Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why I Plug

The Physical and the Psychological Thrill of it All

I am of course plugged as I sit here writing this blog. I've had my morning BM and enema, and I'm so clean, I can feel the bulb of the glass plug in my rectum, as well as the constant feel of the sphincter closed around the shaft of the plug. It's a delicious feeling, and if I clinch, it shoots a thrill to my cock, which at the moment is semi hard. That's the physical sensations I feel almost constantly throughout the day. There are times when I don't feel it and actually reach behind me as I'm walking for that little bump of the ring base through my jeans.

But a friend of mine asked me what I thought the psychological need was that makes me want to stay plugged 24/7 (and I hope 365). That's a little more difficult to explain. I remember back on the farm in our family bathroom, being naked before I stepped into the tub and setting a small round mirror on a base on the floor beneath my wide spread legs, so I could get a view of my cock, balls, and ass as it might look to someone who was lying between my legs and looking up. There was just something about the sight of my genitalia and ass from that perspective that got me really hard.

I think most guys are visual when it comes to sex, and they like to fuck with the lights on. I also think it's the visual aspect of a guy's libido that makes ass and cock shots so popular in porn. It is said that the real sex takes place in our heads, and I guess that's the psychological aspect that my friend was talking about. There's just something powerful going on in my head that makes me want to live plugged, every day, every night.

I never had to worry about a place to masturbate when I lived on the farm, and over the course of the eleven years that I lived there, I had jacked off in hundreds of places. The bathroom, the front yard, when my family was gone and I was home alone, the barn where we kept the cows, the haystack, the fields, hiding in the tall corn, and usually as I walked through what we called the "flats," where the land was not prepared for farming and thus had native grasses and shrubbery, where I could walk with my cock out and just masturbate under the clear desert sky and feel the heat of the sun on my cock.

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Back then, of course, I had erections off and on during the day, and it didn't matter if I was in the living room watching TV with the rest of the family, or sitting at the dining room table eating. Pop! Up came the erection. And of course, to my teenage mind, I thought it would be neat if I could be hard all the time, never mind the difficulty of emptying my bladder. Whacking off was a constant in my life, and as I grew older and went through several short relationships, fucking and being fucked was all that mattered. I somehow made it through college and graduate school, while my over-active libido pulled my focus.

But now that I am in a long-term monogamous relationship with another man, I have another psychological need beyond our sexual relations with each other—and that is simply staying plugged, living plugged, and apparently to tell the world about it as I do here.

I speak mainly to other men, but women know what I mean, too, about the joys of butt plugging. And as always I remind straight men that it's a healthy and self-loving thing to get in touch with your anal needs. They're there. Your prostate is waiting. Use a butt plug to milk your prostate and you will be healthier for it. I'm middle aged, and I still have a healthy prostate. Butt plugging is one of the reasons why.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Plugging Continues

As Spring Moves Along

I've been plugged continuously now for two weeks and almost two days, 24 hours a day, and I think with this length of plugging time, I've begun to see a kind of routine in my body cycle. As with most people, I suppose the morning presents the busiest time for me in terms of plug maintenance, cleaning, BMs, and giving myself a cleansing enema. I don't really like this part of the day, because my body takes two to three BMs before I feel truly clean, and before the plug settles in my ass the most comfortably. Once this couple of hours is over with, I am totally stimulated as I get to work at my computer. I'm retired and my post-retirement job is a work-at-home situation, which allows for occasional visits to my two favorite sites: Experience Project and Fetlife.

I've met some wonderful men and women there who share my enthusiasm for using butt plugs, and a few of them are into being plugged as much as possible.

The second cycle is my diet and cycling through the waste. I try to eat binding foods (bananas, dry toast, rice, etc.) and lay off fats and too many greens. Of course, I can't resist a good pizza, but even then, I usually keep it to one slice. I eat a light lunch. My recent visit to the doctor (plugged of course) involved checking my cholesterol. It was down from the last visit, so I must be doing something right.

And then there's the rest of my day. I work at my computer job throughout the morning, mostly sitting with short walking breaks, and this allows me to exercise the plug, knowing it's there keeping my sphincter closed around the almost 1-inch shaft, and with the lube, I can feel the egg shaped part of the plug in my ass caressing the lining of my rectum. After lunch, of course (being retired), I like to take a short nap, and as I lie there, I clinch, doing a series of kegels, to the delight of my cock, which then grows hard. In these last two weeks, I've only masturbated three times, and I'm beyond the temptation to remove the plug after I ejaculate. The muscles in my ass throb thereafter for a delicious few minutes as the plug is pulled tight against my anus.

I shower in the afternoons, so that I'm clean and ready for the evening. In these last two weeks that has meant going to parties, dinners out, the movies, all while plugged and secretly enjoying my plug. So, as spring moves along, I'm living plugged and loving every moment of it. It has added a dimension of sensuality to what would be ordinary days.

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