Friday, June 5, 2015

Living Plugged too much of a good thing?

Too much of a good thing?

No! It's not too much of a good thing.

It is still wonderful, every day, every night, every hour of the day and night. I've been using a butt plug since December 2012 and worked my way up to living plugged by April 2013. Since then I have have virtually had a butt plug in my ass 24/7/365—except for a ten-day period in 2014 when I deliberately went without and on a few days here and there when my body was just not capable of being plugged. This is the reality. And after two years and two months, I give myself permission to not feel I've failed when I just can't keep a plug inside.

This is great for self-massaging the prostate
Luckily, those days are few and far between. I think the longest I have every gone without removing the plug for cleaning, BM, etc., is about 22 hours. And then it was just to clean up, have a BM, or just plain check my rectum, check the plug, and then stuff the plug back in as soon as I could. Not an hour that goes by during the day, when I'm awake do I fail to sigh with a deep satisfaction of living plugged. There's something quite visceral and satisfying, appeasing, pleasing, and just plain sexy (to me) to know that I've got a mass of glass in my ass and that my sphincter is held open an inch.

Last night, when I pulled the plug and got ready for an enema, I felt of the ass lips, which have now become about three fingers wide from front to back, and just inside, it was easy to get my fingers into the sphincter and then the rectum. It felt so nice inside there, with that area always filled with my plug. However, even as "loose" as it is, I can still hold an enema and have never had an "accident" in my pants, so to speak. So I will continue staying plugged. It's just a plain joy to feel the plug with every movement and clinch.

Insert, lay back, wiggle, and have a
hands-free prostate massage and cum.
I heard from a fellow who tried out the Icicles No. 14 that I use, and he said it was nice and comfortable and easy to stay plugged as long as he wanted, but he also said he was disappointed that he didn't feel more stimulated the entire time he was plugged. If you try to stay plugged and you also find that your stimulation subsides after a couple of hours and you get into a sense of comfort with little stimulation, this is when the true sex organ, the brain, should kick in. You're being continually fucked and if things are going right, it should be very comfortable—so comfortable in fact that you can't always feel the plug inside. But when the brain reminds you that you're being fucked the whole time, you should begin to feel hard. This post came as a result of me lying down for a few minutes in my office, just to enjoy the sensation of my plug, and I ended up getting a hard cock and being washed with waves of pleasure—all from just thinking about the plug in my ass.

This is a prostate massager that
vibrates, tickles you on the outside and massages the
prostate inside
Straight guys, do yourself and your body a favor. Start exploring your ass. I'm especially concerned with men who have never allowed themselves to overcome social disapproval, who think the ass is dirty. It's unhealthy to not clean your butt, your rectum, and to do that you've got to get past the opening, to get inside a couple of inches, and enemas are also good for your butt on occasion.  And the unattended anus is subject to bleeding and itching hemorrhoids. There are actually butt plugs for hemorrhoids! But the glass and metal plugs that are meant for anal pleasure are far and above the best for curing hemorrhoids. This is so important. I know you attend to your cocks like they were precious little beings that need stimulating. But so is your ass!

There are so many benefits to massaging your anus and prostate, as well as undreamed of pleasure. Don't let social disapproval or your conditioning prevent you from getting in touch with fully half your sexual fulfillment. And you can do it without damaging your rectum.

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