the first trip, where things became a bit uncomfortable after a few hours on the road, so that I had to stop, walk around, or actually go into a restroom and do a little massaging on my anal opening. Driving plugged for 800 miles did tend to cause discomfort after a long while.

On this second trip, I experienced a lot less discomfort, and it might have been that I was more aware of getting in a good enema before I left and then watched what I ate, as well as keeping the plug moist with aloe, more than I normally would have, since I love the dry plugging sensation.

And after I arrived at my destination on the afternoon of the second day of travel, and through the six days I was there, I was able to stay plugged. On the last trip I had to take a break from plugging, since my digestive system simply did not cooperate. Again, I watched what I ate a lot more on this second trip. Duh...of course keeping the digestive tract free of digesting food is the key. And the kinds of foods that are digesting is also paramount. Stay a little constipated, then flush it out the next time you do an enema.

I also noticed, after driving for about 300 miles before using a restroom and removing the plug for clean up and re-insertion, the plug (but especially the wide shaft) caused me to gape a lot more than it does at home, where I get up and walk around a lot more. Sitting in the same position in the car with my foot on the gas, and sinking into the seat at a certain position, must cause the bulb on the plug and the shaft to sit at such an angle that it stretches the sphincter open. For example, when I stopped for gas and used the restroom to check, after I pulled the plug out, I was gaping about three finger widths. Well, maybe "gaping" is not correct, because the sphincter was closed, but when I moistened the ass with a little aloe and played with my ass, while sitting on the toilet, I was loose enough to easily slide three fingers into the anal opening.

Another effect is that the inside of my rectum was a lot softer, and when I pushed the plug back into place there was a decidedly more intense feeling, as the flesh closed around the bulb and the sphincter closed around the shaft. Gave me a hardon as I walked back out into the store area of the truck stop, freshly re-plugged and ready to get back on the road.

Further...the return trip and another 1200 miles was the best ever. I simply did not need to remove the plug anywhere along the drive, and by the time I walked into my home after eight hours that day, I did not remove the plug. I didn't remove it until the next day, so I must have gone 24 hours plugged without the usual 5-10 minute break to clean and maintain the plug.

Here's a video I just discovered. This guy takes the longest dildo I have ever seen, and it makes you wonder where on earth it goes inside his body!