Monday, September 28, 2015

The Effects of Butt Plugging

More than just the side effects

Anyone who has ever read about the "dangers" of butt plugging or read advice and tips about using a butt plug will get some grave warnings or advice that is, at best, repeated as if it is tested and based on experience.

The grave warnings include permanently stretched anuses, which leads of course to incontinence. Now, this may possibly be a side effect, if and only if you don't use common sense. There is simply no need (other than the challenge) of getting a watermelon sized butt plug in your ass, especially if you force it in.

The advice and tips include only keeping a plug in place for a few hours at most and to lube frequently. This is good advice if you're going to choose a butt plug made of rubber/silicon. And if you're going to use a plug with a base that doesn't respect your tender anal skin. Those jewel plugs look cute when we see them in pictures, but they're shaped wrong and you will eventually hurt. But I've written frequently about choosing the design of the plug for long-term plugging, so I'm not going to repeat it here. Nonetheless, if you've chosen a well designed plug of the right material and one that does not do violence to your ass, the negative effects of butt plugging for hours, days, weeks, months, and years will be minimal.

So, you can ignore all the grave warnings and you can ignore the tips and advice and really get into the benefits of living plugged.

One of my readers has said that living plugged gives him a sense of well being in body, mind, and soul. This is precisely my own experience, and I've now moved into the seventh month of my third year living plugged. While there are times I can't even feel the plug in my ass, hardly a moment goes by that I don't think of it or at least know without dwelling on it that I've got my plug in place and all is right with the world. The plug is a pacifier, if you want to think of how a baby keeps his sucky in place, or someone who wears a favorite shirt just feels better. The plug is like have someone's arm around your shoulder. And all it takes to elicit a sigh of simple well-being is for me to clinch my ass and feel the plug inside.

I've done everything I'm likely to do in the way of activities, including going out in public, to parties, to dinner, the movies, grocery shopping with my plug in place; others talk about other activities like running, bike riding, etc. with a plug in place, and I can say that being plugged while doing whatever you do enhances that activity.

Unfortunately, thus far, I've been unable to find many vids of men wearing a butt plug in public. It's usually women, and man do they take chances that should be a turn-on to the voyeur in all of us. But I'm sure that the thrill of seeing evidence of someone wearing a butt plug in public is even greater for the one doing it. "Public" many times simply means out in nature or in a toilet somewhere. But then of course, how are you going to show the fact that you're wearing a plug in public if it's invisible beneath your clothes? I suspect that there are far more people wearing plugs in public than we might realize. I live in a fairly small city, and we have a single adult toy store, and yet butt plugs and dildoes abound in this store, so someone has to be buying them and wearing them, and I mean a lot more than you'd think. I like to watch people walking by when I'm out on the street (butt plug in place) and wonder which ones are likely to also be plugged. I'm ordinary looking, and so I know that the next person on the street doesn't have to be a hot bod to be enjoying the thrill of wearing a plug. It could be the little old man shuffling his way into the cafe across the street. It could be the waiter coming up to his table to take his order. It could be the hostess behind the counter who greets him.

The true side effects of living plugged is the utter feeling of bliss that accompanies it. As I write this, my plug is firmly in place, the ring base is pushing against my anal opening, my sphincter is stretched open an inch, and the egg-shaped head of my plug is filling the lower part of my rectum, with just the slightest, but evident pressure on my prostate, and my cock feels that it is on the verge of becoming an erection. This is the physical part that leads to my feeling of well being.